Video: Behind the Scenes as Tomomi Nishikubo Tackles a Pentathlon On His Trials Bike

Sep 1, 2021
by rasoulution  

Japanese trials bike wizard Tomomi Nishikubo is a huge fan of the Olympics. When the Games came to his home country in July, the Ninja Rider wanted to do his bit. As “street trials” is not an official discipline Tomomi had to get creative – the idea for his personal bike pentathlon was born. In the now released behind-the-scenes clip, the 29-year-old rider from Shibuya gives some insights in the production process, time pressure and the hurdles the team had to overcome.

Despite a lot of difficulties Tomomi and his crew pulled it off anyway and the clip could be released as Tomomi’s tribute to the Olympic Games 2020.

bigquotesI came up with this idea about a year ago. Too late to realize for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but when they got moved to 2021, that was the perfect timing. I was super stoked on having the Olympic Games in my country and just couldn’t stop myself jumping into the Games in my own way. Haha!Aside from finding a track & field stadium that allows bikes, the most difficult trick was the final part of 3,000 m steeplechase, the Torii hurdle. This huge hurdle was built onsite. We procured materials locally and built and painted it while filming other parts. It was a bit slippery and shaky. Also, the day we shot this trick was real windy. I was very nervous and it actually took me some time to realize the nose drop.Tomomi Nishikubo

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 Bikes need to be in the olympics, How does power walking get into the olympics and not any aspect of trials or stuff like that.
  • 4 0
 Cyclocross def needs to be in Winter Olympics.
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 He's great
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 "...and the hurdles the team had to overcome."

I see what you did there.
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 It's always touching to see a seemingly naturally energetic person chugging Red Bull like there's no tomorrow. I want to see the B-roll where the "Taurine-madness" kicks in . . .
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 That is entertaining AF! That reverse bunny-hop.
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 Next Olympic sport
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 Out of all of the bike disciplines there are, trials makes the most sense to put in the Olympics for sure. Not sure why it isn't there already.
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 Tomomi is a natural showman! High energy!

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