Video: Danny Hart on Growing Up Racing DH, Mullet Bikes & More

Aug 5, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Shortly after becoming the 2019 British National Champion, Danny Hart sat down with Si Paton to discuss downhill racing history, mullet bikes, and more. Hart currently sits fifth in the World Cup overall going into the last few rounds and has been carrying a consistent speed throughout the season. He will definitely be a contender for the rainbow stripes when racing gets underway in Mont Sainte-Anne for the World Championships.


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 I would love to hear Rat interviewed by Danny Wink
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 -Ye oh ya’wha?
- Me daigh:no! Ay daeigh noh whey ahm aht mate.
- Joos tahk t’dah mayc
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 @WAKIdesigns: relax, it's a regional UK accent, move on..
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 @Uncled: that was just a joke, I understand them speaking perfectly. Unlike some folks on the Stansted Express
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 @WAKIdesigns: I understand at most 50% of what they are saying Wink Even YouTube subtitle AI does not understand them Wink Anyway, I love those guys, really! Hope nobody takes my posts seriously Wink
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 He sounds like "winnie the pooh" Wink
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 5, 2019 at 12:56) (Below Threshold)
 And looks like a hobbit but we let his riding do the talking.
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 Im sorry, I just don't like Si Paton that much.
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 He’ll have to deal with that now...
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 @WAKIdesigns: I know right. I feel guilty for putting my opinions online.
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 @fatduke: I take great pleasure from making people feel guilty so that I don’t have to.
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 @WAKIdesigns I kinda got that.
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 How am I supposed to listen to this with this horrid audio. Spend a couple of bucks on a cheap lapel mic.
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 One hour of people talking in the general direction of a mini cassette recorder. Fantastic.
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 When I first was learning video my teacher always said: you can screw up color, focus, composure and most will sit through it....but screw up audio and everyone will turn it off.
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 @chriskneeland yeah we need to work on our audio setup for these.
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 It's not that bad at all.
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 To be fair I didn't have a problem with the audio although its not exactly crystal clear. I guess that might be something to do with the fact I now live in the North East of England and see Danny's parents almost weekly!
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 Quit bitching, or change your crappy device.
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 Which you can hear?!
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 @shredright: Yep, everything sounds crap on a phone/laptop speaker.

These days most people listen to badly compressed music fromYoutube through their f*cking phones and are oblivious to the fact that half the music is missing and it sounds like utter shite.

Interview sounded fine on my 2.1 system.
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 @excavator666: Or they could just get a decent mic since we're all watching it on computers and phones.
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 @chriskneeland: I am an audiophile, so always have a decent set of headphones/speakers at hand.
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 8 hour drives to the bmx track as a kid!...Danny & his dad had massive dedication. and he mentions just how important bmx racing was in developing foundational skillset for dh...word!
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 This. Every kid still needs a BMX
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 Modern day dad: do they make BMX ebikes so that my kid doesn’t need to pedal that much?
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 The last Si Patton interview that I heard was essentially entirely about Si. This one is probably a modest improvement.
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 Yeah I usually can't stand Mr Paton, but for a change this was quite good.
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 @Grouty2505: that Sam Hill one was a real cringe fest
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 I had to turn the speakers up at the shop to DANGEROUS levels just to make out a word Danny says.
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 Love watching this guy pin it.
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 Pinkbike, please go back an tag/label your old articles, to be able to click on the labels in an article and get a list of related content....thanks...
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 Bunch of moaning minnies in here. I saw 2 guys who have dedicated their lives to mountain biking just talking for a bit. Listened and watched on a iPad mini 2 and could hear it all perfectly with no off-putting sound issues. I watched about 25 mins of it in 5 to 10 minute blocks and listened to the rest as I went around the house getting stuff done. Quite enjoyed it.
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 80% Si
20% Danny
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 Proper interview !!! Great memory lane stuff ! BIG SHOUTS TO OGGY !!!!! MORE FISH n CHIPS !!!
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 I will never grow up I only get older
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 FOES been doing mullet for years .
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 This interviewe was horrible, although I don't think Danny is the easiest person to interview regardless. They should have got someone like Ben Cathro to do it, he might have actually got a small amount of emotion out of Danny.
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 I'm told by people who know him that he has some form of autism. Makes me respect the guys achievements all the more
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 @johnnyboy11000: We're all #somewhereonthespectrum
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 Brilliant, really enjoyed that. Cheers
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 stay on yer bike!
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 Blimey he looks more like Gary Neville everyday.
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 Up The Boro!!!!
  • 4 1
 But he's from Redcar?
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 The extended stares at the ceiling didn't help me to keep focused on whatever was coming out of his mouth. I don't think that it was mostly the equipment. I think t was Danny in some kinda fatigue trance. Or stoned. I know if I had made myself listen to the whole hour that I would have been contact-stoned. Pity because the mullet bike is something I've played around with on various bikes for many years. 69'ers. mostly. I could not listen to more than 9 minutes at best.
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 @bowman86: Redcar is Boro, just like Canada is America Wink
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 Was Danny stoned for this interview?

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