Video: Behind the Scenes of Mark Matthews' 'Changing Seasons' Edit

Nov 30, 2020
by Scott Bell  

When we set out to make a raw mountain bike film, we decided to build it around a series of long cable camera shots, that would take the viewer along for the ride. We love how this kind of footage shows a trail in a unique way that multiple shots on the ground just can’t do. However, cables are always time-consuming. It starts with finding a clear corridor in the forest, then determining the appropriate angle of descent to match the rider’s speed, and finally dialing in the right camera movements to best show off the riding. On top of that, Mark had to ride the line in a way he was happy with while Jarrett and I had to nail the camera release and remote gimbal operation to keep him in the frame. Everyone nailing it at the same time isn’t always easy. All of this meant that we would often go home with only 10-15 seconds of useable footage after a full day of work.

Once we had each cable camera shot in the bag, we rigged Mark’s bike with a microphone to capture high-quality audio that could be synced with the footage in post. To do this we gaff taped a Sennheiser MKE600 microphone with a beefy wind furry to his frame. This was routed into a Tascam DR-10X field recorder, which is small and could easily be mounted to his bike.

The final edit used a combination of audio captured from the bike-mounted rig, a trailside microphone for tighter, blow by shots, and an on-camera microphone for shots that were a bit wider. This variety of audio sources gave us options to work with in post to bring the footage to life. If you haven’t had a chance to watch ‘Changing Seasons’ yet, we hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy the raw mountain biking goodness.

 Changing Seasons with Mark Matthews Premiere Pro timeline.

"Changing Seasons"

Supported by: Marin Bikes
Director: Scott Bell and Mark Matthews
Cinematography and Post Production: Scott Bell
Photography: Jarrett Lindal


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 Scott is a rad dude. I used to do photo, and recently just been playing around with video for the purposes of learning. Whenever I ask him (and Mark, tbf) a question on socials he gets back to me with a pretty thorough answer, which he absolutely does not have to do. Guy just loves his craft.
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 Thanks man! Always pumped to share ideas and help all of us grow as creators.
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 Is he using some roller clutch type silent hubs, as there is no ratchet sound while he's in the air?

Great work on the vid - the building, riding, filming and editing are all bang on!
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 This is so cool to watch, on par with the actual edit! Really cool shots Scott Bell, and thanks for sharing the BTS!
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 Thanks for watching, glad you enjoyed it.
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 as someone who does video for a living, it's really cool how far a little creativity and ingenuity can go—no need for crazy tech
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 the guys at sound of speed should take some notes maybe get some actual hub sound instead of just overlaying aggressive buzzing noises.
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 Next level work gentlemen Salute
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 You don't shoot VLOG with the GH5 to match? Or is it too dark in the forest?
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 Sometimes I shoot VLOG but I often find the footage is just as good in the Natural profile and the workflow is faster. Since we shot all this on overcast days the extra dynamic range that VLOG offers was not really necessary.
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 @scottbellvisuals: Let me know if you want to come over to the Mainland and play with an S1H or S1. I have both.
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 @counterpoint: Nice, thanks for the offer! Been thinking about upgrading to the Canon C70 or Red Komodo.
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 @scottbellvisuals: been looking at the Komodo too. I've got a Scarlet but that small form factor is almost a better feature than the extras a Scarlet can do. Any way- always willing to help out a C. Valley local as I was born n' bred there.
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 @counterpoint: Cheers, thank you! Hit me up if you make it up here.
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 Huge fan of the BTS, especially when it comes to capturing the sound of the bike in action!
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 Absolutely awesome guys! Top job. ????
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 Awesome Scott!
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 Just here to say that it made me stupidly exited that this vid features the same bike i own. Love the HH3

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