Video: Back to the Basics Episode 1 - Conquering Nerves

Nov 21, 2022
by Christina Chappetta  

As a current Pinkbike presenter, and also a mountain bike industry member for 11 years, I’ve followed many different avenues of the sport since I began biking in 2011. Back then, I lived in Colorado where cross-country riding was booming, enduro racing was just becoming a thing and I remember being covered in bruises from hurling myself down the Rocky Mountain singletrack. Since those days, I migrated north and wiggled my way into the bike industry, working at a shop in Whistler for 8 years before eventually finding my way here, to Pinkbike.

Although I did delve into many aspects of the sport, I definitely skipped a few key steps along the way and have never dug too deep into any particular path in the bike world.

In this 4-part series, Back to the Basics, I'm staying true to myself. I am going to address, head-on, some of the fundamental elements of mountain biking to help me become a more confident, well-rounded rider, including some tips and tricks off the bike, too. I hope these lessons can benefit you or someone you know along the way.

Thanks to our friends at Mountain Biking BC, we'll be traveling to 8 of the most iconic bike parks and riding locations across British Columbia to ride with some of the most talented and influential women in our sport. Each location provides a unique classroom, and amazing bike park terrain, to learn from the best in the business.

To me, and maybe you too, biking is so much more than riding down a trail. Before I can even begin to think about other topics we’ll cover this series like going fast, getting more hang time, or looking like a skilled professional on the camera and at my job, it all begins with conquering my nerves, something most of us have experienced before. In this first episode, follow along as Claire Buchar shares her expertise as a trained coach and previous World Cup DH racer. From there, we build on communication when I learn from Hailey Elise, a professional photographer here in British Columbia and also a pro mountain bike rider.

Conquering nerves and catching air time.

Sun Peaks Bike Park mountain biking trails

Whistler Mountain Bike Park mountain biking trails

What are you most interested in learning about as a biker?

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 Hope you all enjoy this 4-part series, dropping the next 3 Mondays! It was an amazing opportunity to travel around BC and meet some incredibly talented and experienced women to learn from ❤️
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flag apokolokyntosis (Nov 21, 2022 at 10:19) (Below Threshold)
 Hey Chris! Nice series but... You should lower the security device on the chairlift!
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 @apokolokyntosis: Thank you! I will keep that in mind.
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 I've always found it funny that the litigious north americans don't put the bar down. Try that in the French alps, the land of the Gallic shrug and ignoring any rule you don't agree with, and the lifties will be screaming at you and stopping the lift.
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: Oh come on, you guys have fist fights in lift lines in Europe! Try Japan, you're not allowed off piste FFS!
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 Great content. I would also love to see you coach and inspire kids (especially girls) if you are interested.
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 Always tune in to anything you’re a part of, because I know that it will be legit and at the core of mountain biking. You look super solid out there. My wife and her friend saw you in a lift lineup in Whistler and had a “Justin Bieber” moment. You’re a positive force on the mtb scene and a bit of ripper celeb! Thanks for the content! Looking forward to the next episode!
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 @torro86: Thanks so much for the very kind message. I hope your wife said hi to me! The next fe episodes are really great too, so I hope you check those out too. See yall in Whistler next summer!
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 @Bomadics: lines? We still talking summer here, or winter season.
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 Puke & rally! lol

Actually, random observation: A lot of the food shown has corn syrup in it, common trigger of bloating and nausea while racing. I lived with a pro for a few years, him and his buddies wouldn't touch the stuff while racing or on training rides.
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 mmmm you're probably on to something there! I survived the TranSierra Norte enduro on mostly chips and coca-cola bc...Mexico... hahah but my nutrition is something I've been working on since Scotland EWS bc that was a bad bad time.
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 fu** autoplay, this is making me hate original content PB videos.
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 This works for me on Chrome (I'm not affiliated w/ it in any way):
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 @dolface: i have it on my personal laptop, but browsing PB at work I can't download any extension.

thanks for the suggestion anyway Smile
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 Genuine question, why is auto play so bad? Can't say it's ever bothered me
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 @endorium: I'm browsing PB at work, I open the article and without my consent the video starts to play with the volume on.

i understand this is totally based on personal preference, but I prefer to have the choice to play the video whenever I want, not being "forced" to watch.
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 @endorium: uses data.
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 @fabwizard: must be different over there. Internet and mobile over here is generally unlimited data
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 @endorium: It takes extra clicks to get the video set up the way I want to view it (volume, restart, full screen, etc) the ux is a pain.
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 @endorium: Yup. I only have 5 gig.

And it starts with no volume. However that is a good thing, but it also requires restarting video to make sure i did not miss anything.
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 Great content, thank you!
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 Thanks so much, stoked you enjoyed it!
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 @christinachappetta one thing I've found H U G E for helping with nerves is to accept that you are nervous. I now consciously recognise and acknowledge that "yes I'm nervous, that's normal, it's ok".

I used to try and push the nerves away with distraction tactics, so they just revealed themselves by sending me off to the bushes a million times before a race run. Accepting my nerves and seeing as them a completely normal reaction to the situation seems to have had a calming effect in so far as I'm no longer worrying about the fact I'm nervous and neither do I need to run to the bushes anymore. The power of the mind - incredible!

I hope you get a chance to give this a try and that it helps.

Also check out the headspace app, there are quite a few sports related mediation activities including finding focus and I found that helpful too, although I didn't use it extensively. Just one or two things helped.
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 Thank you very much for that info! Nerves are weird because I don't generally find I am a nervous person. I'm almost always going with the flow and just happy to be wherever I am. I do better in environments where I have a pal to distract me. Perhaps though, this one being my first race since the pandemic began, I was nervous and didn't recognize the signs. Puking should be a really good sign haha but I put the blinders on. Trying harder to put myself in similar situations now to practice how to cope better. I will check out that app, thank you. I
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 Oh yay! I think people will learn a lot from these, great content/editing/putting it together! Loved being a part of this and being able to share what I know. And was stoked to hear what Hailey had to say too. Thanks for having me pal!
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 Thank YOU for always being down to step in and help out those around you. You have always lifted up your fellow riders and friends, which is a true inspiration in itself. Love ya Klarko!!! Always in awe of your presence, dedication and authentic self ❤️
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 Like the bouncing in the start hut tip, hadn't heard that before. Sounds like one of those silly little nothing secrets that has profound race day potential.
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 For sure!!! I have done this a lot since then and it's another trick up the sleeve now. Fractional gains all add up.
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 So now a video on your own site (auto)starts with an ad?
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 Amazing to hear what Claire has to say and just to watch her ride! So sick!
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 She is such a boss! Still fast AF too and sends it!
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 Honestly I don't get nerves when I drink Monster Energy. I know everyone hates on that stuff, but it works somehow
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 Nice one.
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 Love this video. Looking forward to the next one!
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 Thanks so much! I appreciate all the great feedback. It's easy to be negative so when people are positive and supportive, it makes a huge difference ❤️
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 Wohaaa, 1:53 min.
Is that bear decorational in Whistler BP, just some extra motivation not to crash Wink
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 hahaha they run this place! We've all had a few encounters by now.
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 Im not sure there were enough hi fives and fist bumps
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 Agreed, I'll keep that in mind for future filming.
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 That was a big burrito.
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 Yes O+ has to show positive numbers to current and prospective advertisers. Down side is we have to live with it….but REMEMBER Pinkbike is free so meh.
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