Video: An Atherton Super Train on the New DyFi Bike Park Red Trails

Jul 22, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Dan Atherton's latest creation is complete and it's not a fearsome downhill track like he's known for but a 4 minute flowing ribbon of singletrack that winds its way down Dyfi Bike Park called Super Swooper. What better way to christen it than to head down for a helmet cam run with his siblings and a bunch of Dyfi locals for an opening lap?

If you want a racer's perspective, here's a lap featuring just Gee and Dan.

The bike park is now back open for bookings following its shutdown due to COVID restricitons.

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Dyfi Forest


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 Forget the Alps this year. Scotland and Wales road trip is happening Smile
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flag markcorrigan (Jul 22, 2020 at 10:07) (Below Threshold)
 Expensive though, £45 for a day's riding 5 tracks? That's the same cost as a day's pass at Whis.
Still looks fantastic though, those berms look sick
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 @markcorrigan: what would be acceptable?
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 @markcorrigan: Yep I agree that is a high price for a days uplift in comparison to other places, but people will vote with their feet, and it might be because they need to limit the number of people they can take in the Land Rovers due to CV atm. Also, you must remember that these trails area family run business and that family has two multiple World Champions in it. A high price may also mean more maintenance, less braking bumps, etc. Also for me, this is only 2.5 hours from my house. I am the sort of person who will pay more for higher quality, but I know some people will nearly always go for the cheapest option, and that's fine too Smile
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 @thenotoriousmic: come on, nearly £100 for a weekend is pricey. I'd be wanting to pay half that.
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 @markcorrigan: most uplifts are at least £35 and we don’t have that many decent bike parks in the UK. I’m happy to pay the extra £10 a day to help ensure the future of another top bike park in the UK especially if it does well and other bike parks start popping up around the UK. It’s not like I’m going every weekend though.
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 I think all UK bike parks are charging slightly more since lockdown happened. They were all charging between £30 and £40 before. I would guess they are making up for lower numbers and also lack of income for the last few months and I'd say that's fair enough.
If you compare to a ski lift accessed bike park then it sure does seem super expensive but they simply don't have the same traffic, nor do many operate during the week either.
I think most of us brits will be happy to pay the slightly inflated prices if it means our bike parks stay open! Without the bikeparks my DH bike is completely redundant!!
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 @haroman666: Fully agree with this, but my DH bike was redundant about 5 years ago. 170mm 29er Enduro bikes are just so good now its hard to justify owning both, especially when I will be spending £45 a day uplift at Dyfi Wink
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 @markcorrigan: Then don't go to Dyfi.
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 @drjonnywonderboy: Shhhhh! Don't burst my bubble of denial!
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 @thenotoriousmic: well andorra is 30€ /day
Portes de soilei is 130€/week
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 @danivikingo: that’s a totally different country and all the infrastructure is in place because of ski’ing already.
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 @markcorrigan: lol, the same as a Whistler ticket is you don't factor in flying half way around the world. Plus, Whistler is operating on massive volume. Economies of scale come in to place.

All that said, you ride what's close, and if they've got the market cornered on bike parks in the area, they can charge what the market will bear.
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 That looks lots of fun. Might even be able to give it a go myself, because usually:

"Not sure if there's anything in Dyfi for me to do,
My belly is yellow and i like my trails blue"

Rap/poetry career kickstarted.
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 It's so good here. Not many places in the UK where you can tot up 3000m+ so easily. And this trail is the perfect addition. Fantastic seeing Rachel having so much fun on it!
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 They said singletrack, hahaha, it’s as wide as a sidewalk. That ain’t no singletrack. It DOES look like a freaking rad trail though!
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 Get your self over here for a riding holiday. There is a reason why a disproportionate amount of British riders stand on the podiums for a relatively small country Smile
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 You want to learn how to rip park berms? Watch Rachel @1:40 and see how she drops her center of mass by squatting into each corner. text book
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 Care to elaborate? I've been working on corners a lot lately and it's all I can think about. I was under the impression I was supposed to squat before initiating the turn, and then pump the apex. But I don't really know what I'm doing lol
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 I think we're watching Dan followed by Gee with maybe Racheal behind them if that's her voice that we're hearing. Such a talented family!
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 @swenzowski: if you squat before the corner you're already going to be too low and at the apex of the corner you're just going to bottom out on your leg suspension. If you pump down into the apex at the same time that you get there you will be accelerating while making it easier to maintain grip in the berm because you're pushing your weight down into it.

just watch her at the time stamp that I mentioned and imagine your body doing what she's doing in to the apex not what you think you should be doing.
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 @Thisguyinkimberley: Alright cool. I think I understand a bit better now. My issue is doing that dropping motion at the start of the turn unweights the tires and I feel like I'm gonna lose the front, but I guess that's where the strong outside elbow comes into play
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 This track is ace - I've had a load of fun riding it with my 8 and 10 year old lads! Most of the park is actually very accessible to most competent riders, and then there's the rest.... which is really challenging but just so well built. Awesome place and great friendly vibe.
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 Bookings as in, shuttle bookings, or push up bookings?
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 shuttle bookings with restricted numbers from august the first , think they have modified the land rovers to be open top , no pedal up at Dyfi , but its an option at revolution bike park , Antur Stiniog also back on for uplifts from the first
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 @scblurlt: thanks for that. I have been hankering to get over to Antur all year.
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 must go here, looks mint!
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 Such a great bikepark got better. I love the way Dan casualty cleans the GoPro, everyone else has the claw by then!
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 I think that's Gee - he's following Dan (no RB helmet for Dan).
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 @paulskibum: rookie error on my part, good spot that man.
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 Much manual. Such bike. Wow.
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 Where was the single track?!? Its a frikkin high way all the way down?
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 I'm just here for the berms
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 Berms are fun, but flat corners are life
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 Something I might be able to do there!!!
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 ace job crafting that track!
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 That track looks like such a giggle, like a mini Welsh B-Line.
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 Aye Ee Aye - Woo ooh Woo ooh !!
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 Oh my god!

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