Video & Photo Story: Micayla Gatto and Hailey Elise Shred Natural Trails at Williams Lake

Sep 22, 2020
by Hailey Elise  
Photo + Video // Ollie Jones

Micayla Gatto and Hailey Elise call the Sea to Sky region home and have Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, and Squamish trails at their fingers tips. No strangers to lush coastal forests, loam, and rocky terrain, this summer, they looked north for something different. They headed out on a road trip to explore areas of the Caribou region: Williams Lake and Kamloops. Known for terrain shaped by the interior weather, history rich in gold, and more recently, abundant trail networks, there's no shortage of adventure. From farmer's markets, to breweries, to unreal riding, saddle up and then giddy up, the girls are on the road. First Stop, Williams Lake!


The iconic ridge lines and shoots Williams Lake is known for can be found on Desous Mountain. Easily shuttle able, hunker down for the night at a campground at the bottom and then wake up and have coffee before hitting descents of 1,000 metres.

You'll find a bit of everything on Desous Mountain but most of the trails cater to intermediate riders.

A favourite trail was God Speed. Jumps, drops, complete with ridge lines and chutes.

Desous isn't the only riding zone, there are a number of others including Westsyde, Fox Mountain and South Side that all have something different to offer. Pictured here is the end of Snakes & Ladders, a trail filled with woodwork and perfect for a friendly game of bike.

Fox Mountain is easily accessible and one of the oldest networks in the area. Perfect for those looking for a climb with a lengthy descent.

After riding, check out one of the local eateries, there's an abundance of breweries and foodie hot spots. You'll need the fuel, there's a lot of riding to be done!

Williams Lake mountain biking trails

For more of the trip, check out the vlog!


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 this looks good :-) unfortunately to far from home for me :-) always refreshing to see a "girls shred too" - video between all those flat-out-ride-or-die-go-big-or-go-home-enduro videos. more real life
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 always refreshing to see a "girls shred too" - video between all those flat-out-ride-or-die-go-big-or-go-home-enduro videos. more real life........... very true
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 Spent several years living/working a couple hours North of Bills puddle. The riding in many of these Northern communities is absolutely spectacular.

We would regularly head to Bills a couple times a summer to ride the local area. Desous mtn trails are some of the best riding I’ve ever done, scenery, exposure, excellent trail work, fantastic locals, the list goes on. If you haven’t been, GO visit! Red Shreds can help with bike stuff, etc.

There used to be a woman, very short, dark hair, full of personality, semi-pro pro maybe, drove a lifted suburban as a shuttle truck, I cant for the life of me remember her name. Any locals remember her?
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 @edwardbear: Oh its on the tip of tongue.....Nelly.....
Man could she rip
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 COVID has its winners and losers. I'm stuck in London, how I would love to have the BC trails in my back yard. More power to ya if you have.
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 Covid didn't really affect my riding life here HASHTAGBLESSED
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 Hey PB, the Trailforks inset is awesomely cool. Suppose you added that to other locations. Lots of copy gets specific about trails and you can pop it right on up that little screen. Trailforks link included of course.
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 My brain did not initially correctly process the perspective on that coffee pour.
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 Focal length was 16mm so a bit wide angle with the pot in the middle and the cup below that. That could have messed with the perspective. Call me geek, it is actually nice in Pinkbike that you can get more details about the pictures when you click on them. Same reason why people went ape shit when Paul Aston published a picture of a bike, not shot at axle height and with a wide angle lens. It looked horrible, the PB audience went berserk and Paul got disappointed. In this day and age, taking pictures the wrong way can seriously destroy your life and happiness.
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"In this day and age, taking pictures the wrong way can seriously destroy your life and happiness"

And marriage Eek
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 @vinay: I thought Hailey was holding a big tin.
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 awesome riding and location, most jealous of the part where they are in a diner and market with no masks just enjoying life. shred on!
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 When you make an absolutely amazing edit, but accidentally publish it to run twice. Second loop at 1:47 without audio.
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 Cariboo not bou
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 Williams Lake is a must hit place in the interior some crazy and wild trails hidden in the backwoods. Always a great time!
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