Official Video: British Downhill Series 2015 - Llangollen

Jun 4, 2015
by Fraktiv  
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Twelve minutes of highlights from round three of the British Downhill Series from the incredibly steep Llangollen, Wales, featuring the Athertons, Brendan Fairclough, Bernard Kerr, Joe Smith, Danny Hart, Innes Graham, Katy Curd, Manon Carpenter and Casey Brown.

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 Can we replace Red Bull with GeeBeeBee media for the UCI World Cup media provider please?
  • 21 14
 something tells me GeeBeeBee couldn't afford 1 minute of Redbull's bandwidth
  • 5 1
 Probably right @simooo, don't know why you've been so neg propped, not like it was a diss. Not that I know how much Redbull's bandwidth costs, but I bet it ain't cheap.
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 Yeah, sadly we don't have budget to spend on getting the Red Bull Matador aerial display team either...
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 Guys, the woods track is only open for BDS events. We have worked very hard to develop this track, please do not go up there as you may mean permission is withdrawn. Also do not cross the fields at the top. The farmer has a big shot gun!
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 I think it's a bit of a joke that first prize for the elite's was £250. I know they don't do it for the money per se, but £250 would get you a cassette these days. It was even worse for the other categories. Some of those massive cheques were for £40!!!

Whilst sponsorship for all of these guys and girls is fantastic and free bikes help, it doesn't sit right that there isn't some more money available. Even smaller British bike companies like Orange have £1.5m in profit sat within their companies and over £0.5m sat in cash in the bank. I'm not picking on Orange - all the numbers are available from companies house for any British company.
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 do you tink that those values for orange are much? probably a big company like specialized or giant makes that several times a day
also they receive in pounds or euros? the cheque was in euros
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 Had such a good race day heckling, being able to watch the fastest racers in the world tear up such an awesome track for free is amazing. How many other sports can you do that in? This vid is a fantastic recap - GeeBeeBee setting the bar for domestic race coverage.
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 That steep section looks insane, are any World Cup tracks steeper? They sure don't look like it from the coverage. Also, did Beaumont leave GT on his own or did they drop him? Haven't read anything about that.
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 val de sole italy
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 Good on Joe Smith. He's a committed and well trained rider. Good to see it paying off. Mike Jones coming up, too. Fort William next? What a race that will be!
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 Chain reaction team is starting to look like a power house, but where is Sam?
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 that was pretty ace coverage. i've just lost my job and watching that has cheered me up immensely and reminded me what's important in life... riding bikes and having fun. cheers for that geebeebee.
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 @matt5311, sorry to hear you lost your job mate! Glad we could help by making your day a bit better Smile
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 LOVE THIS VIDEO! Interviewed! didn't crash! and a shot of my bike... well happy with this!
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 Danny Hart: Nice V10 Rat, but your brakes suck dude, anyway can I Take this baby down the hill ?
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 anyone know the song that starts at about 0:35?? Video is amazing btw! @geebeebee
  • 2 0
 @johnnymcclorey thanks! All our music comes from The tracks we used in this edit were Higher, Neuvo Turbo and the one you're after is called One Night.
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 Thanks alot for the reply! keep up your great work!
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 Is this track open to ride during non event weekends ?
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 The top wood section isn't, but after that the rest's open.
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 Not this track - it's only open for national events - but you can ride other tracks on the same stretch of land via
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 @si-paton do the pro women race before the jr men in Britain?
  • 1 0
 Yes because the UCi class the men as one category for Junior, Senior, Expert and Elite so that block has to run together. Si..
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 whats "50|01" on ratboy's helmet mean?
  • 1 0
 I'm sure I saw something about that being on Sam Dale's headset top cap too. No idea tho.
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 50-1 two stroke engine mix (petrol to oil)?. Reference to their MX bikes?, or those nutters in the crowd with chainsaws?
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 From the Tech coverage at Fort Bill "If you don't know what 50/1 means then think about pre-mixing fuel for your 2-stroke engine, but replace oil and petrol for vodka and your mixer of choice."
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 I'll need to get some 50/50 stickers made up then!
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 such a sick track! thats why the uk kids they killing it on the wc!
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 Looks rad !
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 ace vid

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