Video & Photo Report: Days 5 & 6 - Trans NZ

Feb 23, 2020
by Yeti TransNZ Enduro  
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The Yeti Cycles Trans NZ Presented by Shimano is on for 2020. Covering 6 days of New Zealand's most epic South Island riding. Keep up to date with the coverage all week right here!

Day 5

Cardrona Bike Park was our home for Day 5. Over the last few years, Cardrona has built an incredible network of trails serviced by the multiple chairlifts the resort runs. Although each stage could be accessed via chairlift it couldn't be that easy. The racers started the morning with a pedal up the ski field to the peak at almost 1900m. It was exactly what the legs needed to get the day started. Racers dropped into Arcadia for stage 1, a blue trail that starts just off the peak. From there it was a quick chairlift to DTL for stage 2. A stark contrast to stage 1 where riders had a fast open trail, they now faced a much narrower, much faster, much rockier trail. Stage 3 led the racers to Boundry Rider where there were mixed reviews. With no super clear trail to follow it was left to racer's imaginations on how they wanted to tackle it. MVP of the day has to go to James Eves(USA) who popped his shoulder out mid-stage, carried on and popped it back in midway down the remainder of the stage - you are an animal my friend. The final stage was a biggie, the Peak to Pub. At almost 8km long this was the biggest stage of the week. The name says it all, the trail starts at the ski field peak and finishes at the pub on the valley floor. What more could you want from a final stage?

Racers tackle the only real climb of the day up to stage 1. From here it was all chairlift goodness.

The dirt at Cardrona really couldn't have been any better. Conditions were all time.

Jerry Devon(USA) may be racing in the Master 40+ category but don't let that fool you. He's been schooling the youngsters all week with style and speed.

Charlie Murray(NZL) absolutely ripping down stage 1. He's been in a league of his own all week.

I mean I guess the view is ok right?

The NZ landscape providing yet another banger image.

Ride smooth and ride fast. Especially when people are watching.

Local legend Mark Nicolls lives, breathes, sleeps, eats, dreams mountain bikes. Sadly he couldn't be with us all week but he graced us with his presence for the last 2 days.

Christian Wingate(NZL) foot out, flat out!

Lift line banter was strong all day.

Yep, it was a tough day at the office.

Charlie Murray(NZL) was never seen in anything but an aggressive attack position. The guy is a machine.

Ben Jenkinson(AUS) was our youngest rider at only 16. He had a tough day 1 but from there out he showed just how fast he was with multiple top 10 finishes.

It's a familiar sight at the top. Charlie Murray(NZL) and Harriet Beaven(NZL) finished the day on top with a chunky lead. Calum Wilson rode hard all day to finish in 2nd and Hayden Lockart only two seconds back in 3rd. Falesha Stocker and Genevieve Kayat 2nd and 3rd for the women respectively.

Day 5 Results
Open Men

1st. Charlie Murray - 00:22:39
2nd. Calum Wilson - 00:23:28
3rd. Hayden Lockhart - 00:23:30
4th=. Mitch Codner - 00:24:05
4th=. Jordan Powell - 00:24:05
Open Women

1st. Harriet Beaven - 00:30:45
2nd. Falesha Stocker - 00:31:46
3rd. Genevieve Kayat - 00:34:49
4th. Caitlin Dore - 00:36:38
5th. Alice Foote - 00:37:38

Day 6

Ahh, the final day. What a journey its been. Five days of absolutely epic riding and it all finishes here in Queenstown with the final three stages of the week. With one last punishing climb up through the bike park to reach stage 1 the tired legs were certainly starting to show. For those of you have pedaled up the bike park you know just how steep and miserable it is. The day started with a lap through the bike park, Upper Squid Run to Buba before jumping on the gondola and heading up to Ben Lomand Saddle for the start of stage 2. This has to be one of the most scenic and exposed stage starts of the week. The wind at the top of the stage was insane, making riding down the exposed ridge visibly difficult but once down and into the tree's conditions returned to the all-time epic dirt we have experienced all week.

On to the final stage of the week. In some aspects you don't want it to end, in others, you just want to get to the bottom to drink beer and your legs never want to turn a single pedal stroke ever again. Fernhill Roots was the scene of the crime for the final time this year. But what better to finish than smashing through endless roots. Its been a killer week. Party on my dudes!

What a day to close it out. It's almost a little emotional.

The final morning salute. Ride on dudes.

