Video: Antoine Bizet's Qualifying Run - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 15, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  



Antoine Bizet's Qualifying Run

Tune in live at starting at 10:30 a.m. MT.

Title image: Paris Gore


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 That run was way better than Aggy's
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flag jonop (Oct 15, 2015 at 23:19) (Below Threshold)
 More tricks but aggy had a better line imo
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 Aggy's run is big and fast. But it's also smooth. This run scared me with the steeps, the tech and the gnar. PLUS big air. Love that run.
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flag Pininator (Oct 15, 2015 at 23:33) (Below Threshold)
 I think the total hang time from top-to-bottom goes to Aggy, but dat backflip and 3, doe.
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flag sessionman123abc (Oct 15, 2015 at 23:52) (Below Threshold)
 aggy is a tool so that should be -50 points
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 @sessionman123abc I dont know, Aggies run was insane. Tool or not, quite deserving of some merit
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 Aggy just had bigger jumps. Antoine had more incorporation of tricks, features and technical riding. Antoine got robbed IMO.
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 Will be interesting to see the upgrades to Aggy's and Antoine's runs in the finals. Antoine should have LOTS of upgrades in his run, even on the canyon I guess, let's see what Aggy brings to the show!! Either way, it'll be amazing to watch, so it's perfect for us spectators Wink
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 The judging is so bad at rampage. Bizet was better than Aggy and Adreus run was not a winning win last year. There are so many guys doing more technical lines with tricks. They just don't get the coverage. Totally biased in every way. Kinda ruins rampage to be honest.
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 He was not a favorite so judges took 5 points less than what he deserved. :/

