Video: Andrew Neethling & Tracey Hannah Ride Queenstown in 'Mission to Ride' Ep.2

May 24, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIn episode 2, Andrew meets his former UR teammate and world cup overall winner Tracey Hannah to talk about why she likes to train in Queenstown New Zealand, how she solved the puzzle of winning the overall, and what made her stick with one team for as long as she has.

"It's not like I got lucky at every race, and I won the overall. The last eight years I've been working hard to put the pieces of the puzzle together." - Tracey Hannah

After some airtime with Sam Reynolds in episode 1, Tracey has a little challenge of her own in stock for Andrew. Spoiler alert: He failed.
Kenda Tires

Photo: Henry Jaine

Photo: Henry Jaine
Photo: Henry Jaine

Photo: Henry Jaine


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 Neethling trying to make out like he's riding a Walmart hardtail down those trails when in fact it's a $8,000 long travel Enduro machine... granted, it's not a downhill bike, but it's more than up to the task of riding any bike park trail.
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 There are a few tracks I properly shat myself in queenstown, Armaggeddon, Ant's track and Grundy off the top of my head. One of the few places in the world were a DH bike makes sense.
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 @Brasher: which is entirely true. Then the locals f*ck off past you on enduro bikes anyway
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 @Brasher: Love Armageddon and Ants! Sooo many different line choices. I shat myself on Killer Bee. Long travel enduros do well there
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 Haha Tracey is awesome! She called him a pussy! Poor Andrew
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 Meh, I gotta say I really like Tracey, but this video was lame af. That whole flatting the tire thing was so stupid. He's an ex WC racer. It doesn't make any sense. She also doesn't need him to diminish himself to make her look good. She's a super fast lady, just give us some great riding footage and spare us the attempt at comedy. Bonus points for calling him a pussy though lol
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 Kendas videos are as good as their tyres...
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 Hopefully another season of podiums.
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 Not sure letting the tyre down on what is a effectively meant to be an advert for Kenda is a great move from Neethling
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 Neethling seems like a nice guy, but he needs to inject some personality into these videos.
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 There wasn't much riding in that video.
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 What a Mishmash of trails there. Makes me wonder which one was her favourite track? Ants? How did you manage to let your air out on the bottom section of Grundy and then reappear at the halfway point. What a crap video! Seriously average. This was no doubt the same day you had a cameraman standing on a big hip landing at the end of O.G. while Tracey pushed uphill. Almost jumped onto his head. Same muppet might be responsible for this poor mans edit job
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 Oh boy
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 Pretty obvious they were taking the piss for the whole riding section of the video for a laugh mate.
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 That looked so much like a sponsorship obligation video.
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 Hahaha!!! She called him a "P" word.Luv it!!
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 I’d ride Ant’s Track on a dh sled next time also! Real sketchy and under gunned on a 160.
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 I ride Ants on a Trek Slash(albiet not fast) and I'm a f*cking grandmother.Seriously people....
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 Tracy is sick, I hope she wins next season.. or this one if we get to see races..
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 Tracey is a beast
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 Cool video....
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 Well can’t wait for a full season again. Dear 2021 don’t screw us again.
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 How Lame is that! TIme to get a dog... ?
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