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Video: Aussie Racer Episode Three - Gravity Challenge

Mar 14, 2015
by Lauren Jenkins  
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Off Road Racing legend, Sandy Bowman is pushed to the limit in his first ever mountain bike race, the Alpine Gravity Enduro state championships of Victoria. For someone who's only ridden a mountain bike 3 times, he commits himself 100% to this challenge. Will he make it or burn out before the finish line?

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 He's unbelievably quick for someone who's only ridden mtb 3 times, must've ridden moto.
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 Ridden moto, and he looks like the kind of guy who knows not to freak out when things go wrong, just to relax and get through it
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 I rode that event and watched him. He was really, really gutsy. He was as nervous as hell, but still went for it. He fell off again and again, got up each time and got on with it.

He clearly has innate skills and has a "racers mentality", but it was also a good example of what a couple of days of focussed coaching can do for your riding.

Whatever the case, very well done to him, I say...
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 Goddammit PB i have finals. dont post anymore good things until wednesday night
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 my thoughts exactly, except that mine last till friday night...
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 HAHA MIDTERMS SUCKA!!!! but yeah... can we stahp this i'm too easily distra...
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 Have to say that was bloody brill . I want to see more of this kind of stuff . Want to see the evryday riders
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 What a boss. Rode an Enduro and two dragon boat races in one weekend. Wish they'd shown is his enduro result though. I'm sure he beat some people.
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 He came 9th of 11 in Vets, a couple of minutes off the category leader (~12 minute race). He would have come 4th in sport category. Far beyond impressive for someone who quite simply doesn't mountain bike - a racer is a racer I guess!
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 I was in the line with this fella when he had all the camera's mounted to his bike and lid, the guy next to me made the joke about going faster. Nice guy and he did really well in his first race, there were some tricky sections. Great vid!
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 We're stoked y'all like the show and if anyone wants to follow Aussie Racer's challenges, our facebook page keeps things pretty up to date.

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 Seems like a great show, reminds me of Speed with Guy Martin. Will be following this from now on.
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 Help Aussie Racer, a 100% independent TV show film their final episodes for season 1 at the famous Arctic Man Event in Alaska

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 All the tracks are looking so damn fun to ride !
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 Looks like World Trail came up with the goods!
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 I rode there for the first time this Christmas. They really did an awesome job there. The trails are an absolute blast.
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 Cool to see the "average guy" in action. The guy has skills though for sure! Good stuff! Thanks PB!
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 Fantastic video
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 I swear to myself that my next bike will be a SC Nomad or a Yeti SB66C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 I've got a 66c and its the best bike I've ever owned!!
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 no joke ?? what a chance mate!
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 This makes me want to go give it a try!
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 26 aint dead!
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 26 is dying

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