Video & Race Report: Eastern States Cup Showdown - Jiminy Peak, MA

Sep 29, 2021
by Eastern States Cup  

After six years, the Maxxis ESC returns to western Massachusetts to take on Jiminy Peak. The resort trails aren't normally open to the public, so it's a treat to be able to race these rough, natural old school tracks. It didn't rain during the race for a change but with two inches of rain on Friday, the trails were anything but dry. In these conditions you have to let the bike go where it wants to and adapt as you slide your way down the hill. Better to remain smooth and rubber side down than to overcook it and lose precious seconds fixing your bars or dealing with muddy gloves. With just three races left in each discipline, every position matters as the overall points battle heats up. This is also Enduro racers' last chance of the season to secure precious EWS points so they can join the big show in 2022.

Leaves are barely starting to change here in New England, but the views are still top notch.

Conditions report: peanut butter that got thicker as trails dried throughout the weekend following Friday's monsoons.

Fork and shock seals working overtime this weekend.

Riding and racing is always a blast but half the fun happens in the pits.

Good morning, Jiminy Peak.

EWS Gold Level Qualifier Enduro

Morning riders meetings are getting chilly as we near the end of the season.

Nothing like a 1,100 ft. vertical climb to get the blood pumping. Luckily there was only one pedal transfer and we got it out of the way first thing.

Virginian Carter Lindblom blasting through the muck on Stage 1, he would go on to top the U20 class by over seven seconds with a pair of stage wins.

Kalen Griffin dropping back into the woods from the ski trail, fifth place for the Pro Women.

ProBuilds Racing's Adrian Hayden has been consistently placing top 10 in the Pro men's class all season, P6 this weekend and best facial expression.

Not many were chancing this drop on Stage 4 but Jack Zenoni threaded the needle to take the U15 win by 21 seconds.

Pro men's class overall points leader Matt Sebas finished in fifth this weekend.

Third place for Sarah Howerter this weekend, who's currently second in the Pro women's class points battle.

Hannah Harrington earned a stage win and second place for the Pro Women.

Three Pro wins in a row for 14 year old Kale Cushman, she leads the Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro overall by 191 points with two races left.

Enduro Pro Women: 4th - Andria Golden, 2nd - Hannah Harrington, 1st - Kale Cushman, 3rd - Sarah Howerter, 5th - Kalen Griffin

Gavin Vaughan is on a bit of a comeback this year, third place in a stacked Pro men's field.

Sam Skidmore warmed up the engine with top tens in the first two EWS gold level qualifiers, turning it up a couple notches this weekend to land in second place.

Three podiums in a row for Alex McAndrew, this time he got on the top step with a trio of stage wins and a final race time of 18:57. "Two inches of rain on Jiminy’s raw old school tracks dished us all some humble pie. I had a great time practicing and racing with an OG crew from my early racing days. It didn’t feel like a winning race…I just tried to be consistent, and minimize the mistakes. Very proud to stand on the podium with such a bunch of class act racers, any one of which could've taken the win!"

Enduro Pro Men: 4th - Isaac Allaire, 2nd - Sam Skidmore, 1st - Alex McAndrew, 3rd - Gavin Vaughan, 5th - Matt Sebas

Intense Downhill

What's the line? just follow the dark line of dirt. Jake Sowles handles the corners near the top of the course before things get real steep, earning his first U15 Boys win.

So many holes and compressions to look out for on this course, Michael Ivanchuk blasts through the Massachusetts woods on his way to take the Amateur 30-39 win by over 14 seconds.

Tyler Zenoni earned his first Junior Expert class win by a margin of nearly six seconds, perhaps some boosted confidence after riding the steeps of Lenzerheide earlier this summer.

After racing a few World Cups this season, Defiant Racing's Andrew Driscoll figured he'd have a crack at the Pro men's class. Fourth place this weekend says he'll hold his own just fine.

Despite some close calls on course, Scott Huntley held onto a loose run and took the Expert 30-39 win.

Third place for Chaingang Racing's Katlin Parenteau.

Fun fact: Abby Ronca has earned a podium result in every race she's ever entered. Second place this weekend for the young Pennsylvania ripper.

Despite a nagging shoulder injury, Mazie Hayden powered through to take the Pro ladies win by 13 seconds.

DH Pro Women: 4th - Kristin Lenart, 2nd - Abby Ronca, 1st - Mazie Hayden, 3rd - Katlin Parenteau

Max Morgan rounded out a full Vermont top three in the Pro men's class.

Second place for Gavin Vaughan after finishing third in the Enduro. Warm legs stay warm?

P1 for Steve Estabrook. "The doubleheaders are starting to wear me down but i think in tough conditions it helps to have stayed on the bike all day in the Enduro. I barely had enough time to put on dry socks before my race run, brought a dirty bike to the top, and was still late to the line! I was happy to have enough left in the tank to squeak out a win!"

DH Pro Men: 4th - Andrew Driscoll, 2nd - Gavin Vaughan, 1st - Steve Estabrook, 3rd - Max Morgan, 5th - Alejo Ortiz

Signing off from the Berkshires. Hose down everything and get ready for another Box Components Showdown next weekend at Connecticut's Powder Ridge!

Words and photos: Andrew Santoro
Video: Jason Scheiding

Enduro Results
Downhill Results


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 Who ever is picking the music for these videos. This ain’t it
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 Came here to say the same thing, the music makes these videos difficult to watch. I'm all for metal in bike videos, just hoping for better metal.
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 Hoping they run the middle or main top lift next year during all weekends to ride all the trails from beginning to end instead of the far right that only goes about 1/3 up. Would be nice for a weekend there and thunder mountain, being so close to each other.
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 Was such a good race! Even with the lift breaking!
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 Race season is winding down but this crew keeps crushing it ! Way to rip everyone !
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 Steep, rooty and greasy New England racing at its finest…
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 Please more photos of orange plates >#300. We know we aren't always that fast but would love a little glory too.
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 I'm so glad to see riding happening at this mountain again.
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