Video: Anthony Messere and Paul Genovese - Dirt Playground

Jul 30, 2014
by Fox Head  

Anthony Messere and Paul Genovese ride together learning new tricks at their home spot. It's always cool to see how much work these guys and their crew put into building trails. Band: Still Corners. Song: The Trip.

Video: Mind Spark Cinema

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 Maybe I should get into dirt jumping. A good dj bike is as much as my dh wheelset, plus no shuttling gas.
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 that table at 2:06 is so f*cking turnt that neither of his feet are on the pedals
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 The laws of gravity don't apply to Anthony.
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 They do... When he wants them
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 You guys all killed it on this one
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 I live watching Anthony ride. I know something is about to go down when I see or hear his name. Plus Morpheus bikes are the illist! I own one and I want another. Thanks to Mike the owner of Morpheus cycles for getting into bike making!
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 Small guy doesn't mean small balls!!! Respect Antony !
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 because all the nutrition went to the balls.
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 Respect, but that was when he was 16. The Surrey Italian has muscle to go with the skill now. You don't mess around with the people where he is from. And this dude is used to taking the bike tumbles too. He could probably beat up a whole bar by himself on a Saturday. His lack of Rampage exposure is an anomaly though. I can't figure it out. But we should expect to see him cleaning house on the slope style events for the next few years.
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 great vid! thanks for introducing me to still corners Smile
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 Indeed. Fabulous video-a true master rider where slo mo enhances our appreciation of the riders abilities. And the light and photography. And then that the killer song. Just love it. I joke to my non riding mates that most of my music these days comes from vids on pinkbike (such as Vic and Gab on that equally fabulous Manon Carpenter vid or Metric-"gold girls guns" on the evil undead vid I think).
Thanks Pinkbike everyone involved in the vid-you just made a horrendous day pick up a bit to where I might face tomorrow without too much dread. f*cking work.
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 Used to only see 3's in mtb edits, 720's are the new thing now and that sure is a good thing!
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 Brandon's had them on loc for a while now as does Rheeder, but were seeing them in edits from Pilgrim and Messere plus a few others have done them like Bizet and I'm sure Rogatkin could pull one. Here's hoping there is no wind at crankworx.
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 Pretty sure Messere cork sev'd before rheeder did
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 Seems I need to check out more Messere edits.
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 It would be sweet to see these guys raging down a real woodsy trail, like how Semenuk tears the ass out of that trail in the end of 'Strength in Numbers'.
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 This is the same dirt jump spot as the one in strength in numbers
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 Anthony is so in form... i think hes going to podium this year at crankworx
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 Damnnn messere boosts high!
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 That invert is so damn legit! So proud
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 jes jes jes. rewatched that at least 10 times.
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 Paul Genovese's crazy 270 on that hip was sweet as apple pie.
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 Negative prop me all you want, but I didn't like that at all, the riding is amazing, but the song made it so dreary....... Frown
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 Airtime over 9000
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 Straight crack. No filler at all.
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 I love* not I live to watch Anthony lol typo
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 I still don't understand how that little man boosts so damn big!
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 Some of the cleanest dirt jumps I have ever laid eyes on.
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 his jumps look real buff
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 Why is anthony so good
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 Bike Bike Bike.
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 Smooth trails man
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 Great work chaps.
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 cork 7 @ 2:55 was perfect, these wops kill it
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 i feel like thats a racial slur
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 Smile dont take it the wrong way I got nothing but respect for the Italian community in Burnaby. Just playin on stereotypes, italians, burnaby, pizza lol
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