Video: Antoine Bizet Makes His Musical Debut in 'My Road to Zion'

May 11, 2020
by Antoine Bizet  

As many of you were, I was locked in my house for a few months. During these chill times, I looked back at my passion for biking and traveling, my career, and the sacrifices it represents… while singing my favorite French songs out loud!

To celebrate the last French day of lockdown check out my latest edit.

Good vibes to you all Pinkbike!

- Antoine

Dude I love bikes
I love my bike!


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 So shit it was fantastic.
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 so true
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 Is this the same dude who got butthurt he didn't win Rampage after throwing a double-backflip in a freeride contest?
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 @youknowitsus: The people spoke. Got people’s choice award and everyone knows that’s worth more.
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 @youknowitsus: No, it was not a missing win. That was not what he says. There were more very good runs and Antoine knows that. He had just the feeling that he was underjudged for 8 or 9 points, that's all. Most people watching the stream had the same feeling. That's the reason that he got the peoples choice award. The judges are all experienced but they have to judge a different mix of styles from slope over freeride to downhill in one event. How to judge totally different styles, I think that is hard mission ? They have to compare a hard segments with tricks. How to have a judge guideline to compare different people like James Doerfling, Gee Atherton or Brandon Semenuk fair ? That is not possible. The other point is that judges always give their homies unintentionally some extra points. You can see that in every sport and that is absolutely normal. We did skateboard events for centuries and we called that phenomenon the "local bonus". We should not blame them to much, they really try to judge fair.
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 those crazy frenchies
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 This is a totally normal video in France
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 That’s a wicked looking bike. You know when a bike just looks fun standing still?
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 That was one of the best things I’ve seen in a while!!! Do do do doo doo! It was like a mix of drunken karaoke at the local Legion and Bill O’Reilly’s “F*ck it, we’ll do it live!” and a Google annual memories montage.
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 do do do doo
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 mountain bike the musical
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 Lockdown haircut right there. (Im only jealous)
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 1:38 and I press the X ,try next year maybe ;-)))
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 Getting all quarantined out are we?
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 the best, living like hell with great smile ????
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 Good thing he's a sick rider.
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 Funny thing.
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 doo do doo do
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 Moving video. Thanks Antoine for your original edit.
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 @antoinebizet tu aurais du la chanter en francais!
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 So much funnier in English. He sounds like a pirate.
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 Stoned AF #420

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