Video & Results: 4 Days of Gruelling Racing at the 2021 Mediterranean Epic

Mar 29, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
Photo: Mediterranean Epic

The Mediterranean Epic kicked off the MTB stage race season with four days of flat out and tough racing in the picturesque Spanish region of Castellón. Check out all of the highlights and results below.

Stage 1:

The first stage of the event featured 550 meters of climbing across a short route of 16km. The course featured plenty of flowy singletrack and some tricky rock gardens for riders to navigate.

Stage Results:


1st. Fabian Rabensteiner (ITA) - 38:11min
2nd. Martin Stosek (CZE) +00:06min
3rd. Sascha Weber (GER) +00:15min
4th. Daniel Geismayr (AUT) +00:23min
5th. Hans Becking (NED) +00:37min


1st. Chiara Teocchi (ITA) - 45:54min
2nd. Ramona Forchini (SUI) +00:30min
3rd. Janika Loiv (EST) +00:36min
4th. Greta Sewald (ITA) +01:43min
5th. Nina Benz (GER) +01:48min

Stage 2:

Next up was the second stage of the week. Although not the longest stage it was considered one of the harder routes that riders had to face. The Italian riders Daniele Braidot and Chiara Teocchi bested the route and came out on top for day two.

Stage Results:


1st. Daniele Braidot (ITA) - 2:31:52h
2nd. Hans Becking (NED) +00:03min
3rd. Luca Braidot (ITA) +00:03min
4th. Daniel Geismayr (AUT) +00:03min
5th. Nadir Colledani (ITA) +00:04min


1st. Chiara Teocchi (ITA) - 2:59:20min
2nd. Nina Benz (GER) +00:42min
3rd. Ramona Forchini (SUI) +01:13min
4th. Martina Berta (ITA) +05:08min
5th. Greta Seiwald (ITA) +09:16min

Stage 3:

Stage three provided the longest challenge of the event, with 93km of riding over 1,800 meters of climbing. This stage saw a complete change in the leaders and two new stage winners after Sam Gaze and Ramona Forchini took the top honors.

Stage Results:


1st. Sam Gaze (NZL) - 03:27:37h
2nd. Luca Braidot (ITA) +00:01min
3rd. Daniele Braidot (ITA) +00:01min
4th. Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE) +00:41min
5th. Martin Frey (GER) +00:42min


1st. Ramona Forchini (SUI) 04:03:15h
2nd. Martina Berta (ITA) +01:19min
3rd. Greta Seiwald (ITA) +04:36min
4th. Eva Lechner (ITA) +04:37min
5th. Janika Lõiv (EST) +08:29min

Stage 4:

The final stage of the 2021 Mediterranean Epic saw Olympic champion Jaroslav Kulhavy and Martina Berta take the top steps of the podium for the stage. In the overall, it was Daniele Braidot and Ramona Forchini who claim the 2021 titles.

Overall Results:


1st. Daniele Braidot (ITA)
2nd. Luca Braidot (ITA)
3rd. Daniel Geismayr (AUT)


1st. Ramona Forchini (SUI)
2nd. Chiara Teocchi (ITA)
3rd. Martina Berta (ITA)


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 Looks sooooo much nicer than current everyday living in virtual every european country, where do i sign up?

Maybe times-adjusted wording would have helped, riding bikes for a living right now is Heaven and an orten used excuse for questionable traveling. I like the Sam Hill way a lot better.

And for REAL EPIC riding and demanding terrain they could have gone to the tiny island Elba and ridden the trails around Capoliveri, that would have shaken things up quite a bit.

Spain ain‘t too bad either...
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 Good to see any racing right now. There's some coverage of the race on YouTube, in Spanish. First time I've seen Sam Gaze riding well since that nasty head injury he suffered back in '19 at the Cape Epic. Good to see he's dong better.
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 I thought that Trinx looked like a trek
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 I know fun! That does not look like it
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