Video: Andrew Clark Rips the Bike Park in 'Doing Time in Whistler'

Mar 24, 2020
by Jim Topliss  
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I met Andrew back in Whistler a few years ago, when I squidded past him and Ryan Middleton on Dirt Merchant, nose casing every table with my big f-stop camera bag on. I then watched the two of them send past me, over-90 whipping every hit of the way, and I thought "jeez I need to shoot these guys..."

Andrew being chased round a side hit by the homie Ryan Mid, during a Deep Summer shoot day

Since then, Andrew's seen me through two Deep Summer Photo Challenges, riding in them, helping pick tunes, and prodding me at 4:00 am whilst I was falling asleep editing. He's probably the most underrated rider I know, and someone should definitely give him a bike.

The stoke is very real

We shot the video in the couple of days after Deep Summer Whistler, in a weird state of Crankworx buzz and sleep deprivation. Our aim was to go and grab footy on our favourite bits of the bike park and stay in one piece. We got a bit weird, and here's the result. Hopefully, it brings you a dose of summer vibes in these strange times. Not long now and we'll all be back hugging and shredding dusty laps together in Whis. Peace!


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 I wish I was doing time in Whistler instead of my own house.
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 There's not much going on here, all the trails are snowed in, we're a ghost town and also restricting ourselves to our houses. Squamish and Pemberton are telling people from out of town to piss off and stop riding so technically no one from Whistler should be riding bikes. When we eventually open we'll be welcoming everyone with open arms. Until that day, stay home
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 I have accomodation booked at Whistler commencing on 13 July for 3 weeks and paid for my season pass ... my chances at the moment??? About 1% ???

F u covid-19

But loved this vid Wink
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 Nah..should be good by then.
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 exact same thing for me except im suposed to be there the 15th..!
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 @db235612: But you have the advantage of actually being in Canada lol. I had return flights from Sydney to Vancouver. Not any more. I now have one flight to LAX... and then a return from Vancouver. Go figure how that helps me Qantas?? The pessimist in me says both my flights are going to get canned.
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 @Xmas: Thats sucks, man. I have flights and accom booked and paid for too. August 16th to August 30th. Way past you but even i'm feeling like I'm about to lose $3k this year ????
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 I fucking loved it untill the music stopped, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME
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 I watched it 5 times already and it could be the best edit to watch when you're stoned like EVERRR, whoever created it, I love and hate you at the same time
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 Well this has improved my day immeasurably.
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 It feels like forever since i felt whislter feelings....... Thank you
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 yes to pinkfloyd !
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 I wonder how many verbs have been used to describe "riding the whistler bikepark" ! Rémy burned and attacked it , leave it alone
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 Fully captivating, thank you.
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 aaaahhhhh this gets me so stoked!
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 It looks like he's riding in a pair of Vans slip-on laceless shoes!
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 thank you, we all needed this
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 Perfect in every way....brought a GD tear to my eye....
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 fuck yeah boys! killed it!
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 Nice one @thewildproject , definitely a mood lifter for these times
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 This was delightful.
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 This edit has COVID-19, because it's SICK.
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