He still wins the qualifying in my book though. I'm pretty sure Bizet will front flip the canyon gap tomorrow... hoping he does and nails it.
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 better run alright imo, might be losing some points because some of the upper stuff might not be as visible to judges. Some serious exposures at speed and not as groomed as a lot of runs look. Is it still freeride if you can see the trail from space..?
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 Aggy's run was the first run that actually freaked me out watching it.
He flat-landed some HUGE drops that had me crinching just watching 'em.
I'm not saying that's why Aggy's run qual'd him higher, but tricks aside, it definitely was the nastiest run I've personally seen at Rampage.
The problem is that this type of competition relies on other peep's('judges') opinion for scoring.
Whether it's boxing-where 'judges' tally landed punches for scoring- Olympic 'sports' such as diving and gymnastics, where judges score based on their opinion of the level of difficulty and form of the competitor's routine, or free-ride comp's such as Rampage, where [I assume] difficulty and form are again, 'judged', the competitor's score isn't solely up to them- and THAT is a major flaw that IMO, they need to try to minimize. Especially in an event such as Rampage, where the riders RISK so much.
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 If you have never been to zion national park and stood amongst the riders in the cliffs you would understand. I personally went there in 13' and everything is mindblowingly bigger when your standing there im thinking the camera doesnt do justice to aggys line its way too scary. Plus the canyon gap is shorter this year i dont know how much but its shorter.
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 Think the judges should be made to walk or at least look at some of the top sections first hand. From the bottom and on the filming some of the lines at the top don't look that technical, but then when you see the POV footage they are crazy. Brendog last year made his look super smooth at the top but then you watch his GoPro footage and it's completely wild and loose.
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 Antoine was already second once. I hope he can repeat or step it up... Wink
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 I think no one should be allowed to talk about his line before doing it. Each year there's tons of talk about Aggy's run or Andreu's run and Zink's flip etc etc.... be quite, build your thing and ride it. No hyped up bias and at least I'll be able to watch Rampage not knowing what to expect. GO BRENDOG Wink
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 Aggys run was big, but could have happened at a bike park somewhere, the line is a continuation of the Fest Series, everything is big, but so groomed. Antoine's line contained more of the natural tech and knar, which is what "free riding" is supposed to be. And the judging is a joke, like the Grammys or oscars, the winner of course will be Aggy because he didn't win last year. I hope all these perfect lines get washed into oblivion in this weekends storm.
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 A bike park? haha ur kidding me, what bike parks do you go to? Im a huge fan of Aggy but I do agree with u guys, Bizet threw it down and should have been first, I have a feeling Aggy was holding back a bit tho and just wanted to make it to the finals after last year, im sure he is gona add some more tricks in his run for the finals.
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 Haha no it's exactly a bike park - I know what he is saying though, much harder to land in loose gnar than the wide paved landing zones this guys have built, which I admit are needed to stick jumps this big. But you have to remember that when you watch some of the sketchier cliff drops that have no groomed landing zone.
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 Do they have 75 ft cliff drops at your local bike park? Either way I do agree with you guys, Bizet owned the qualis.
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 I think the scariest part of rampage would be sitting in the start gate listening to the helicopter and then realizing that your in the f*cking show
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 these guys are so gnarly.
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 Your a idiot you cant be a tool and still ride somting that insane
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 With Steenbergen down, the only guy who might front flip the canyon gap is now Bizet
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 Where are the judges pulling there scores from?, In qualifying to give that run a second place. Agassiz run can't be denied was a Sic run, but Antoine's was way more technical than Agassiz first place run! Oh well thats my two cents worth!
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 Best qualifying run
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 He even had time for a quick chuckle or two. Loose as f*ck!!
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 Qualifying? Winnifying!
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 Yeah, maybe it's just me but that seemed like a podium level finals run. At least for last year. Progression. So crazy.
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 I don't want to be that guy that criticizes the judges, and these guys are all freakin' amazing for riding this stuff, but how did that not win qualifiers?
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 I think the judges are gonna make him do the double. Same reason McCaul got scored so low was because everyone wanted him to flip the canyon just like everyone has been waiting for the double from Bizet since nine knights a couple of years ago. It's like the judges are using an unspoken criteria of how far outside a riders known comfort zone they are riding. Cam Zink could ride the best line ever but if he doesn't pull something as good as his two well known flip and spin drops they will give him a low score to egg him on. Bizet is also still a bit of an outsider to the freeride bro club but I think it is more just that everyone wants a big show and so do I.
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 Interesting comments re: the judging. TBH I think part of it is that Bizet's run WAS.a big show – and it would've been if it was a finals run last year. I don't know how true it is to say that the riders are being jusdged on how far they push themselves, but I certainly want to see that Bizet double whipped out. That would be the icing on the cake.

As an aside, the Bizet outsider idea really rankles me, because in my eyes he is a classic example of a freerider of the new generation of riders. Doing big, stylish tricks on serious consequence terrain (see his riding in Franve) and yet he doesn't get recognised for it. It's the whole weird FEST vibe thing IMO
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 double backflip over the canyon gap is too risky because the jump is too fast, and he needs to rotate fast. I think he's going for the frontie though. But whatever he does tomorrow, I hope he nails it!
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 Oh yeah of course not over the canyon gap...but maybe on the booter at the bottom. You’re right, maybe a frontie. That’s the thing with him - it could be anything!
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 A question for the mods real quick, since many of us in NA will be at work/school during Rampage will we be able to come to Pinkbike to watch the replay and be able to count on there not being any spoilers on the front page?

I just really don't want a repeat of last years "ANDREU LACONDEGUY WINS RAMPAGE" at the top of the page...
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 We typically don't put the winner's name in the title of the results post - look at all of this year's World Cup DH coverage. But to play devil's advocate, you wouldn't go to a 'regular' news site the day after the Super Bowl or the World Series and not expect to see an article announcing the winner, right?
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 Don't trust any bike site to get it right. RedBull itself has a better track record of no spoilers. Go zerodarkthirty on all media and go str8 to when ready to watch a replay...imo
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 @mikekazimer "But to play devil's advocate, you wouldn't go to a 'regular' news site the day after the Super Bowl or the World Series and not expect to see an article announcing the winner, right?"

