Video: Andreu Lacondeguy, Kurt Sorge, Hannah Bergemann, & Jaxson Riddle's Athlete Profiles from 'Accomplice'

Apr 29, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesIt helps to be around the right places when something as crazy as freeride mountain biking is born. From an early age, Kurt Sorge was drawn into the two-wheeled life as the fledging sport took off in the mountains around his home in British Columbia. Since then, he has seen the sport grow up, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still leading the charge.

Freeride mountain biking has defined who Kurt Sorge is, plain and simple. Whether its moments like winning Red Bull Rampage three times, competing in his own FEST Series events, or on freeride trips across the globe, finding new ways to push the limits of his sport are what Sorge lives for. Filming for Accomplice, he kept that expertise close to home, shredding huge lines in British Columbia with his friends and fellow legends of the sport Andreu Lacondeguy, Graham Agassiz, Nico Vink and Garett Buehler. In what seemed like an episode taken straight from the book of TGR’s Alaska Fantasy Camps, Kurt and the crew camped out in a truly fantastical zone, shaping lips and putting tires on lines they had only dreamt about before. It’s like big-mountain skiing and snowboarding, just without the snow.
Teton Gravity Research

bigquotesJaxson Riddle is young, even for a young-person's sport like downhill mountain biking. At the age of 19, he's already earned sponsorships from some of sport's premiere brands, traveled around the world, and snagged a spot in TGR's Accomplice on virtue of his creative and fearless riding. And this is just the beginning...Teton Gravity Research

bigquotesFor a while, Hannah Bergemann has been a dark horse in the bike world. She’s been quietly doing her own thing because she just wants to ride her bike. But a breakthrough year on the EWS circuit and at the Red Bull Formation event launched her into the public’s eye. In total, she won the Trans BC Enduro, placed second at the Finale Ligure EWS individual race in Italy, and was the first rider to link up all her features at Formation. Not satisfied, she grabbed her tools and climbed back up the former Rampage site and scratched in another line—just for the fun of it. To top it off, she joined us for a freeride trip in Northern India to explore untamed mountains in the shadow of the Himalayas. We have a feeling that she won’t be a dark horse for much longer...Teton Gravity Research

bigquotesAndreu lives and breathes mountain biking and biking culture. In TGR's Accomplice, he takes that to the next level by joining forces with Graham Agassiz, Kurt Sorge, Garett Buehler, and Nico Vink. Andreu and the crew went to the biggest lines in freeride, exploring comradery, big mountain biking, and the future of the sport.Teton Gravity Research

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 Won't be long till Kintner ain't the only bellingham rider with a blue and silver helmet on.
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 TGR defines "epic" with their films.

Epic locations, epic riders, epic riding, and epic... budget.

I personally enjoy rawer films or films with more of a narrative to them, but TGR knows how to create some beautiful footage.
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 Anticipating a Lacondeguy/Commencal edit already
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 there already is....
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 So much b-roll...
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 Lacondeguy and Semenuk that last pros on 26 big bikes!?
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 Always love seeing TGR ski movies. This looks really good!
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