Video & Photos: 4 Years as a Full-Time Filmer with Calvin Huth

Jan 31, 2020
by Calvin Huth  

This was my 4th year behind a lens.

My name is Calvin. I like cats, ride bikes, and can't seem to find the power on button!

Photo by - Dillon Butcher

Photo by - Toby Cowley
 How the hell does this thing work again Photo by - Micayla Gatto
This is the Calvin starter kit.

After "4 Years Behind the Lens" I can definitively say the 10,000-hour rule is wrong. I now have the luxury to film full time. Dedicating most of my time to filming, editing, riding and digging. Sometimes I have those "careful what you wish for moments," but for the most part, it's the dream. After 4 years, all I know is that I still have a long way to go!

It was my passion for riding that paved the road to becoming a videographer/photographer. Between injuries, I would grab a camera and take the role of photo buddy. After a bad string of injuries, I spent half the year playing photographer instead of riding. This was when I made the shift to pursue life behind the lens. The joy of riding never left, however, I now get to share that passion with others the same way Freeride Entertainment, Anthill & others did for me. If I can inspire just a couple people, to me, that's the coolest thing.

I live on Vancouver Island and ride with a solid crew of locals. This has been our crew for a couple of years now. They all kill It! I can't thank these guys enough for helping make our home paradise.

Fully Torqued
Dillon Butcher - With some of the best bike control I've seen.

Phat Flatty
Daniel Fleury - Skilled with a bike, shovel, and camera.

Ryan Morris - Our workhorse and good vibe enforcer.

This last year I was blessed to see some different corners of the world. Here are a couple of photos I took while filming video projects that were released in 2019.

Carnage https watch v zX7aTV6iH20


Build, rest, shoot and repeat. Mesa was a grind, but that's what we love about our sport. If it was easy everyone would do it.

https watch v EZlifuEEn I
https watch v EZlifuEEn I
The dedication from Tyler was inspiring to say the least. He deserves everything he has!

Wildlife filming will always be my favorite. https watch v xECoafAJUuo
Wildlife filming will always be my favorite. https watch v xECoafAJUuo
You don't always have to travel far to capture some of your favorite moments.

Portugal https watch v mxlPt-fqrYU
Portugal https watch v mxlPt-fqrYU
Reece and I both ate pig intestine. This makes us cultured now.

Photo By Long Nygen https watch v PaY9aXMGIg4
Photo By Long Nygen https watch v PaY9aXMGIg4
Talk smack all you want. E-bikes are fun. (Turbo photos by: Long Nygen)

After a long year its fun to look back for a sec before moving forward. Unfortunately, this year wasn't without a great loss. I had the honor to spend two Rampages, many days riding and filmed Rough AF III with Jordie Lunn. Everything they say about Jord is true, he was one of the most kind souls I've ever met. I'm truly blessed to have been able to call Jordie Lunn a good friend. He will forever be missed!

Filming Rough AF III - Photo by - Steve Robert

With that I want to thank everyone who has been apart of my journey thus far. Couldn't have got this far alone. Here's to another good year to start out a new decade!
Much Love.

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 calvin you are a god. everyone of your projects are just absolute bangers. keep it up
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 Every 5 mins filming with Calvin: “common, take shirt off I put you in movie, make big star.” Well kids, dreams do come true.
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 I just want to make you a big star! We take over europe!
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 Need an assistant? I know how to charge batteries and can walk quite far without moaning
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 So sick to see him on the front page of pink bike. Massive fan of his work and a big inspiration for what I want to do later in life. Was also super excited when I met him by chance in BC
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 Calvins edits are simply perfect, he always mixes the best shots with great music. Everytime I watch his videos I get extremely motivated!
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 With rad work, trails, budds... no bad days, for sure!
Looking forward to more beautious videos/images!
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 Absolutely sick edit!! Good feels for Friday morn,thanks!
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 Calvin is a wholesome and inspiring individual
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 Amazing riding skills..
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 Sick edit as always!
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 less riding, moar sharks

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