Video: Behind the Scenes of Gee Atherton's Ridgeline Video

Dec 17, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotes"Freedom and creativity" that's what Gee loves about mountain-biking. "The Ridgeline" makes those abstract concepts real in a beautiful piece of film that pushes bike and rider to the extreme.

But not without cost. Dan Atherton said "It got to the point that I dreaded every time he went up there, I had a stretcher, medical bag, the works all hidden in the back of my truck"

And Gee admitted "71-foot gaps, that's bigger than I'd bargained for. It's one of those lines that preys on your mind ..."

It was the energy and commitment of the dig crew that kept Gee going back for more, all hours, all weathers, take a glimpse at the sheer determination behind the production...
The Athertons


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 ...early this morning jets were scrambled from RAF Mona to make visual confirmation when radar picked up what appeared to be surface-to-air missile testing in the hills north of Machnlleth...
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 Legend. That must be so sketchy.

Has anyone else been there and crashed down the left yet? Makes you wonder how far one would roll! And roll, and roll. Aaand roll and roll and roll. Wouldnt even need a mips-helmet cause youd become the very essence of rotation yourself. The roundest movement we’ve seen, from the standpoint of rotation, according to a former president who had the best rotation, people called him and they wished him more rotation but they never had to because no one had more rotation than him, and he knew it. Only the most roll, billions of it.
Ah maybe i should get back to work. Good luck to whoever rolls down that anyways!
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 It's basically a cliff that side. It's more likely you would die than injure yourself. It really is that exposed. You can get there with much pedalling but not worth the effort to see it and then not ride it.....which I sure as hell won't be
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 I can do a 71 cm gap
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 That's a heck of a gap. Wouldn't it be better to use a bridge or partial with a patient like that?
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 @noapathy: I've been known to send it 71 inches before.
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 @Six-or-Shore: strava or it didnt happen
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 The lack of trees loses perspective, those jumps must be so insane in real life if they look like that in the video.
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 I rode at Dyfi in the summer and some (most) of the biggest tabletops are way beyond my confidence and ability level. I remember looking up at the ridge from the trailhead, having seen a few of Gee's teaser posts on Instagram and thinking how nuts it must be up there! His videos just put into perspective how big the gap is between the pro's and us mere mortals!
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 Great safety squinting from the dudes with the pick axes and Jack hammer, no need for eye protection
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 They had ear protection and mattocks, not picks. Anyway, if safety was a big concern why build something that dangerous?
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 Wish they could have done a follow cam of the full line
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 I don't know which person/people at pinkbike have the job of deciding which edit will be the "best of the year" but I really don't envy them. So many great edits this year!
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 Got to hand it to Gee and his team he comes up with some awesome stuff.
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 Absolutely insane project. That exposure had me cringing every time he took another run. Gee is the GOAT!
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 Great, but the duration of the lid footage is too damn short.
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 Love the grass gaps, suppose a race down that would be a little too extreme?
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 The Ridgeline is one of the better edits I have seen for a while.
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 Clipped in too? Mental.
Are we gonna see Rampage on Mallets?
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 Hamsters with mullets?!
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 So good. Whish there was even more footage from different angles and such!
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