Video & Photo Story: eMTB Holiday in the Alps with Kathi Kuypers & Her Mom

Oct 24, 2020
by Kathi Kuypers  

My life more or less normally happens on the road. But this year spending time with Mom was my first priority. Leaving the bikes at home was no option, so we participated in the Family and Friends Haute Route. A guided Ebike tour with E-Alps in Valais. We spent the night in a hut, chatting and enjoying dedicated time together on and off the bike. It feels good to spend some quality time with mom

Mom is a superhero
Spending quality time with my mom on EMTBs

Kathi Kuypers and her mom on a MTB tour

My mum asked me to spend our holidays together and since I am always on the road I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend more time together.

She proposed Venice and shopping in Paris but I was more like Bikepark Chatel or Schladming!? Well, you have to strike the right balance and find a common compromise so we decided to take part at the e-alps experience tour through the French Alps in Valais. Neither of us had been there before. This tour is entirely on eMTBs, the perfect choice to compensate for our different levels of riding.

Mom and daughter on a EMTB trip.

Mom is a super hero
Sissi Kuypers

About my mom: Sissi is 59 years young at heart and a mother of 3 children. She was born in a time where if something was broken, they would fix it, not throw it away. She is a strong woman, my role model.
She has taught me how to cook, do my hair, how to handle heartbreaks and at the end of the day that my feet should be dirty, my hair messy and my eyes sparkling. She is like a candle. She burns herself up to give others light. So it was time to give something back and to show her more of this world than just our beautiful home of the Bavarian Alps.

When mom tells you that 8 bikes in the garage are too many....
When mom tells you that 8 bikes in the garage are too many....

On our way to Zermatt

I started an Instagram inquiry and and that’s how we got to know the E-Alps tour suppliers Adria and Maxence. I also brought a videographer with me to capture this trip on film, so that mom and I can show it to the rest of the family. And before my mom could hesitate I had already booked the „Family and Friends Haute Route“.

EMTBs are great fun

I assured my mother that I would take care of everything and that there will be no dangerous trails and jumps on our tour. In fact, I actually didn’t really know what exactly will happen but a bike trip through Valais sounds way better than a museum visit or even a crowded shopping mall in Paris.

We packed my car, travelled to Vercorin and spent the first night in a beautiful chalet called Le Mazots de la Source. In the next morning we met the rest of the group and our guide Adria. We were 8 participants, a mixed group from 45-70 years of age. I knew an adventure was going to happen when I met the couple Anne-Lise and Roland. Both 70 years of age and always hungry for a great adventure on bikes.

Trail next to Lac d Moiry
The whole group on their way to Bella Tola

DAY 1: An easy start

The historic village of Vercorin is the ideal starting point for an Alpine eBike tour. After a coffee, it was time to do our first gentle climb in the Val d’Anniviers to the turquoise water of Moiry Lake. We had a picnic at the bottom of Moiry glacier, changed the battery of our bikes and after crossing five breathtaking 4,000m peaks, we arrived at the historical hotel Bella Tola to relax at the hotel’s spa. What a first day!

Distance cycled: 60 km
D+ : 2280m
D- : 1960m

A beautiful little town in Vercorin

We have crossed the whole valley up to this point.
It is so amazing where our bikes can take us

There are some awesome trails which lead to the cabin in Moosalp.
There are some awesome trails to the cabin of Moosalp

DAY 2: I am actually not so much into hiking….

On Day 2, we switched from biking shoes into hiking shoes and walked over 10km across an alpine Col, called the Meidpass on 2900m into the Turtmanntal Valley. The weather was unfortunately not on our side this day and we missed the breathtaking views. After having lunch we were jumping back on our bikes and headed to the exclusive E- Alps cabin in Moosalp. It’s a cute little mountain cabin at about 2000m. First thing: a beer in the jacuzzi in front of a great panorama and afterwards cheese raclette with the whole group. What more can you ask for?

Distance cycled: 10 km of hiking / 48km of ebike
D+ : 730m of hiking / 1850m on the ebike 
D- : 460m of hiking / 2000m on the ebike

Facetimimg with my brothers at home.
Facetiming with my brothers and the cat at home

Packing for a good day on the bike.
Packing for another good day on the bike

Checking the weather forecast for another day on the bike.
But before, let's check the weather forecast

DAY 3: Let’s head to Matterhorn
After a delicious breakfast on the terrace of the cabin, it was time to head to Zermatt. We crossed the 4’000m peaks of Saas Valley and the Weisshorn and finally arrived at the iconic Matterhorn in Zermatt. Mom surprised me again with her fantastic climbing skills. She stuck to my back wheel and mastered all the technical single trail climbs like a professional. Stoked!

Distance cycled: 47 km
D+ : 1050 m
D- : 1500 m

We have spent the night in the cute little Moosalp cabin

On our way to the Matterhorn
on our way to the Matterhorn

Mom it s healthy try it Kathi uaghh
Mom: "It's tasty, try it" Kathi puts it in her mouth. Kathi: "uuargh"

The finish of a beautiful tour through Valais to Zermatt.
A beautiful tour came to an end

One last trail on our family and friends route to Zermatt.
One last trail in Zermatt

It feels good to spend some time with mom
Thank you mommy for being you, Love you!

Pictures: Jeremie Carron
Video: Johann Schmid

BIG thanks to Bosch eBike systems


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 Let them believe it's the french Alps...
  • 1 0
 Fronch Fries. And Peru!
  • 4 0
 Inspirational!! Utterly amazing. Having just done all those 4000m peaks around Saas . They then managed the Weisshorn . OMG. The East Ridge is AD and harder than the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn. So I’m disappointed they didn’t manage the first bike descent of the Matterhorn too. Must be really tiring carrying those e-bikes.
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 My god.. what ebikes can do these days really is amazing.. how many 4000m peaks did they ‘cross’ ??? Even the weisshorn apparently!!
  • 6 0
 French Alps? really? Smile
  • 5 0
 French Alps in Valais is what she wrote. maybe Valais is french to her because they, at least partly, speak french...
  • 6 1
 That was a good story and images, cheers for posting.
  • 3 2
 For me the Valais region is what mountain biking is all about, you have places like Morzine and Les Get right down the road, and all the back-country and hiking routes right on your doorstep. Its a very special place, more-so than BC or Whistler IMO.
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 You've been to both, I assume. What makes Valais better in your mind? (legitimately curious)
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 @rrolly: Obviously it depend]s on what type of riding you like to do, but for me the exploring and backcountry gnar is on another level, obviously British Columbia is absolutely amazing, but purely for the experience, the vibe, and the atmosphere, Valais is the best. Its really hard to explain without just waffling on with absolute BS but if you ever have the opportunity to go, take it and experience the Swiss alps for yourself.
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 8 bikes in the garage too many? I’m at 12. I obviously need an intervention...
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 Wonderful! Inspiration for a bonding trip with my kids.
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 Looks amazing, on my list to go there! Also: "When mom tells you that 8 bikes in the garage are too many...." made me laugh too.
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 Cool ride!
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 Ebike propaganda campaign.
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flag Wheeeliemann (Oct 24, 2020 at 3:29) (Below Threshold)
 True, but the battle is lost in europe anyway, just a matter of time, sadly....
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 Oh man, victim much? Why so delicate?
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 @Wheeeliemann: Ha! Do you really have no idea that you are the exact same person as the hikers/equestrians of the late 90's? They be your peoples.
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 My advice; just ignore the e-prefix. That way I really like the pictures.
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 I was excited to see you, congratulations and best wishes!
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