Video: Behind the Scenes of Danny MacAskill's 'Gymnasium'

Jan 10, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesNew Year, New Tricks. Scottish Trials Bike legend Danny MacAskill shows us in his new film ‘Gymnasium’ that there are other ways to make your mark in the gym. Not a regular gym-goer by his own admission, YouTube sensation Danny stars in his new film and attempts to show the world that staying in shape doesn’t have to be daunting.

In his latest return to our screens, Danny seeks refuge from the ‘New Year, New Me’ craze by creating his personalised fitness playground in a long forgotten hall at his local sports complex. Even though performing a perfect bar routine while still on two wheels isn’t for everyone, Danny has found that it’s a case of no chain, no gain as he’s able to do what he loves and stay in shape at the same time.
Red Bull


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 I love his work; his videos are enjoyed by my small children. Keep up the great work Danny!
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 Same here-- my three little ones and I binge watched his greatest hits this week and they loved it. He's creative, fun, and of course, astonishingly skilled. A friend of mine was riding a motorcycle in the Scottish countryside a few years back and happened to spot Danny riding on a stone bridge. He pulled over and said hello, recognizing that it was Danny. Danny stopped everything, walked up to the road and chatted for bit, and allowed my friend to snap a pic of the two of them together. Seems like a great person as well as an incredible athlete.
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 @tclaridge: my kid learned about ghost rides in this last video. Was so stoked.
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 @tclaridge: Met him at the World Cup in Fort Bill last year - just ring around unassumining. Allowed everyone that wanted a picture with him and happy to spend time talking to them. Top top bloke.
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 Funny thing - the ghostie was definitely cool and unique but wasn't the banger of the video for me.The 360 on the bars and the front flip off the ball onto the springboard/horse were way more impressive (and apparently took a lot fewer takes to get in the can).

Overall just fantastic riding and a great concept.
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 360 on the bars and the front flip could be done by a handful of riders on the planet but that ghosty? Who is brave/good/persistent enough to try that 800 times?

That is why it is THE banger of this edit.
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 Bottom line, riding bikes is fun, you have no doubt about that when you watch one of Danny's videos!
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 Just because I can not do anything in the video. I wish the man would make a video brushing his teeth so I can at least keep up with something for real.
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 Never fails to bring a smile to my face ...crack on Danny and Cut media Smile
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 This is way better that the Redbull edit, What are you paying thoughs guys for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Is it just me or is the grading on this vid a bit off. The main vid looks fine. Either way its still braw Smile
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 Your not wrong
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 It's got that grey-out Instagram filter look. Lacking in contrast Frown
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 Come Danny! maybe by March you will get a clean Ghosty bike flip!

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