Video: Are High Pivots Only for Downhill Riding? | Pinkbike Weekly Show Ep. 16

Feb 28, 2024
by Pinkbike Originals  

This week on the Pinkbike Weekly Show, Dario DiGiulio joins Christina and Henry as they catch you up on Red Bull Hardline before jumping straight into 2 Min of Tech where Dario shares his latest First Ride experience on the NEW Norco Optic. We've got a new segment this week called Best of the Buy and Sell and we let you know the latest Pinkbike Podcast episode with our own Global Content Manager, Sarah Moore.

00:20 - Latest News + Red Bull Hardline
02:02 - 2 Minutes of Tech
05:17 - Pinkbike Podcast Recap with Sarah Moore
06:09 - Best Of The Buy & Sell

Let us know who you were most looking forward to see riding at Red Bull Hardline.

How much should a beginner budget for their first used mountain bike?

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 Everyone put $100 so the marketing genius’s buying the pinkbike data price bikes properly
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 Or put $3000 to make our used bikes look like killer deals!
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 next weeks poll can you believe what you read on the internet......
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Aks Drudge or Brieitbart.
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 Pinkers are so unrealistic about the value of their 2nd hand bike. A friend just picked up a brand new Dissent Carbon for £2250. This should set an upper limit to the value of used bikes but somehow doesn't. eBay auction is more realistic because it's actual market value rather than fantasy time wasting.
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 "Are High Pivots Only for Downhill Riding" is posted just after two articles about non-DH high pivot bikes. Hmmm
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 Yeah, must be a conspiracy. Couldn't have anything to do with high pivots being sort of a hot topic, and having a bit more to talk about after in-depth testing two bikes where Norco is taking high pivots to the trail bike segment (basically following Forbidden on that).
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 @g-42: better than flats v clips and inserts v no inserts again
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 @RonSauce: Top 5 bike hacks you need to do NOW!
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 Ok guys, who's the first to make a high pivot xc race bike?
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 @hirvi: This is the info we're after!! World Cup season starts soon
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 Hey Pinkbike staff, I know this is a little off topic, but are you aware your homepage is advertising t-shirts that say “electrify the border wall and fry Mexican immigrants”?
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flag khakifantastic (Feb 28, 2024 at 19:01) (Below Threshold)
 Sovereignty doesn’t keep itself.
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 Thanks for the heads up. That's disgusting and should be taken care of now.
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flag MattQEkBp1 (Mar 3, 2024 at 8:57) (Below Threshold)
 Hmm not bad ideas
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 What a strange poll
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 It was the final question of the podcast.
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 How so? I'm genuinely interested haha My first mountain bike was a used rental bike and cost $500 or so. No dropper post, 26in wheels, tiny bars... Nowadays you can get a sick Rockhopper for roughly the same price that comes with upgrades. I'm not going to suggest to any friends getting into the sport to spend more than $1000 just to see if they might like it.
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 @christinachappetta: doesn't apply to everyone but I was lucky enough to be able to take my two boys to Angel Fire last summer. No MTB experience either one. Rented Spires, excellent condition. Oldest decided MTB wasn't for him; youngest couldn't believe how much fun and now is a passionate every day trail rider dirt jumper. I bought a cheap component Marin Alpine trail for one and the other rides a Walmart hardtail to get to rugby practice. Long story to say 1 or 2 days at the park is a cheap way to see about this sport before buying an expensive bike.
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 MF auto play
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 Misplaced anger. You should be angry at your browser if it doesn't let you choose whether sites can autoplay or not. You absolutely *can* have that setting, Firefox does for example. If your browser has taken that choice away from you ask yourself why. Spolier Alert: The entire purpose of Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari is to make them vast amounts of money off of ads.
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 @tacopop: you’re right. Maybe it’s my distaste for tacos spilling over. Ugh
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 The traction on my Dreadnought makes it by far the best technical climbing bike I have ever owned. It will scamper up root balls and all sorts of other janky nastiness. You are the weakest link in the entire system, not the bike - it's only limited by your horsepower.
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 Aren't you kind of contradicting yourself there? You're saying a specific bike makes you a more capable rider...
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 @lostlunchbox: saying a bad craftsman blames his tools doesn't mean good tools are without merits.
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 Are high pivots even needed on a DH bike? To me, it seems no.
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 are high pivots even needed on bikes that you need to pedal to climb up?
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 @f00bar: that's kind of my point. If the main selling point of high pivots is on the descents, and DH bikes don't need them, then no bike needs them. It's a fad. Running out of ideas to make something new for next year's model
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 @Endo79: but DH bikes already have a ton of travel to smooth things out. I suspect the benefit of HP is more pronounced on a shorter travel bike
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 @scotteh: my understanding it's actually the opposite. It's a way of stopping the chain affecting travel in the rear. Replicating in a way what a bike feels like when chainless. The more travel you have the greater this affect can have. It does change from suspension design to design though. You have things like ochain that tackles the same problem. Seems a much better option and also doesn't increase drag when climbing, like an idler will.
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 @Endo79: exactly the same effect can be achieved with a couple extra chain links......
If you don't believe me, try it..............
same for that O chain crap
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 @naptime: ochain is the single biggest upgrade I have had on any bike. Really makes a huge difference.
Extra chain links won't do the same thing. Intact that would make other things worse. Shifting, chain slap etc.
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 @Endo79: have you tried it? (let me guess no?) so how do you know?

