Video: Arrival & Site Check With Kyle Strait - 2021 Red Bull Rampage

Oct 6, 2021
by luca cometti  

bigquotesI am excited to be back to Utah for my 15th Rampage! Crazy to think this marks 20 years since the start of the event and my first Rampage. We got some excited changes planned for our run since we are back at the 2016/2017 site and some rain overnight is going to make for some insane digging conditions today. Make sure to follow along as we will be releasing another 3 videos throughout the event.Kyle Strait


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 "Red Bull Rampage Unfiltered"

[first 3 seconds of the clip] *beep* this thing.

I demand less filtration.
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 Haha gotta keep YouTube happy so they don’t hide our video from everyone.
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 "*Bleep* Damnit @lucacometti"
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 How does recycling an old site work? Do riders who participated in 2017 get first choice of the lines they built? And new riders just get whatever is left?
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 The new riders still get the leftovers...i didn't know it since recently and i find it totally the fact that many top riders are not sharing their lines which is controversial too.
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 I'm also really interested by this question. In previous years it's always been difficult for a rookie to squeeze any real estate from an already sculpted mountain in a second year site.

So are the newer kids in even more trouble this year?

What is the rules about riding/changing the line of a rider who was there in 2016 and 2017 but isn't there this year? Particularly if they might be there next year - Brendog and Brett will have had lines. Will they not be classed as their lines next year if they stay on this site for the usual two years.

Whatever the etiquette, there will be drama.
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 I'm here for the mustache content.
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 “I think if we drink, the wind will get better” lol go on that’s funny
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 I'm not a big country music guy, but it's sure refreshing to see a mountain bike video with something besides dubstep or numetal or folk for the soundtrack.
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 Quite stoked for Rampage this year, WC is done and dusted but there are still some massive sends to look forward to! Would love to go in person sometime
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 Enjoyed that! Looking forward to watching some Rampage while my clavicle heals, the sound of knobbbies in the dirt promotes bone growth....
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It really does man! The WC helped my caved in ribs over the summer for sure!
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 Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be cliff huckers...
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 Fake Wild Kyle video, no Natty Light sighting...

Wait a sec...8:03??
I guess I can rest easy tonight.
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 It’s my 6th year as a Rampage dad, I’m not competing but we’ll both be watching and damn it’s awesome to hear my son shout “woah dad did you see that huge whip!?”
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 Hahaha... Agreed. "Filtration" is so silly. I know whatcher sayin' anyways ya bleepity bleepers. RIP IT UP KYLE!!!!
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 Fox News on the radio? I thought he would have been after a different kind of Fox sponsorship...
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 Are those Sram kneepads at 2:46?
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 stoked for you! good luck out there.
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 Absolutely love this! Keep 'em comin' please!
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 Best of luck to you nutty bastards!
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 Best Line - 'I think the winds' gonna get better if we drink.'
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 Is it just me having this feeling that Americans put so much effort in every word they say to make it sound cool and the more they try the more lame it turns out?
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 I'm not sure, I'll observe every American talking and I'll get back to you.
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 Is it just me having this feeling that the British put so much effort in every word they say to make it sound intelligent and the more they try the more proper it turns out?
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