Video: Antoine Vidal Shreds Through a Misty Forest on the New Meta AM 29

Jul 7, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Who has ever said to themselves, "Today I'm riding easy.” And then once on track the adrenaline kicks in and the brakes are forgotten about..?

With this new Meta AM 29 there’s definitely more of a chance you’ll feel like this! The bike picks up speed everywhere and it makes the rider feel comfortable and in control, so they can't help but get more and more involved!

After all, aren't these the feelings that we’re all after? No doubt Antoine Vidal is the same and this video proves it!

Here we see Antoine with the new Meta AM 29 Team. Like the Ride model, this build features RockShox new enduro fork the Zeb, with 38mm uppers for more stiffness and precision.

All specs & prices on Commencal websites :

New Zealand
South Africa
Reunion Island


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 Hearing those race atmosphere sounds just makes me depressed...wait, can anyone else hear them? I think I'm losing it.
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 Nice vid......AP destroyed that track in a clip last week but he had better conditions. I think you guys should do a little head to head HOT LAP!!!
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 Guess it is the difference between a top 3 elite rider on a DH bike and a top 3 junior on an enduro!
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 @pasteque51: haha ya fair
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 it's also les 7 Laux but it's a different track
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 @Bottlerocketeur: so it's a track aside of the bike park, what's his name?
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 @granjak: no matter, all the tracks there are in the same terrain, and very good to ride Wink
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 @granjak: it's named Hard'Oisière, it's one of the best trail in les 7 Laux
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 "Wait he's putting goggles on that have been on his helmet in the rain?"

"He's not going in the house so dirty like that. He...WAIT HE'S GOING IN THE HOUSE LIKE THAT."
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 I really like the angle Commencal decided to go with the new Meta. The 2019 Meta 29 was extremely good looking, but this one is just something completely new for them.
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 That was awesome. Hot damn he is fast
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 The song at the end is "Barcelona" from the builders and the butchers. Brilliant band and super nice folks!
Check it out!
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 I feel like the old META looked faster.
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 i think most of the time older shorter bikes with smaller wheels look faster on video because the rider has to work more
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 @Stokedonthis: possible but also in the video the back wheel looks like it get bucked. I thought it was strange they removed the cross brace on the seat stays for this model. I like the stiffness of my meta am 29 with the cross brace a lot.
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 why the dubbed over rain sound...? his shirt is dry the whole time..!
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 just creating the atmosphere ????????
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 Anyone know which track this is?
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 7 laux my friend
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 @Cocorico: merci !
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 @Footey72 & @Cocorico : the "hard oisière" Smile
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 Stunning bike, really loving the new Commencal colour schemes!
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 Schwalbe is bringing back the Big Betty!
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 Same track than the pierron video, really original lol
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