Video: Behind The Scenes Filming 'Chasing Volcanoes' with Kilian Bron

Feb 29, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Last month, we released Chasing Volcanoes on a MTB with Kilian Bron. For a duration of 15 days Kilian Bron, Leon Perrin, Gaetan Clary, JB Liautard, Pierre Dupont plus Skippers Lucas Frigout and Adrien Desuzinge went on a mission!

Destination, the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago located between Sicily and Italy.

Vertigo, erupting volcanoes, seasickness and sulphur fumaroles, it’s all to see in the behind the scenes today footage of this film like no other!

Rider: Kilian Bron
Film & Edit: Gaetan Clary
Photography: JB Liautard
FPV Drone: Pierre Dupont (Cinematic Flow)


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 Awesome video of the behind the scenes. Even though its not in my native tongue, its good to see the subtitles are well written (compared to some other videos where sentences don't make sense).
Its always good to see the journey, like the coughing with the sulfur smoke as opposed to just the final cut.
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 Good thing he didn't go chasin' waterfalls.
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 Outdoor industry pushes stoner and tripper concepts on general public where all they can do is either say WTF or go “oh so inspiring” to make someone think they are so woke.
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 @WAKIdesigns: ....along with that blank fluoridated stare. How does one attain enlightenment? There's not a prerequisite or a automatic passing of degree that allows enlighten mind, it is all about the organization and ignorance of the mind. Wise men speak because they have something to say, a Fool because he has to say something. Emptiness is the same as Full, but only fuller.
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 @lehott: one of interpretations of enlightenment may be that it is the afterglow of infinitely short, perfectly present moment when you free yourself of your previous point of view/reference and landing on the new ground, where new search begins... but you have to move and keep looking for new source of nutrition as the gaze of the void is quick to find those who settle on their prize... ironically if you dare to stay, stop running and jump into the void... you end up ultimately enlightened and... consumed. Volcano, the source of life and the mean of death...
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 @WAKIdesigns: huh, I never correlated that volcanic metaphor for the mind. Fair point my friend. What's that saying? The fire of self discovery will burn everything you are not
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 @lehott: for reals I find it funny to watch or hear something people find awkward or arty, poetic but I’ll be like: makes perfect sense after psychedelics mate, it’s exactly what you stumble upon during a trip or when heavily stoned, particularly on edibles...
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 Kilian in the name of..
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 Also known as K.Bron.

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