Video & Race Report: Richie Rude & Sarah Howerter Win Eastern States Cup Enduro Finals - Mountain Creek, NJ

Oct 20, 2020
by Eastern States Cup  

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It's hard to believe we're already at the final stop of the Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro season that feels like it was just getting started. With fewer races this year, the points battle is tighter than ever coming into a venue that demands perfection to ride at full speed. With 150% points and series overall titles on the line, this is when you've got to dig deep if you want to come out on top. The terrain here at Mountain Creek is no joke, where high speeds and technical rocky features mix in a synergy that few riders can master. Although we're at a bike park, four of the five stages line the hillsides of Granite Peak and are outside the main core of trails. Sarah Howerter and Richie Rude brought the speed needed to come out on top in the Pro categories, while Lauren Breza and Chris Miller took home the 2020 champions jerseys.

Frosty October mornings, temps dipped into the mid 30's overnight but thankfully reached low 60's by the afternoon.

Riders would kick off their day with a sunny and foliage filled ride up the Cabriolet before making a short pedal to Stage 1.

Enjoy the scenery at the top of Stage 1 while you can, it gets real technical real quick.

Cycle Craft Fitness rider Zachary Siegel lets it roll at the bottom of Stage 1, he would win the race by 23 seconds as well as the U20 overall jersey.

Kory Nagy is always a threat to land on the podium, fourth place for the Pro Men and a stage win over Richie Rude, he's got to be happy with that.

Fifth place U20 racer Eric Perry rolling a classic Creek rock pile.

After the initial lift ride, racers would pedal (or walk) their way back up Granite Peak to reach Stages 2 through 4.

High speed cornering techniques are everything at the top of Stage 2, Cole Smith won four stages and took the 21-29 men's class win.

U15 rider Henry Lapp entered and won his first Maxxis ESC race this weekend, he should probably come to more of them next season.

If this rock could talk, it's responsible for plenty of loose moments and lost seconds.

Said rock giving Joey Green a hard time.

Although we're at a bike park there are plenty of punchy climbs to keep the lungs burning, prime example of the rocky variety on Stage 3.

Watch out for the S turns on Stage 3...

These S turns? 2020 Amateur women's champion Hannah Sulas handles them with ease, earning her third win of the season.

Creek local Jon Hanson puts down the pedal power on the ski trail start of Stage 4.

Hudson Nablo at 9 years young, sends it through the first of many Stage 4 rock gardens on his way to make it a clean sweep of a season. Five Clif Kids wins in five races at nine years old, not too shabby.

After you get through the rocky bits at the top, you can carry plenty of speed through the bottom of Stage 4. Comp Edge Racing B Team ripper Andy McQuade flies through the foliage, seventh place this weekend and the 21-29 men's white jersey.

Stage 5 had no shortage of chunky rock features to slow you down, 13 year old Kale Cushman would finish fifth in the Pro Women's race and series.

Lucas Dedora sends it through the New Jersey woods at the bottom of Stage 5, second in the race and the U15 series winner.

This was Sophie Allen's first season racing in the Pro class and it's been filled with podium results, third place this weekend and second in the series.

Lauren Breza remained consistent throughout Sunday, taking second for the Pro Women's class and winning the champions jersey by just three points.

Sarah Howerter was on a different level this weekend, winning all five stages on her way to take the Pro ladies win by over 52 seconds.

Pro Women: 4th - Riley Miller, 2nd - Lauren Breza, 1st - Sarah Howerter, 3rd - Sophie Allen, 5th - Kale Cushman

Comp Edge Racing's Saben Rossi kept it as smooth as one can at Mountain Creek, finishing third in the race and runner up in the Pro men's series.

Chris Miller led the points battle coming into Finals and he was able to finish second to clench the series title for the Pro Men.

It's no secret that Richie Rude is among the fastest in the world, with the lack of international racing this year, he's racing close to home. Richie was the first ESC Pro Men's DH Champion 11 years back. This past weekend he would win the Pro men's class by 40 seconds, taking four stage wins with a final race time of 17:01.2

Pro Men: 4th - Kory Nagy, 2nd - Chris Miller, 1st - Richie Rude, 3rd - Saben Rossi, (not pictured: 5th - Zach Mehuron

Pro Women Series Overall: 4th - Riley Miller, 2nd - Sophie Allen, 1st - Lauren Breza, 3rd - Sarah Howerter, 5th - Kale Cushman

Pro Men Series Overall: 4th - Oliver Levick, 2nd - Saben Rossi, 1st - Chris Miller, 3rd - Jason Scheiding, 5th - Steve Estabrook

Series overall podiums.

Here are your 2020 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro Champions. Thank you all for supporting the series and showing up to races in this year of uncertainty, we couldn't have done it without you. We'll be between the tape one more time next weekend for DH Finals at Mountain Creek, come race or cheer on the fastest in the East. If we don't see you there have a great off-season and we'll see you in 2021!

Full Results
Series Overall Results

Words & Race Photos: Andrew Santoro
Podium Photos: Evan Gilbert
Video: Jason Scheiding

2020 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro Schedule
July 18 - Blue Mountain, PA
July 26 - Glen Park, PA
Sept 6 - Diamond Hill, RI
Oct 4 - Powder Ridge, CT
October 18 - Mountain Creek, NJ FINALS 150% Maxxis ESC Series Points

2020 Maxxis ESC Intense Downhill Schedule
July 19 - Blue Mountain, PA
August 29 - Blue Mountain, PA
August 30 - Blue Mountain, PA
September 13 - Powder Ridge, CT
September 27 - Powder Ridge, CT
October 25 - Mountain Creek, NJ FINALS 150% Maxxis ESC Series Points


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 Thank you to everyone from the racers, team managers, mechanics, sponsors, parents, spouses, kids, and pets for supporting and attending the races and being part of our great community! We are so looking forward to 2021!
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 Good job posting pictures of your actual racers. BME only ever posts pictures of Richie.
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 No dogs allowed....
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 Congrats on a very successful season despite the circumstances and uncertainty! Now it’s time for the big show next weekend!
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 Keep an eye out for ol' Zachy Mehuron freak peoples from little-known Cincinnati, Ohio / Covington, KY. Had a stage win against Rude. Instagram @zachmehuron
  • 1 0
 I’ve seen him riding back home in Cincinnati and god damn he is fast as f***
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 absolutely. he rips on a moto too! rad dude
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 @ajaypate1: Who is this? Yo dude it's Hunter from the Nati
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 Holy COVID stopper Chris Miller, that"s a mustache!
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 Way to get it done @Eastern-States-Cup although my heart was just not into racing this year mad respect for keeping it going and playing the hand that was dealt!
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 Thank you Eastern States Cup for putting it all together in this very tough year!!!!
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 Hard to believe it’s over, hell it was hard to believe it began. Thanks to everyone who made this season a reality! See some of you for one last race this weekend back at Creek.
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 So Great to get out see the racers and crew doing a great job having fun and staying safe.
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 Thank you to Eastern States Cup! Awesome year!
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 See you this weekend, Mt. Creek!
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 Stellar pics and write up as always Andrew Santoro!
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 Going up the ridge from there to Jungle Habitat today, lucky me.
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 But there's no technical riding in NJ Wink
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