Video: Bas van Steenbergen & Vaea Verbeeck Ride Fresh Trail with Killer Views in the North Okanagan

May 15, 2019
by Robb Thompson  

As a mountain biker, I’m a sucker for new trails. Ribbons of fresh new dirt through forests, fields, over hills, and down valleys make me happy. Here in the Okanagan new trails with both rock slabs and gorgeous views are some of my favorites.

Over the last few years Predator Ridge has been building new trails that link their picture-perfect resort up to the existing trail network in Ellison Provincial Park. These new trails allow riders to climb up out of the Ellison park and access a whole new area of terrain allowing for longer rides with more variety for each level of rider. Plus, there are options for post ride beverages up at the resort. Mountain Bikers are welcome!

This year a new addition has been added to the network called The Mantle featuring several choose your own adventure style rock slabs and stunning views of the Okanagan Valley.

Bas van Steenbergen, Vaea Verbeeck and I spend a couple of gorgeous evenings photographing and riding the new lines on The Mantle.

Killer views overlooking Okanagan Lake .

Vaea looking stylish on one of the signature rock lines.

"Hey Bas, smile for this one."

Follow the white hawk.

At Predator Ridge you'll see mountain bike trails and golf greens intertwined.

Enjoying that "Signature Okanagan Sunset."

Video: Predator Ridge
Riders: Bas van Steenbergen, Vaea Verbeeck
Photos and words: Robb Thompson


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 Riding in Vernon is legit awesome. Kal Lake has great trails but Ellison/Predator has really stepped it up in the last few years.
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 Ellison is pretty tame and on the XC side of things as a fyi.... Nobles for the really good stuff.
  • + 1
 @jaydawg69: noble if you're shuttling. Those who prefer to climb singletrack to fun stuff will prefer Kal Lake.
  • + 1
 @gbeaks33: actually a nice climb up. Easier than the climbing trail at Kal and to better trails.
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 We've come a long way. Golf resorts building us rad trails. Last season I was on a group ride and overheard a conversation about investments stock portfolios and retirement savings plan. Things have changed
  • + 4
 we got older
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 How about adding the trail to Trailforks?
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flag Yaan (May 16, 2019 at 10:06) (Below Threshold)
 Yes let’s add it to trailforks so every noob and his cousin can trash it in the first 2 months.
Trailforks has done more to damage trails than all the ebikes in the world.
No trail needs to be posted within the first 5yrs. If you can’t find the goods maybe your not ready yet.
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 Its up there now. Enjoy!
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 Bas and Vaea sitting in a tree . . .
  • + 4
 Two great riders, certainly, but I want that minute of my life back Smile
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 I should be able to see those trails from my house. Unfortunately it's from the other side of Lake Okanagan. I'm at Killiney Beach. Need a boat!!!!
  • + 3
 Looks mint!
  • + 2
 Going to BC in looking forward to that ????
  • - 1
 Pullin up to the trail in an Audi huh? Hyper must be paying out these days, or...
  • + 8
 If you dont drive a luxury car, Predator wont let you past the gate. Beaters and budget cars need to access through the provincial park with the other 99% Wink
  • + 1
 if you look at their house that rs4 is a rather humble form of transportation
  • + 1
 @shr3d: Its the okanagan lifestyle bro. Seriously, try and find a "modest" house in this area that isn't a crack den.
  • + 2
 @cmcrawfo: bringing the truth.

But props due to Predator for getting on board with the hoped-for mtb gravy train
  • + 1
 @cmcrawfo: I was in BC last year living out of a 40 year old truck camper. Got more than a few funny looks when I got lost trying to finding the trail head and ended up at the valet parking for Predator ridge which was full of cars costing more than your average house.
  • + 1
 @cmcrawfo: and everyone owns a boat as well
  • + 2
 @shr3d:True story.... they actually give you a wake boat for graduating high school.
  • + 3
 @cmcrawfo: Booo! Not true at all. Predator is open to all and happy to see mountain bikers with beat up tacomas at the club house for apres. They are stoked on mountain biking and most mountain bikers I know are feeling lucky to have these trails in our community. Positive internet vibes always help to spawn new trails!
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 @markeed: Good to see ya online mark. Did you miss the winky face? I know sarcasm is hard to read when you are cruising in the wake boat. Anyway, gotta get back to my mansion. See ya around.
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 Great work Robb!
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