Video: An Ode to the People, Places & Trails of ColoRADo

Jun 19, 2019
by Yeti Cycles  

An ode to the people, places, and trails of our home state.

For the more on ColoRADo and to view the individual edits visit:




Presented by: Yeti Cycles

Amanda Bell, Employee
Jubal Davis, Team Rider
Nate Hills, Ambassador
Michael Larsen, Ambassador
Sam Seward, Ambassador
Joey, The Stig

Director: Craig Grant
Co-Director: Joey Schusler
Cinematography: Joey Schusler & Craig Grant
Editor: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Photos: Craig Grant

*All locations filmed in Colorado, with riders who live in Colorado, by creatives who work in Colorado.

More Than Myth

Colorado "NOT RAD" - not everything is perfect here, but there is no place like home.


MENTIONS: @yeticycles

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  • + 33
 Even if you are not a fan of Yeti Cycles you have to admit they have a amazing media group. This is A+ on all levels.
  • + 9
 Joey Schusler is the reason I got interested in Yeti bikes in the first place
  • - 3
 It tends to be more about the doughy yeti riders, they are the vegans of the bike world, that can’t shut the f*ck up about riding a yeti!
  • + 3
 @Robertoregency: and can't stop saying "like" constantly.

The "Proven Here" series were really good. Nature, music and bikes, nuff said.

I can't stand these crappy monologues where they try really hard to sound deep and insightful but just keep saying "like" all the time
  • + 4
 @Ktron: I played the "like" drinking game... I'm hammered
  • + 8
 Our state is such a yin-yang proposition. Some of the best riding and geography, but also some of the most BS of anywhere. I think you head the nail on the head in the second video. If anything, I’d add the cost of living. CO attracts people who love the outdoors, yet most of us can’t afford to live here.
  • + 4
 And by the way, there doesn’t need to be a truck jackknifed for you to get stuck in traffic. If you don’t work weekends, you’re gonna get stuck in traffic going anywhere out of Denver.
  • + 3
 Spoken like a true front ranger
  • + 1
 @npleshek: Thankfully I live on the west slope
  • + 1
 Try living in California.... Coloradans have it SO good.
  • + 8
 "Some of the best days end...with a light layer of salty sweat like crust on your skin."

Stares out window at VISABLE midwest humidity.

Does not compute.
  • + 5
 "some of the best days end.... with a light layer of salty...."
"CUT, CUT, CUT, children are going to watch this for God's sake!"
"I was going to say sweat Boss"
"OH..... I mean of course you were, carry on"
  • + 4
 I just spent a week mountain biking in Telluride. Would have been more awesome in 3 weeks if I could be there for opening of new bike park. I'm from Washington, but damn Colorado is next level gorgeous at least where I was. Amazing biking
  • + 1
 The Telluride area is pretty amazingly beautiful, even for Colorado.
  • + 5
 After seeing the effects of a lady crashing at trestle wearing the flimsy tank top Amanda is wearing in this photo op I grafts are serious business and can keep you off the bike for months... but you look so hot!
  • - 1
 We don’t all need to be dressed as stormtroopers. It’s ok if we aren’t clad in all plastic gear.
  • + 7
 All the feels on this one - thanks for putting it together.
  • + 2
 Looks like some good riding to me. Riding in the aspens is always a good time. However those shots above the tree line looks like too much altitude for me- my lungs would hate me. Beautiful
  • + 5
 Where was this filmed?
  • + 42
  • + 3
 @tbubier: as someone who once unfortunately lived in baltimore this made me lol
  • + 3
 @tbubier: That John Denver is full of shit
  • + 1
 @tatertottwo: I thought the Rockies would be a little rockier...
  • + 2
 kinda wish i knew what some of these trails were.... i would love to ride them
  • + 1
 Just go to any mountains and start looking for them. You're guaranteed to find something cool.
  • + 1
 @Sardine: prolly shuttles Apex, dont waste your time.
  • + 2
 As someone who grew up in Colorado my wife and I became fed up and just moved to Montana. Enough said. Ps Montana sucks BTW
  • + 1
 Man, Montana does suck. Wish I could live in CO. It sucks here in New Mexico as well. Sorry dude, I feel ya.
  • + 1
 poop where you eat much?
  • + 3
 Love it! writin it down on my bucket list...
  • + 0
 Ha ha, too accurate. You're just trying to walk across the forest road and get cut off and dust thrown in your face by endurobro (adeptly impersonated by Mr. Nate Hills) racing by.
  • + 3
 High five bro!
  • + 2
 New drinking game. Take a shot for every Scandinavian Flick. #hammerdrunk
  • + 0
 It's great to see that being known as a Colo-RAD-Bro can be taken by some as a compliment. . .
  • + 1
 +1 for CB. 403 trail is the titties
  • + 1
 Some worthy PODs in there. Maybe even calendar content.

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