Oh I know but I was just wondering if I should come here to view the replay or maybe find some other source. Try looking at it from the perspective of someone who wants to watch the replay without seeing spoilers, it's not as simple as just recording it via PVR since it's not on TV. I either have to google "rampage 2015 replay" which in doing so will probably show me who won almost instantly, or I can go directly to a biking website which I have to hope doesn't have spoilers on the front page.
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 Very true for the MOD but the Super Bowl and the World Series are usually on when the majority of the NA is off of work,
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 Sorry snuck in while my reply window was open. I was actually going to add that PB did a great job this yr with the WC and non spoiling. As you say tho..."the day after", would be fine anywhere...but so often, spoilers are or were listed within hrs...pretty much effin' it for the same day replay viewers
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 Really? Neg votes that a bike site doesn't get it? Its their bread and butter...but leave it alone for 24hrs...advertise THAT
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 Does anyone if the feed has already been live for an hour and I go to watch it, will it start from the beginning or will it go straight to live.
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 That got an 86?!
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 Rampage is political, year on year we see diobolical judging, if the event weren't so insane I don't think i would bother watching. I personally would like to see more of the build up preceding qualifying and race day where the riders are testing their metal. That said IMO (any I've not seen the results yet as I wanted to view some runs first) this run was better than Aggy's.
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 Rampage is such an awesome event. Two years ago McGgarry blew our minds with the flip over the canyon gap and now that trick is almost expected. What a neat progression to watch!
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 That one that mcgazza hit did have a sketches run in tho. This canyon gap has a nice smooth run up.
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 True that. My brother and I were right there when he did it.
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 Too bad, that run was better than Aggy's. Front-flip incoming on canyon gap for the finals I think ! Go Bizet ! You can win this shit !
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 Incredibly smooth compared to the other pov's. Perfect speed and landings! Amazing.
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 Give that man a medal!
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 Anyone see that kicker at the end? Does this mean we have a miniflip Monday on a Friday on or cards? Stoked
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 Like in 2012, with the 4th flip of his run. It was absolutely minuscule and you could see he was just having fun by that point. Hope he brings the goods we all know he's capable of to finals…
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 That 3 the man
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 Rotation was perfect. So dialed.
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 That run was by far first place... Such a biased event. Bizet got ROBBED! Judges are you even watching?!
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 I forgot to breathe for a moment or two. Damn!
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 Wouldn't wanna be in the judge panel's seat...damn sick line
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 HOLY SH1T that was sick!
Looking forward to a few years from now when Rampage can be broadcasted live from GoPros... wouldn't that be dank!? IMO first person is the best way to appreciate the action Smile
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 My heart just skipped a beat! Great one Antoine!
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 Perfect run! That flip was quite tight, not to say perfect.
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 Did he win the go pro line for October?
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 Bizet got robbed!!
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 He Fucking slayed it ,I fear Aggy will win regardless ,and that fucking sucks . Edit , I love Aggy btw
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 This run mad me dizzy as sh*t and it got 2nd? Looks like Bizet got robbed this time around.
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 I feel like that was way better then aggys, but I wasnt there, nor am I a judge.
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 I think aggy is great but how did that run not qualify first?
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 There is just so much nope in that run! XD
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 The parisian Wizardtup
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 first place run..!!!!!
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 What perfect lighting, his shadow was awesome to watch.
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 I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Kona rules the qualies...
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 Media influence. I think this run was way way better.
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 he should have ended 1st in quali
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 Did someone clothesline him off his bike at the end ?
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 I saw that to what's up...
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 I tend to breathe heavily when watching rampage pov
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 Bizet for the win !!
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 Bizet got robbed
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 Is this considered qualifying?
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 Why don't we hear
Bizet's name more often?
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 Great run , shit aspect ratio
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 Bizet got robbed
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 Bizet is on fire!!
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