Video & Course Release for Round 8 - EWS Finale Ligure 2018

Sep 25, 2018
by Bluegrass Eagle  

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This is it! The grand season Finale.

On Sunday 30th September in Finale Ligure will take place the last round of the Enduro World Series 2018. The best pilots in the world will compete, trying to grab the title while riding some of the most iconic mountain bike trails in Liguria.

Bluegrass is pleased to once again be the title sponsor for FinalEnduro, the roots of this world-renowned mountain biking destination.

This year, the battle will take place over 4 stages with a total of 52km and 1780m of elevation. The start and finish will take place in the classic and iconic Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in Finalmarina.

Total race day with liaisons | 52km | 1780 D-

Stage 1 | Border Line | 2km | 242 D-
The first stage starts exactly at the top of Monte Cucco. It’s a trail never raced on, quite far away and deep inside the vegetation. It’s a succession of berms and counter berms buried inside a wild and untouched environment.

Stage 2 | Rocche Gianche | 2km | 274 D-
This second stage is a trail previously used in the 2016 EWS edition. It’s the perfect emblem for the slogan “from the mountains to the sea”. It’s a stage that is driving bikers in their masses to Finale every year. Unique.

Stage 3 | Mao Crest | 3km | 383 D-
This is a brand new stage. The Monte Mao is a mountain that sits on the Gulf of Liguria and the city of Spotorno. The trail itself – Mao Crest – isn’t new but no edition of FinalEnduro has taken place there in the past. However, this trail was already famous in 1999, where an epic-riding scene of Kranked 2 took place. This segment was a step in helping Finale Ligure to become famous.

Stage 4 | DH Men | 3km | 282 D-
It was only possible to end the race with a classic and iconic trail – DH Men. For more than ten years, this trail has been raced in mountain biking and is emblematic of FinalEnduro in the world. Every year, thousands of fans stand out at the side of the stage cheering the athletes and being as close as possible to the show and action of an EWS.

Special thanks for the footage to:
Bjørn Enga
KRANKED 2 - Trails from the cript


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 Just got back home from week holiday in Finale Ligure. I fell in love with that place. The amount and variety of trails is mindblowing, warm sea with sandy beachs, bike friendly accommodation and very nice vibe all over the place. Awesome place, my best bike holidays so far, too bad I couldn't have stayed for another week for the EWS. On the last day the bike shed in hotel got pretty busy, two Trek Factory bikes just popped there (guys from Chile). Smile

Finale Bikers (Evolve shop) are awesome - friend of mine destroyed his rear derailleur (old 9 speed SRAM on old Haibike Impact) - the pulley just popped of somewhere leaving damaged cage. They fixed the bike overnight, lent fat bike for free to be able to get back to hotel for the time the bike in service and to get to the shop in the morning and in the end they didn't want a dime for fixing the bike - friend borrowed Focus Sam for the morning shuttle just to try modern bike on the gnar - they charged him just for the Focus. Friendly staff, quick and nice. Their "no stress!! have fun!" rule was eye opener for me, I was truly amazed.
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 Finale... my one true love
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 The promised land...amazing
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 Excellent video. Just exceptional. Bravissimi!
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 Only one day ?
  • + 1
 That's what I thought when I saw it!
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 I reckon two stages, two days.
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 I think I read that it's two days of racing with 2 times the same course. Look up the schedule on EWS' web page.
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 yeah only friday for training and sunday for racing, Sat is the challenger
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 But that doesn't make any sense. There are enough trails in Finale for a week of racing without repeating anything. Surely they could have found 2 day's worth...
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 One day race. Saturday Challenger race, Sunday EWS.
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 @mountainsofsussex: yeah i agree, but speaking to a few locals there on Sat they said there struggling to develop new trails for the race and there's a massive unfair advantage when they use existing trails as the locals have them wired,
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 hi all - just for my understanding:

1) 1780 - elevation - does this mean they have to pedal up 1780m in total?
2) those stages are always with a time cut right?
3) are there also "downhill stages" with small parts uphill - or will the organisator generally avoid that?

thx for your inputs!
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 1 yes you have to pedal that 1780m up.

2 For the irish round last year you needed to average at least 12km/hr to get to every stage cut off.

3 There mostly downhill but short punchy climbs are included, usually into another gnarly DH section so your working much harder on the stages
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 Yeah its nuts. The climb out of the town even in the uplift bus feels horrific. I cannot comprehend the fitness required to do this
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 @mcozzy: 200watts base output uphill is a guide
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 what's the name of the first song in the vid? Gimme some retro groove!
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 Ah Rocche Gianche -I like.

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