Video: Andrew Neethling Follows Nino Schurter on his Local Trails

Apr 4, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesSunset in South Africa following the one and only Nino Schurter, Andrew Neethling shows us his backyard local. Scott Sports


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 When travel restrictions are lifted: N1no for pinkbike hotlap!
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 Ah, so that's what downcountry looks like! Smile
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 Nino does with an XC bike what most of us can’t even do with an enduro bike!
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 You got that right, look at him scandi flicking all over the place. Ye gods!
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 I’ve ridden those trails a lot and he is going poes fast! Really puts the gap of talent and skill into perspective. Chops to nino, would love to know what Tyres he was on. That is the run home from the shuttle / DH / enduro trails and I’m usually on a beefy 2.6 eliminator or DHF and hoping they hold in on the moon dust up there. Last time I had a minion SS on the back and was drifting like it was the fast n the furious!
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 Probably a Rekon Race or Aspen.
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 maxxis aspen 2.4
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 @LeDuke: if I used these tires on moondust I would look like a powdered donut after every run
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 probably running gator skins @ 120psi
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 Where's that trail, bru'?
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 Man I would LOVE to see how Nino would do at an EWS type race. He has so much power, and his bike handling skills are bonkers.
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 In case you were wondering whether top XC racers are better than you at everything, now you have an answer.
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 Holy shit what an absolute beast! Did you see him getting pedals in, because you know, he wasn't going fast enough... OMG...
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 Nino is a man of many skill, got one handers down,
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 What's more impressive is that Neethling probably has far more experience on these trails than Schurter. Schurter likely wasn't riding blind, but these aren't his home trails. You'll also notice this was the downhill section - wait until Nino puts down the gas for the climb.
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 Nino next Enduro world champ!!
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 Would love to know what bike Nino was on? Also loved his Scandi flicks Smile
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 Scott Spark RC. World Cup XC bike...
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 Scandinavian flick is the only way to enter a corner when offroading!
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 And who said XC is just for washed up roadies?

I could be wrong but perhaps it has been better off going the other direction......Cadel, Ryder, Michael (excrpt for he doping)
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 I used to train with an xc rider who raced internationally and she would regularly beat quick people on the downhills. It was in a high school age riding squad in the early-mid 2000s, but she was still quick none the less.
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 This is why XC still holds most of the market in countries where cycling is in the top 3 sports.
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 Worried that a Lion was gonna jump out and grab one of those dudes. Fun looking flow trail.
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 So smooth, so fast. Brilliant!

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