Video: Angel Suarez Continues the Hunt For His New Junior Team Mate In Argentina

Aug 22, 2019
by YT Industries  

Episode three of ‘The YT Mob World Tour’ shows pro rider Angel Suarez, mentor and talent developer Martin Whiteley and the crew make the trip to Cerro Bayo. The mountain located 9 kilometers / 5.5 miles from the town Villa La Angostura and overlooking Nahuel Huapi Lake has its summit at an altitude of 1,782m / 5,846ft and a great variety of trails to offer; perfect conditions for the second Young Talent Camp. The beauty of this unique talent program is that the Mob also heads to regions of the world where there is no World Cup racing going on, where talent is not observed and unearthed on a daily basis and therefore gives the raw talent in these regions an opportunity to send it down trails and shine on a stage they have never accessed before.

Shot by Isac Paddock

Shot by Isac Paddock

Shot by Isac Paddock

bigquotesThe thing the kids are going to learn most is that the mental aspect is way more difficult than the physical aspect. Believing in yourself and being able to execute the one chance you have, the mental side of dealing with it, that is the hard part.Neko Mulally, World Cup Rider

The third of seven episodes talks about the mental side of racing and especially how important focus is when it comes to racing and talent. How is focus in racing defined? How does it affect development and results? Whiteley’s former protégés such as Brook MacDonald, Neko Mulally and Greg Minnaar enrich the episode with their take on the mental side of the game.

Shot by Isac Paddock

Shot by Isac Paddock

bigquotesThis sport is all mental. When you get to the top of the hill and you ask yourself ‘Have I done everything I possibly can?’ and the answer is ‘Yes!’ then it all comes down to how you mentally attack the track. At the end of the camp we ask the participants which of their three runs was their fastest, why and by how much. It’s amazing! Some of them are spot on and some, who are really fast, are way off. They are the ones we are interested in because they have the speed, but they don’t understand it yet.Martin Whiteley, YT Mob Owner

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Video: Knowmad Development
Photos: Isac Paddock


  • 29 3
 YT mob became irrelevant quickly
  • 7 3
 The who?
  • 3 3
 Have they raced any world cups this season ??
  • 10 0
 There’s a guy on a yt doing pretty well at world cups...... just sayin
  • 8 1
 And a young girl who is stupid fast.
  • 2 0
 YT killing it in #freeride - look at that crew! Not to mention new member Dylan Stark - that dude destroys on the MTB now. The TUES has already proven itself in WC DH. A successful UCI team is not the measure of anything truly important. What other Jr Development program is doing this on a global scale and making slick edits?
  • 6 0
 I don't understand all the negativity here. They are doing exactly what's in their name, just after making it legit by showing that they can make very good bikes. Giving these kids the opportunity to compete at WC's is a great thing and if they come up with a future winner, everyone will be like "yea I always knew".
  • 6 2
 IDK...seems there are plenty of decent privateers on the circuit that would be ripe for signing.
  • 7 2
 Get on with racing
  • 1 0
 great job for the evolution of the dh in this hard place$, congrats martin
  • 1 0
 wow they are all amazing
  • 3 3
 Serious shit.
  • 3 6
 he looking for talent in the completely wrong place. If he is looking for raw speed he needs to look to the bmx racers.

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