Take it all in. Not a bad place to start a stage really. Max Hides(NZL) about to drop.

Paul Van der Ploeg(AUS) made the trip over to the better side of the ditch for a week. They do say the grass is greener on the other side...

Ben Scammels(GBR) escaped the British winter to come race. It doesn't sound like a bad idea really.

Party trains for days.

[PI= 18306746][/PI]

Michael Ronning(AUS) focused. Ronning had a strong performance all week in the Master 40+ category.

Christian Wingate(NZL) trying to focus on the trail and not the view.

The face of "oh god there's more roots, I can't hold on any longer".

I don't believe we have ever had such a dominating performance at a Trans race. Charlie Murray(NZL) didn't put a foot wrong all week.

The results for the final day looked almost identical to the previous day. Charlie and Harriet wrapped up the week with another win for the day. These two have been putting in dominating performances all week. Calum Wilson and Hayden Lockart battled it out for the final podium spots as did Falesha Stocker and Caitlin Dore. It's crazy after so much race time that the splits between racers are so small.

Day 6 Results
Open Men

1st. Charlie Murray - 00:20:32
2nd. Calum Wilson - 00:21:17
3rd. Hayden Lockhart - 00:21:26
4th. Max Hides - 00:21:29
5th. Jordan Powell - 00:21:40
Open Women

1st. Harriet Beaven - 00:27:56
2nd. Falesha Stocker - 00:28:07
3rd. Caitlin Dore - 00:31:40
4th. Shantel Koenig - 00:31:58
5th. Alice Foote - 00:33:39

Now before I can get to the results I have to explain something. A moo off. Now I'm sure probably all of you are like "WTF is a moo off?". So, if there is ever a point where something has to be decided between two people, both people must get down on their hands and knees and just like a cow they have to moo. You must hold the moo for as long as you can and the longest moo wins. Simple right?

Ok so now for the overall results. Let's start with the women because this is absolutely insane! I don't even know how it's possible but Harriet and Falesha after over 2 hours of racing tied for first. There was only one solution to this. Yea you guessed it, a moo off! In a valiant effort by both, it was Falesha that came out on top and took the honors of standing on the top step. Followed by Harriet on the second step and Caitlin Dore on the third step. A huge kudos to all the women, you guys absolutely killed it out there all week long.

For the men, well Charlie Murray had one of the most dominating performance's Trans NZ has seen with a winning margin of just over 7 minutes. Keep an eye out for this guy! It all came down to the final day for Hayden Lockhart and Calum Wilson but in the end, Hayden came out on top to clinch second with Calum sitting not far behind in third. Again, a huge kudos to all the racers out there. It's by no means an easy week and just getting through is an achievement in itself.

Overall Results
Open Men

1st. Charlie Murray - 01:58:54
2nd. Hayden Lockhart - 02:05:58
3rd. Calum Wilson - 02:06:31
4th. Jordan Powell - 02:06:54
5th. Max Hides - 02:07:05
Open Women

1st=. Falesha Stocker - 02:43:13
1st=. Harriet Beaven - 02:43:13
3rd. Caitlin Dore - 02:59:39
4th. Shantel Koenig - 03:04:45
5th. Alice Foote - 03:08:11

Your womens podium.

A classic Trans NZ send-off. I'm sorry boys but the girls well and truly beat you at this one!

This epic week of riding simply isn't possible without this incredible woman. Year after year Megan kills it with these events. From everyone at the 2020, Trans NZ thank you Megan. We're already stoked for next year.

About TRANS NZ / Megan Rose - Megan has been riding and racing bikes all over the world for more years than we count. She moves between New Zealand and Canada organizing not only Trans NZ but also Trans BC. She has over 10 years of racing and riding experience and no stranger to some epic full-day missions. Over the last 6 years, Trans NZ has evolved into New Zealand's premier multi-day Enduro event. Covering 6 days of only the best riding New Zealand's south island has to offer from Cragieburn to Queenstown.


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 That has to be a first. Rider dislocates shoulder, can't put it back in, but proceeds to keep charging hard down the gnar. Then pops back in while charging hard down the gnar. Absolute craziness. Lmao.
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 @tacklingdummy it was epic, he was on point all week. Shoulder sketchy like raw chicken, but charged every stage.
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 When did we start putting 70mm stems on Enduro bikes again?
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 Very nice!! if it wasn't that far ...
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 Awesome event! ...but who is Meegin?
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 Great pictures!

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