Video: At Home with XC World Cup Racer Barbara Benko

Sep 5, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBarbara Benko is riding for the GHOST Factory Racing Team since 2018. The 30-times Hungarian Champion in mountain biking comes from a very athletic family: her mother is a physical therapist and her father was a successful athlete who today owns two bicycle shops and coaches the Junior’s National Team in MTB. It was last year when Barbara recognized an inner struggle, realizing that her body was not able to keep up training and racing hard. We found the time to visit her in Hungary and get a deep look into her life as a professional athlete. Ghost-Bikes


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 What an infectious smile. I miss smiling and laughing like there was no care in the world. Your family at the end made me realize that. Stay happy that’s all that matters.
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 It’s tough getting old, when you’re young you don’t get it, the day it dawns is hard, there’s nothing wrong, it’s normal. Time to change gears, do something new, help others.

As much as I appreciate professional athletes, I’m glad I never went there, it’s very hard to move on when your body can no longer do the job, but your mind still wants to go.

My neighbors were professional skiers, did well, never worked outside if skiing, have rental properties and investments, in their sixties now, their bodies won’t tolerate much activity, do they’re bored and restless.

Thanks PB for keeping it real.
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 30 times champion... How often do they have national championships in Hungary?
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 31x Hungarian Champion: 9x CycloCross, 2x Marathon, 20x XCO
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 20x XCO at age 30? Did she race elite at age 10? Not doubting the numbers, just wondering how they add up.
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 Her first competition happened to be the National Championships in the U11 age bracket! - and she won!
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 Multiple disciplines I’m guessing. Road, xco, marathon, cross.
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 That really caught me deep. Wonderful atmosphere, all the best for Barbara.
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 Nice video.
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 Good job Lars!
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 Benkó rule!

Jó bringa ; )

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