an as for chain slap... that's what tensioners are for...
The biggest improvement I ever made to my rear suss was going single speed, fact
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 @naptime: yes, I've ridden a bike with a chain that need a couple of links taken out. The top of the chain is still in tension, it won't make any difference. No where near what an ochain. Two links more on a chain, any movement on the pedal will move the cassette still. That's exactly what you don't want. You want a true dosconnect
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 @Endo79: or maybe you don't wanna admit you paid a few hundred bucks for a useless gimmick......
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 @naptime: I meant what I said, it's the biggest difference when upgrading a part I have ever had on a bike. I couldn't be happier with it. It's so good I got one for my other bike. I explained the reasoning above. Two extra links will do nothing
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 @Endo79: wrong
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 The Pinkbike scammer info: (
Updated 1 second ago
Domain Information
GMO Internet Group, Inc. d/b/a
Registered On:
Expires On:
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Name Servers:
Registrant Contact
Alex Smirnov
shevchenko 22
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 lol Alex Smirnov is the guy who was busted for lying to congress about Joe/Hunter Biden. Im sure all that info is 100% fake.
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 The corsair marque, 130mm high-ish SP with idler pulley, 15 years ahead of its time, with a lot of over-engineered proprietary solutions to non-problems, climbed like a slug on buprenorphine. Especially when you had to stand up, or do forward-rearward weight shifts while climbing anything but smooth gravel.
This is inherent in the HP-design, and no clever chain routing for high anti-squat will do anything about that. High anti-squat by routing the close to the main pivot improves seated climbing when you’re spinning.
Tech-climbing, as is the intention of a 120-140 FS «downcountry» bike, you will have to occassionally stand up, or do precisely timed and slow pedal strokes while climbing inducing weight shifts. The HP bike design will then have the rear collapse beyond sag point, or be reliant on lockout or an overdamped shock. Regular Horst-link, or dual short link designs are superior in this regard
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 Maybe I'm looking at the wrong bike, but weren't the Specialized Rockhopper 29ers sold for ~680 CAD? Asking because the seller is asking for 850 CAD - are the upgrades really that valuable on a 2020 bike?
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 No upgrades are worth it on a modern rear QR bike, anything beyond tyres, grips and tubeless and you're better off with a proper bike.
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 2 minutes of tech. But wait! Act now and get 1 minute free!
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 Anyone else getting weird PB messages from generic accounts?
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 The IT team has been working on this! Hopefully all sorted by now
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 You need to Buy this NOW!!!! Available soon the revolutionary (Insert Buzzword Here) with (Insert Percentage Here) more laterally vertical progressive (Insert other Buzzword Here) that will help you ride like never before. This (Insert another Buzzword here) is 0.00767mm wider than last year and 1.37999987 mm narrower than 3 years ago to syncronize a unified progressive fall-up rate. The under ovalized overhead seat tube collar fastener nut has been rotated .000294 degrees to maximize seat fabric and stem fluidity. This new standard in biking technology is compatible with .000256% of archaic bikes from 2023. Upgrade soon Upgrade now before you won't be able to ride that old penny farthing of yesteryear and left crying in the dirt.
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 Remedial outside
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 Now that seller's view count is flying.
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 It’s a fad
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 ....or the future?
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 Love this content, Thank you PB!!!
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 Some might even call the Optic a DownCountry bike?
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 I want to see receipts on fork / shock suspension and even a hub service before I buy. Zero maintenance means trouble down the road. Check the frame bearings too.

If you need help figuring it all out, contact a LBS to do the once over.

Just my 2 cents.
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 can't lie I haven't ever serviced a hub since cup and cones and 99% won't have either. What shitty hubs even need servicing, or are we spoilt by DT and Hope?

And with forks and shocks it could be nice with documents but there could be damage and chips to the stanchions below the seals, no-one will know that. If you have a fork you like I think it's best to bring it to other bikes, a bog standard older Lyrik goes from 120mm to 180mm, a 36 should do similar.
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Wow. Nothing against the seller but wouldn’t you want to know the service history of a bike just like a car fax on a car?

I never thought I’d get downvoted for supporting buyers to due their homework.
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 @dario forgot the Kavenz VHP 12 Wink
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 Another BP free data expedition?

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