Video & Photo Report: Dirt Wars UK, FMB Round #5 - Rocket World

Sep 24, 2018
by DirtWarsUK  
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A three-week wait after postponing the original Round 5 because of torrential rain we finally got the Rocket World event underway on one of the best courses we have ever used for Dirt Wars in our nine-year history. Two straight jumps into a right-handed hip and a booter to finish there was no reason for the riders not to tear open their trick bags and throw down some banger moves.

During the combined practice of Open and Pro riders there seemed to be a lot of nervousness flying about as the first jump on the course was huge, around a 25ft gap, which some of the Open riders looked at in sheer horror. After a few had dropped in the flow seemed to get going and all riders were soon throwing it down and working out speeds with a powerful tailwind behind them.

We have decided to run all rounds now with Seeding rather than Qualifying as all riders get to ride in the final and it gives everyone a fair chance. We have also started to run the Open riders with the Pro riders in their Qualy runs and Finals as it seems to push the Open riders on and give them more confidence whilst competing.

With practice all wrapped up it was time for seeding and to see who would be the last to drop in on the final. The Open riders were not holding back as young Finley Davies and Larn Baldwin were battling it out for 2nd place overall in the series, both were on a quest to podium and throwing out tucks over the first then flipping the second.

Dan Northern brought out the flips and 360’s as Harry Bolton sent the tyre grabs from literally every position you can think of. Unfortunately, Harry took a huge stack breaking his helmet peak in half and giving himself a slight concussion after getting caught in a gust of wind. Fin Evans kept it real with huge steezy whips, and Aiden McMillan was called in by Henstridge Airfield for getting in the way of planes taking off where his amplitude was so high on his tucks and 3’s.

Following up on the Open riders the Pro’s began to drop in and again there was no holding back as Harry Campbell (Rose Bikes) dropped the bomb with frontflips over the second set while Zac Rainbow (privateer) hit back with backflip tucks on the first. Tom Reynolds (Specialized UK) was showing his usual style and perfection executing perfect tailwhips and 360-tables as Tom Isted (GT Bikes) showed the other riders how to 360 downside whip and 360 tailwhip. Sam Hodgson (Saracen Bikes) showed Tom he wasn't the only one who could 3-whip and also kicked back with candybar backflips.

Joe Aldridge (Green Bikes) on the other hand seemed to be riding really well popping the backflips and 360’s until he went sideways in the air and hit the floor at Mach10, landing straight on to his shoulder and ending his days riding. Privateer rider Cam Crozier put down the flip barspins and double truckdrivers whilst Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor Bikes) put pure perfection behind his nac’s, 360-tables and tailwhips.

Freddy Pulman (Smuggling Duds/EX) was proving he was out to take the overall Pro series title with the most dumped 3-tucks and the most ridiculously high frontflips that we have seen in a while.

With all the riders taking three runs each, their best scores were tallied up it was time to get them in order ready for the final.

First to drop again were the Open riders, Fin Evans may have seeded last but was keen to fight for top spots throwing out a best run of X-up to tabletop, Superman, no footed cancan and barrel roll.

Next up was Larn Baldwin throwing down a run of tuck to X-up, backflip tuck, double X-up, and a backflip tabletop. Following Larn was Dan Northern who straight aired on the first, followed by a backflip, straight air on the hip, and finished with a 360. Unfortunately, Dan twisted up his ankle real bad on the last run and is still recovering now (heal-up fast dude).

Aiden McMillan was next up putting down a run of a tuck no-hander, 360, cancan, and backflip. Harry Bolton decided to ride the final and threw out a run of tyre grab, tyre grab to tuck, barspin, and tuck. Last up in the Open Class was the nine-year-old wonder kid, Finley Davies, with a run of a tuck, backflip tabletop, no footer seat grab, and an X-up to seat grab.

When the Open riders had finished, it was over to the Pro’s and first to drop was Tom Reynolds (Specialized UK) smashing an awesome run of a double tailwhip, 360-tailwhip, tuck, and a backflip tabletop. Following Tom was the Cornish Rider Harry Campbell (Rose Bikes) executing a run of frontflip, backflip X-up, 360-Can, and a backflip cancan.

Next up was Zac Rainbow (Privateer) throwing out a run of a Backflip Tuck, Backflip Barspin, Barspin, Frontflip.

Following Zac was his riding buddy Sam Hodgson (Saracen Bikes) with a run of a flipwhip, tailwhip, barrel roll, and tuck to Barspin.

Dartmoor Bikes Alfie Stevens put out a run of a nac, double tailwhip, 440, truck to X-Up.

Cam Crozier was next up with a run of a backflip barspin, frontflip, downwhip and double truck.

Tom Isted wowed the crowd with a double backflip, backflip, 440, tailwhip.

Freddy Pulman was Last up and into 1st Place with a winning run of a 360 tuck to barspin, frontflip tuck, 360 barspin, and backflip barspin



1st Aiden McMillan
2nd Finley Davies
3rd Finlay Evans


1st Freddy Pulman
2nd Tom Reynolds
3rd Sam Hodgson

A massive thank you to all riders who attended: the spectators, sponsors, Dirt Wars Crew, and the venue owner and main course builder Chris 'Rocket' Rose.

Rocket World Dirt jumps will be open to the public soon as Chris will be building a whole dirt park in the jump area.

Round 6 - The Final of 2018 will be going off at Freddy’s Yard on September 30th. Full details will be up on the website Friday – www.dirtwarsuk.com

See you there…...


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 We've got some incredible riding talent in the UK- and without doubt some of the best DJ spots you can imagine... and 'dirt' wars decide to put 3 wooden kickers in a row on a flat field?
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 This was actually the best course of the series so far this year
  • 1 0
 The difference between DJ comp riding an trails
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 @rnangle: Yeah I think my comment may have come over a little harsh, I'm just a purist who would like to see no pedalling and the jumps getting progressively bigger rather than smaller.
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 @gavlaa: I know what you mean, having a dirtwarsuk at some proper trails again like it used to be would be sick

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