Video: Carson Storch Packs About As Much Style As You Can Into 60 Seconds

Jul 13, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

The full version cut of Carson Storch from the Title MTB launch video.

Cinematography: Clay Porter, John Reynolds
Edited by: Brody Jones and Harrison Mendel
Color: Sam Gilling
Sound Design + Mix: Jason Chiodo, Racketsound
Location: Bend, OR


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 Can somebody tell the camera guy to take a step or two back? Every frame is cropped so tight you can hardly tell what's going on.
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 That's modern film making bro. That way you can show the same thing 5 times from different angles. Plus you can justify that slowmo camera that's worth more the a house. At least we didn't have to see carson wake up, make coffee, put his goggles and then watch a nature documentary about the local biome he lives in.
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flag Deadlink404 (Jul 13, 2020 at 19:55) (Below Threshold)
 Never say anything like that again about Clay or John..
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 @Deep-Friar: Clay Porter has been filming like this for years. Its not a trend, its just his style. That edit was sick.
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 @scott-townes: I much more prefer his 3 minute gaps era of shooting. You can see some of his overcropping in there as well but its mixed in with footage that shows the whole rider AND the terrain they are riding. I think his new shit is just self masturbatory art. Its really not biking if I'm only staring at a third of the rider and half their bike for most of the movie. Sure it makes cool shapes but I really like to see what the rider is actually riding.
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 @Deep-Friar: I agree on his more recent stuff, at least we can count ourselves lucky he didn't also edit this and (shudders)... narrate over it.
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 @Deep-Friar: top comment
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 Totally agree!
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 I'll be sure to tell Clay your opinions, thanks for the feedback guys!
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 Different tastes and all that. I'm more an Alex Rankin, Tommy Caldwell kinda guy. I bought the 3 minute gaps dvd because there was no Earthed dvd that year to document the racing season on video. And in for that purpose for me, it was seriously lacking. It mostly showed the finish line sections, the most boring bits to me (compared to Earthed which had cameras in the interesting sections). The flashy/acid/disco style of cramming twenty different shots in three seconds didn't work for me either. I think the video was well received though so clearly there is an audience for that and clearly it has been done well. So that's all good. I haven't seen the actual Deathgrip video. I have bought the book and love it. Apparently I'm one who loves Jon Gregory's style of decorating books/magazines and I understand there are others who don't like his work, all fine.

I actually like this video much more than Clay Porter work I've seen earlier. So you win some you lose some I guess. But I think we can agree that whatever he tries to do, he does well.

Riding was good too Smile .
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 So awesome. Something about that dusty shralp at the end was so cool.
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 Carson: I want to wear all black for this video, I'm going for a subtle and stylish edit here.
Red Bull: We're so glad you want to emphasize the bright colors of our logo on your helmet!
Carson: ...
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 They filmed this on one of Bends two non-consecutive days of good dirt
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 You're right! Bend sucks and the dirt is never that good. Don't ride here.
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 @TrinityTrevor: The dirt actually does suck here. Bend is one of the most overrated biking destinations out there. Just shows what good marketing can do though.
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 @trevorlyden: Ya, Visit Bend really knows how to make it look good.
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 @samdeatley: Visit Bend should be de-funded at this point. Bend jumped the shark right around the time the German car dealer expanded for the second time.
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 Double post
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 @trevorlyden: Bend is a great pace to ride, you just need to have skill.
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Bend isn’t my cup of tea but I can see why some guys like it. I prefer the terrain west of hood and north Skamania County. Those who know know
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 @BlindMan77: Oh is that the case? Tell me where you need skill to ride? With the exception of dirt jumping.
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 @daugherd: Yeah that area is pretty nice. Lots more elevation gain and loss. And not all the trails have been dumbed down.
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 Was that a double flip?
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 Looks like it was edited to look like one?
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 bamboozled we were.
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 don't think the editing was intentional, but a weird cut did make it look like a single-double-single.
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 Corn Starch is on fire
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 @IntoTheEverflow: well played
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 that dust kcik at the end was so badass
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 You go brah! @carsonstorch
Live seeing you shred and that was fine piece of media...
One day I will shred Bend without Snow..
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 Thanks for the huge ruts and blown corners in our already loose trails
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 I'm sure you're fun to ride with
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 @carson-storch: Jealousy is a mother f*cker!
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 I'ma say it again - Long Live the Maiden! All they need to do I keep making a black frame like that.
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 They've decided that a big fork on a coil slayer makes the Maiden (a) unnecessary and (b) a hard sell over the more versatile slayer platform.
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 @plyawn: a "freeride" bike is NOT a DH bike. Can do similar stuff, but it still isn't the same. I'd rather have a Maiden over a Slayer. Unnecessary? He'd be riding his Slayer in this edit if there wasn't a need for it. All of their athletes are still sporting Maidens in their quiver. I'd argue that most people that have a double crown Slayer have a smaller bike for when the Slayer is too much. For me, I'd rather have both big bike and trail bike. Slayer is crossover but not quite all that the Maiden is. I just wish they kept producing it for the general public.
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 @sledMXer: I have a Slayer from the previous generation and I'd agree, that version and probably the new model is
no substitute for a DH bike. The Slayer is a great bike to access trails that you have to climb to that have scarier lines that having a bike with a bit more travel gives more confidence and confidence is the key pushing yourself in mtb. Maybe the extra 10mm of the new model makes a difference but if you're hammering DH trails all day long then get the burlier Maiden, its built for it, no compromise and again, more confidence hitting tough sections.
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 What’s the title of the video?
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 Two of my favorite trails! I am no where close to as cool as that kid though, Good on ya Carson!
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 Title is doing it right. One minute quick hits. All killer no filler.
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 By far one of my favorite riders to watch.
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 whatever, that was still pretty rad
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 im sure every pro mtb rider is on title right now
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 I think I suck. my “cinematographer” thinks so too
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 Well, he packed way more style than I can into 60 seconds
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 One of the most hard working kids out there for sure!!
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 60 second edit, not a 60 second shot );
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 What a sick edit! blowing up the Butte!
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 I swear I'm going to move to Bend !
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 Don't bother... I did, it's overrated. Couple of flat jump trials that are a pile of dust by May.
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 Move to Post Canyon instead. Frequent visitor to Oregon and have learned that Post Canyon is where it's at.
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 I mean Hood River, of course.
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 Click bait

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