Video: Antoine Bizet's Lands World's First Opposite Cashroll on a DH Bike

Sep 10, 2020
by Antoine Bizet  

I know, I know, probably not many of you guys care about the fact that it's my unnatural cashroll rotation... But it was my challenge of the day at Audi Nines big air session and I am so stoked I landed it!

Here is my Audi Nines riding day's story, go straight to 6:00 if you just want to see the opo cashy.

Have a good day!


My first switch cashroll shot by Markus Fischer. Thanks Markus for this awesome shot
Shot by Markus Fisher

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 Thank you pinkbike for your positive comments!
Just to make things clear about the name of that tricks, I’d say it’s actually a opposite switch unnatural cashroll. Because I did it my opposite way, it was on the wrong direction and it felt so unnatural. (Not even sure if I’m kidding or not here haha)
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 i dont care what its called mate that was sick!
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 Thanks for showing your perseverance, I like that.
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 This morning i got out of bed the left side
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 You sick man!! I can't even go out of my bed myself, mad lad!
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 Just to be that guy, it's the first oppo cashroll on a DH bike. He did oppo cashies years ago on his dirt jump bike at Crankworx Les Deux Alps best trick the year the slopestyle was cancelled due to rain.
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 Unnat is called switch with bikes?
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 switch or oppo
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 Big disappoint
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 We always called it opposite.
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 oppo and switch are technically different things, this is oppo not switch
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 Bizet NEVER ceases to amaze.
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 One of the most genuine characters out there for sure, for sure you don't love us all but we all love you!
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 Great stuff. Best of luck Antoine and to all the riders.
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 I like that. Takes some stacks but gets the tricks done
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 That certainly was unnatural. Can’t believe what people can do on bikes these days. Totally. Amazing.
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 Another reminder that even for a pro, you never say “last run!”. ????. Sick edit, love Bizet!
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 Beau ride bravo! Toujours sponsorisé par Rose nikes ou tu roules des autres cadres?
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 Absolutely love watching Bizet ride...seems like one hell of a good dude as well. Keep up the fine work Antoine!
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 Sick! And there's me still struggling to make corners to the right!
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 So Zoolander.
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 I can imagine Rogatkin going "Goddammit i've got to learn switch now! Just hope Antonie doesn't turn up at any of the diamond events..."
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 Totally crazy, but definitely not switch. Switch means backwards. Now, if he does that on a bike my brain will melt and drip out my rectum.
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 I've always thought that switch on the bike was when your front foot is at the back and your back foot at the front.
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 Opposite and switch are almost always the same thing when talking about bikes
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 Switch is not backward that's fakie. Switch is switch.
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 @maxtodamax: I think they're commonly confused, but switch is switch stance, i.e. your feet back to front. So you can do a 360 in four ways: regular, oppo, switch and switch oppo.
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 Always happy to see Mr. Bizet on the scene.
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 Awesome, props for continuing to progress the sport.
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 made it look eez
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 Super Antoine !
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