Video: Behind the Scenes from Fabio Wibmer's Incredible 'Home Office'

May 15, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Want to know how "Home Office" was made and how many tries it took Fabio Wibmer to nail it for the final version?


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 "Want to know how many tries it took Fabio Wibmer to nail it for the final version?" No I'd prefer to remain ignorant and think he did it all first try with zero setup time in between.
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 Why is everything "Insane" or "Unbelievable". The video is totally sane. Very well choreographed, expertly executed, and incredibly enjoyable and fun to watch. I can totally see rational clear thinking people believing this.
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 I appreciate the honesty. It's interesting to know how much work go into these. Even with his skill, I probably would give up on a trick after 12 times.
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 The best part is watching his neighbors. Sometimes they seem to be thinking "There goes Fabio being Fabio". Othertimes they're like "WTF is he doing?". Then sometimes they're just wandering around in their yard with a beer while he's hucking off a 20-foot roof onto a flippin tree.
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 I watched a YouTube video where this guy records how many hours it takes him to learn how to manual. Every time he turns his GoPro on it shows the elapsed time. He starts out absolutely not able to do it at all. After 10 hours of training time spread out over some number of weeks or months he’s flying down the street in a manual. That inspired me to get out there and do the same thing. Then winter came and I forgot all about it. Now I watch this video. By jiminy, if Fabio can try something 600 times before he gets it, I can get my butt out there and learn to manual, dammit.
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 Please, can you share the link to that video? Or at least the title, so that I can find it ...I'm about 10 hours total into manualling practice, and I still can't do it properly Smile
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 God, this guy again making everything I've ever done look like a joke. At home.
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 Sorry @teoleoni, I tried to find it again, but no luck. There are too many ‘how-to’ videos on You Tube.
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 Thanks anyway
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 @teoleoni: No problem. I’ve taken to spending a little time practicing each day I’m on the trail. Playing around basically.

Once I was showing my wife how easy it is to jump off the back of the bike while practicing, so I deliberately did it. Of course my feet stayed glued to the pedals and I landed right on my tailbone. Boy does that hurt. So I’m practicing moving the hips forward to bring it back down, just as much as I practice getting the wheel up. And I have a finger on the brake too. Even if I can’t really balance it yet, it helps on the trail. Good luck :-)
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 That’s Sick!
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 Wait what? He didn't stomp everything first try? Lol.
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 Jez Avery. Nuff said.
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 I do not watch "making-of" anymore. Absolutely destroys the creation.
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 Not this one. Actually I find it more enjoying than the other video.
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