Video: Awkward Corners & Greasy Rocks - EWS Finale Ligure Practice RAW

Sep 26, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

There is no shortage of awkward moves at EWS Finale Ligure. Check out all the practice action from key sections on course.


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 Really like this footage. No music, no slo-mo roost, no jacked-up announcers, just raw rock smashing with the occasional fail.
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flag ddd (Sep 25, 2020 at 16:02) (Below Threshold)
 No music, no slo-mo roost, no jacked-up announcers, just raw rock smashing was great, but the camera swinging for every rider is amateur and makes for poor viewing
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 @ddd: you're kidding right?
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 @ddd: then don't watch it
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 @KidShaleen: Other RAW vids follow the rider and then cut to capture the next rider, but this vid swings the camera back to the top, creating an effect like being on a boat on a choppy sea. I assume it was just laziness not to edit the recording. I want RAW riding, not raw production.
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 @KidShaleen: like this:,38257/sspomer,2
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 @ddd: just close your eyes for a count of 3 once the rider has gone past
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 Goats want their trail back.
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 I would fight goats to the death to ride those trails.
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 too baaaaad for the goats
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 @Eatsdirt: careful! Then goats be vicious
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 Craig Evans for the corner win.
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 If there are any more of those horrible staircase switchbacks then Flo Nicolai has won already.
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 I don't think the course is rocky enough.
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 endo...nay skid with footplant...yay!
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 I keep seeing the term "awkward" used to describe these trails which is really strange to me, but I guess there are mountain bikers who haven't ever intentionally sought out hundred year old trails that were built with no intention of being ridden by bicycles. This looks normal and fun to me, similar to trails on Tam like Temelpa, Upper Miller, Wheeler, Zig Zag, etc. that I started riding on.
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 I feel like awkward is just a synonym for difficult when people don't want to just admit it is difficult, myself included Wink
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 No one rides empress, everyone rides the bypass. Who's laughing now? Saw ALN and RM team on Seymour this summer, they must have been sessioning the old school techy tech. Seriously though if you tried to run an enduro down empress or lower ladies I would say your crazy.
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 I really like how the pros look like they're riding the way most of us mortals feel like we're riding on tech - slowly and without flow.
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 What were those bikes starting at 2:43? They're gorgeous!
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 Imagine the grim donut on those trial-like hairpins. Come on pinkbike put it to the real test!
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 Who is at 9:00? I really liked how he/she jumped over the whole mess and sped away.
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 I think RĂ©mi Gauvin
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 I'm pretty sure it is Vid from Orbea. He is looking good on the tech.
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 @hardtailhowie: yup. its Persak.
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 I'm not sure about racing it, but it looks super fun to ride!
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 no difference in speed men/women around this corners
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 Sam Hill would have smashed the tech!
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 Anybody else think the Canyon team look uncomfortable on the tech on the first part of the video? Everybody else seems to have looked a lot more comfortable on that section.
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 How amazing these riders are.
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 Ohlins suspension looks smooth
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 Grim Donut wins by 1:13 on this trail. No question.
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 Looks like a punishment
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 Nobody hitting that nice wallride at 3:00 in ?
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 Spotted at least two Ferraris and a Peugeot
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 who are the french connection dillweeds saying "don't film this"?
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 Alright, who/what is that purple fork?!
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 If it's purple fork on white frame then Joe Barnes or Lachlan Blair
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 Totes awks
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 Gwon Ell!
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