Video: "I'm Better Off Failing As Opposed to Never Trying" - Any One of Us Documentary Official Trailer

Oct 21, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAny One of Us is a documentary chronicling pro mountain biker Paul Basagoitia’s life-changing journey to recovery after suffering a spinal cord injury.

Produced by Red Bull Films, the film offers a revealing look at the agonies of an unpredictable journey and an uncertain future after Basagoitia's tragic accident during the 2015 Red Bull Rampage. Viewers will also hear from a group of SCI survivors who shine a light on the struggles Basagoitia and all SCI patients battle every day, and the hope that inspires them to carry on.

Paul Basagoitia was born and raised in Minden, Nevada and developed a knack for riding bikes at an early age. He rode them without training wheels at the age of 2 and won BMX competitions by the time he turned seven.

Basagoitia’s talent was fully realized when he won the Crankworx mountain bike competition in Whistler, BC in 2004, where he pulled off a perfect backflip on a massive step up. He repeated this slopestyle win at Crankworx a year later, cementing his place at the top. Basagoitia went on to become the first person to complete a 720 on a mountain bike and landed the first double backflip on a natural terrain at the 2012 Red Bull Rampage event in Utah.

On October 16, 2015, Basagoitia returned to the Red Bull Rampage, where his future became unclear. One slight mistake during his run sent him tumbling down the face of a rock, resulting in a burst-fracture of his 12th vertebrae and a partially severed spinal cord.

While recovering from his paralysis, Basagoitia recorded personal videos that documents the struggles and triumphs he faced as he made his way from the hospital to rehab, and eventually back home..

'Any One of Us' documentary will premiere Tuesday, October 29 at 9:00 pm ET on HBO.


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 goddamnit these quotes. as sci survivor who wasn't as lucky as paul id say id be better not trying than failing. its easy to say stuff like that when your injury was relatively mellow
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 I feel you. 17 years later for me and it still sucks everyday. I just keep getting weaker it seems despite training everday for 1-3 hours. I don't want to lose my ability to bike, snowboard,...walk. So I keep at it.
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 @nikifor88 can you expound for the rest of us who are ignorant? I'd love to understand more.
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 Intense and important documentary. Everyone Mountainbiker should make sure to watch this, to be aware of consequences and to overthink his actions and limits.
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 I am pretty sure that 90% of mountain bikers are scared to shit to do a 1m drop. A huge portion of people are messing themselves up on simple features exactly because they are scared as hell and live in the world of imaginary profound consequences. That is the thing nobody talks about. Too many people are smart about which protective gear to put on, condescending those who don’t submit to their high standards of personal protection. We need more awareness on how to put our heads in the right place, how to put the job, family, health, thoughts of crashing behind us, before we drop in. Because if we truly want to drop in, we better stand for that. This is not a sport for people who can’t put their sht together. Allowing fear to run software like doubt, hesitation, indecision in the back of your head while you are riding, no matter how virtuous it may seem, (oh I have kids at home I better skip the big drop today) is going to increase the likelihood of your crashing. And it doesn’t take a big feature to break your spine, snap ACL or get seriously concussed. Fear mongering is doing no service to anybody, it just paints an unrealistic picture of our sport, making ot harder to determine actual level of difficulty of a particular feature and asses our own skill level. Very few mountain bikers operate in fearless teenage brain mode. So please, think about all sorts of consequences, please be scared of thinking about injuries.
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 @WAKIdesigns: You guys are arguing opposite sides of the same coin. You have to be aware of consequences AND your limits. You have to be confident in your ability when you take something on, but you also have to honest about your ability.

You are taking a risk, so minimize it buy knowing your ability and riding confidently in it.
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 @WAKIdesigns: whats your thesis here? i cant tell if my reading comprehension is offline today which it probably is.
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 exactly everyone mountainbiker should watch this movie. I broken my back too. so was 8 years ago but still have some pains but I 'm so lucky because i can ride my bike again. Keep strong.
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 broke my neck and back in 1996 in a motorbike accident, I'm so very lucky to have the health I have today although I did not fully 100% recover, so believe me facing death is f..king easy compared to facing a life as a full on tetraplegic where you cant even swallow your own salivar. but have fun ride fast and keep sending it, but be a bit careful out there
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 Man, I already feel emotional after only watching the trailer, I'll be in pieces at the end of the movie.
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 their character is stronger than mine
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 This is my biggest fear as a mountain biker. Period.
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 Just as likely to happen driving to 7-11 to get some Cheetos. Nobody gets out of this life alive, just gotta deal the cards you get when they come and make the most of it!
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 @jefe: Negative. The odds are not the same. Driving is extremely dangerous and the most dangerous activity the average person regularly undertakes. Driving kills tons of people and maims many more. But, you are more likely to get hurt biking.
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 @jefe: I'm pretty sure that the majority of the broken boy soldiers in DH MTB gear in the Emergency Room at The Whistler Health Care Center were not on their way to get Cheetos.
But if thinking so helps to justify riding, more power to you.
Death doesn't scare me, immobility and becoming a burden to loved ones does.
While we don't have much control over where the cards fall, we do decide whether we want to enter into a game of 52 pick up, or Go Fish.
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 Paul... is the man.
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 Yes he is. Mega kahones for staying his course, as well as ANY injury challenged individual. Grit.
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 it made me feel strange
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