Video: Behind the Scenes of Brage Vestavik's Fan Favorite X Games Real MTB Edit

Apr 30, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesGo behind the scenes of Brage Vestavik and filmer/editor Oscar Kalsnes/Blur Media’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games. X Games


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 Oooh first comment - resist the urge... Brage was robbed!
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 Even semenuk agrees
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 @RedBurn: where'd you see that?
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 @RedBurn: tell me more?
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 His friends call him Bragy
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 In two years, nobody will remember semenuk's video. People will remember this for a long time. It's one of the best edits/segments i've ever seen.

It's raw. You can tell the effort and energy that went into it. Makes total sense that it's him, his dad and a couple buddies that dig after school. No paid interns or excavators here. While different, it reminds me of Stevie's segment in seasons. Just a young dude with way too much raw talent grinding to get it. This makes me want to go ride my bike.
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 Semenuk had a video in this contest?
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 You mean that rally racer? IDK, he seems pretty good you know.
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 there's a certain jankyness to everything that really ties it all together and gives it a vibe. reminds me of the good ol days of freeride.
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 @deepstrut: “reminds me of the good old days of free ride” You sure dude?, I didn’t see one broken Stinky or 888 puking oil...
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 @Swervsroundsquirrels: A. Stinky’s were not easy to break at all, they were heavy and overbuilt 2. 888’s didn’t puke oil, marzocchi forks in general were known for the opposite. C. Pretty sure meant janky as in features not built to perfection, small landings and runout, just focused on furiously stomping everything.
It does remind me of something you’d see from 2005, in a good way.
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 looks like you robbed the canyon marketing department
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 @adrennan: I think you mean Cnyn mrktng dprtmnt
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 That 180 on the skinny to 180 off the drop… if you mess up any part of that sequence you’re flying off the drop backwards and guaranteed a slam. He ate at least one huge shit sandwich trying it (plus who knows how many more) and still came back to land it. Mega commitment.
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 the cool term is a half cab
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 “It feels so good when you spend so much time putting work into one thing and to finally see it’s the best thing ever” absolutely this
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 In this shitty ebike invested world, Brage and his crew remind me why I feel proud to call myself a mountain biker!
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 I have been asking myself, where can I find the "good" dirt. Now I know; "the good dirt is normally at the top of the hill." Thanks Brage!

Awesome video, thanks for posting it!!!
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 @Dtwillow Only in winter, where the 'dry' dirt is up on the hill and the wet mush is at the bottom, depending on ur drainage. I'm not sure about where you live, but at my local spot the good dirt is actually at the bottom of the hill. My theory is that over the years, clays, silts etc... wash down the hill and collect at the bottom. If I was you I'd just dig where convenient and only get the dirt from somewhere else if absolutely necessary. I dont mean to rant, just tryna help a brotha out :')
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 Got robbed so hard, built it all by hand then stomped it!
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 Love everything about this...amazing job and props to the whole squad involved!
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 Semenuk's video deserved the win. Bigger tricks, greater consequences and more innovation (nose bonk to suicide??). Brage's video was good but people gotta watch more BMX vids to see a) where he got inspiration from and b) to understand that while things like the log ride was impressive, BMX guys be doing tire rides down cylindrical metal handrails (e.g. Hobie Doan).
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 Semenuk was the best rider by far. Brage Viking stomped everything, and I'm looking forward to watching what he comes up with next, but ...he got a deserved silver.
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 Oskar's sweater is the most Norwegian thing I've ever seen
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 Truth! It's called a Marius-sweater and it's a traditional Norwegian knitting pattern.
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 @megatryn: Well I'm a big fan! You guys are doing sweaters right up there.
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 Excellent Rider !
Excellent Team !
The Judges ... ... ... !
RedBull, where you at !?
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 Is that a ski ramp in the distance at 4:57?
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 it all makes sense now, check out his dad.
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 The 180 on that skinny...who else is doing that? I was impressed by this segment the most. Zink backflip off that building was f'in crazy too.
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 That awesome piece of art reminds me on the old graffiti movies I was watching back in the days. I can't wait for real mtb next year.
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 If Semenuk didn't win, the contest could not honestly be said to be about skill on the bike, and if it isn't about skill on the bike, it's not that cool anymore.
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 The "best music ever" is not the most complicated song played by the most skilled musician.

No disrespect to anyone involved, all the videos were mind blowing!
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 I had a similar thought- in a few years Brage probably polishes his style and precision and will look similar to what the established riders did. So then he will not be interesting any more?
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 @chrsei: I believe that, when you're stepping this much out of your comfort zone, it will never look as polished. In all honestly, the last time I was this mind blown by an edit, was with Fabio Wibmers "Urban Freeride Lives 3". When some of the moves are so high consequence that you don't even try to land it cleaner, because another try is simply that risky, that's when edits like these come out.
As an MTB gravity fan, if you relate to the difficulty of what you're watching, and you're not on the edge of your seat, you need to double check your life choices
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 @chrsei: i sincerely hope his riding doesnt become more polished. i like it raw.
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 "Deep in the Sesh"
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 Brage is definetely ready for the Rampage. but is the Rampage ready for Brage?
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 Brage's dad looks so badass!
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 He is and his name translates to Eagle-Bear Wink
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 Congratulations for the filmaker and the diggers. Like me in France for digging but for riding, Brage is the king!
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 Brave got robbed
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 Cott Hamm spell check Brage
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 Brage was the winner in my book!!
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 "It was really hard to keep it quiet after he lands".
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 This guy has the most unique style!
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 Cott Hamm spell check Brage
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