Video: Andrew Taylor Visits Georgia, South Carolina & Florida - AT's Ultimate 48 State Road Trip

May 10, 2019
by Andrew Taylor  


My first stop in Georgia was meeting up with Jarrod Harris and Ray Yoder to ride out at the Blankets Creek mountain bike trails. After a solid afternoon out there, we made our way to Jarrods place. I had been looking forward to riding this spot for a while and despite all the rain we got, it was good times with an awesome crew! Big thanks to Jarrod for making it happen!

South Carolina

My first stop in South Carolina was to ride with Cat and Eric Owensby at Paris Mountain State Park. While waiting for them I ran into Erwin who joined us for a ride down the mountain. From there I made my way over to Clemson to meet up Eric Nielson from Southpaw Cycles at the Isaqueena trails. To round out my time in SC, I made my way down to meet up with Ryan and Gage for a rip at SK8 Charleston.


From South Carolina, I made my way down into Florida for some warmer weather during the Holiday season. My first stop was out at Jonathan Dickinson where I met up with Tyler Hawes to ride the new jump line called Bunker Hill. From there Tyler and I spent some time on the water with his family before making my way through the Keys and Everglades for Christmas and New Years. On my way back North, I hit up the pump track in Miami and then up and over to ride with some of the locals out at Markham Park. From there, I met up with Ryan McGary, Titus Nicholson and Chris Rizzon for a solid day out at Alifia and then ended my time in Florida at the Santos trails. Although Florida doesn't have a ton of elevation it still blew my expectations out of the water and is definitely a spot to put on your mountain biking hit list!

The next states up are Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana. You can follow the adventure through my Instagram & Youtube channel with a new video every week.

Cheers from the road!


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 So sad to see all the real good riding a Paris not in the video. That video really didn’t give Paris the justice it deserves. Also shocked to see Greenville’s favorite MTB watering hole/Norco dealer not in the Video. It’s a must stop by when in town if you are a rider.

Impressed with what GA and Fl has being more flat land. Great job guys.

Either way, love watching Andrews adventure!
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 I only had a few hours at Paris so I wasn't able to check out everything but what I did ride was good times! I actually cruised by the shop to check out the pump track but it had just rained so unfortunately it wasn't ridable but it seemed like such a rad shop! GA and FL blew my expectation out of the water! Pretty rad to see the terrain utilized so well!
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 If you had filmed in TN, NC, SC or GA in the spring, there would have bern nothing to see once all the foilage fills in but green tunnels. With all the leaves, you were ablr to get a lot more shots & yet not experience the area when its at its peak of growth and vibrance.

So is the DH trail at Clemson gone or is it still running ? Was wanting to see some video of it

Last, this series is the Kirt Voreis AllRide Tour minus no sleep & dragging around a demo fleet you have to maintain all by yourself.

Kirt should do the AllRide Tour again minus the demo fleet so he can actually enjoy it this time.
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 DH course at Clemson has been "dismantled". You can still hit some of the jumps, but the start gate and famous wall ride have been torn down, which makes it almost impossible to hit the biggest jump on the trail. Still some stuff to play on, but not like it used to be.
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 @charmiller: That's a shame. Clemson Freeride used to have that place so dialed. Maybe the cycle will repeat itself and some new blood do solid work there again.
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 @charmiller: That's so sad to hear. A few of us over here cut our teeth on the Clemson DH trail in the early 00s.
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 @GuerrillaGravity: you guys were in the south bank then? Should I remember you?
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 Yeah my timing was great for the West Coast portion but by the time I made it to the South everything was brown. I'd be stoked to head back someday during a different time of year to see it both ways. Yeah I was told that they used to have a DH trail but unfortunately it had gotten torn down a couple weeks before I arrived.
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 Nice work on the Florida video, Jonathan Dickinson State Park is my local trail. We've ridden and raced all the trails you featured which are all made possible by volunteers who ROCK!

Holler next time you're in South FL, there's some other features at JD that my boys like to get sendy on #highseatpostmafia #WeareBikeMinded
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 Thanks! I had such a blast at Jonathan Dickinson and all of Florida blew me away. Such a cool and unique State with a killer bike scene!
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 Nice. Great to see my old riding zones and my man Jarrod getting his credit. That guy has been riding since mid 1990's Cheers to rad trails everywhere!
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 Dudes a legend!! Ricky Erlando for Prezzz haha
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 More great stuff AT! Really enjoyed the Florida idea those folks had so much cool stuff. Keep 'em comin!
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 Right on, thanks bud!!
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 I love AT's stuff. So much fun.
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 Cheers man, can't wait to edit up our ride!
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 Florida Freeride @ DURTWURX Knolly dealer

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