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Video: Back to Racing at Windrock

Jun 11, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  

After a few months at home, the first race of Neko's Downhill Southeast Series brings the whole family out for a good time in Tennessee.

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 Thanks Neko for keepin' the bikes rollin' !
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 Absolutely! Everything about this was good. MTB at its roots, pros helping locals, relatively new event series, kids/teens/guys/gals, & camaraderie. Well done Niko & crew!!!
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 Been enjoying the videos from Neko this year so far. I never rooted against him, but these vids have made me quite a fan!
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 Somebody needs to do an in depth on Isak. Got a top 10 in a World Cup DH, hopped on a borrowed Canyon and pulled it off after breaking his bike (I think a Pole brand).

He's got crazy skill but no full time sponsor and making his own DH rigs while holding it down on the other end as a Kona Ambassador?
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 @blowmyfuse: he’s a talented guy for sure. Pretty quiet but skilled as hell on a bike.
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 @blowmyfuse: I’ve met and rode with Isak and can’t agree more with u He is definitely under rated and deserves a full time sponsor he has a great attitude and is very humble
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 Opening scene: 8 people packed together in a shuttle with no masks.

3:12: "The whole world is watching... so we gotta take all the precautions we can"
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 i was at the race and that sums up the lines and shuttles
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 Thanks Neko! Nothing better than a laid back vibe at races.
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 Where was Gwin for this event? Would have thought he would be there, as well as other Americans like Jill Kintner.
  • 1 1
 What about Yolanda? Isn't she in NC?
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 @Snowrydr01: Don't think she's going to risk a shortened XC race season for a run down that course fresh off a life threatening injury.
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 He never shows up to east coast races...not sure if it’s risk/reward or if he just doesn’t like east coast chunk
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 I would assume it has more to do with exposure to risk ratio. If the event is able to offer enough exposure from the media and fans, then it's worth his time to attend. But this season makes it especially time sensitive to NOT risk anything in the lead up to the World Cup. Every racer is going for max exposure over, what is it again, 6 weeks this fall.
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 Showed up for the us open when it was here and the creek pro grt. @Bmontgomery87:
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 @Bmontgomery87: i thought he said Mountain Creek is his favorite race course
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 Yeah idk what this clown is about. He’s won a LOT at creek @IsaacWislon82:
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 Gwin should be there to support his teammate
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 @Don23: might have someone close ro him who is high risk for Covid. He's not a local racer. He's a World Cup multiple time champ
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 Did u notice how silent the bike of Neko is?
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 i think it was just the potato he filmed his run with.
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 someone get Neko a new camera... that thing is grainy.
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  • 1 0
 What, on a 26er? No way!
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