Video: Behind the Scenes of Stomping a World First Trick in 'My War' with Paul Couderc

Feb 24, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Two months after the release of "My War" we now get the chance to see the 35 previous attempts that Paul Couderc had before stomping this trick that no other rider had stomped before him!

Rider: Paul COUDERC
Film & Edit: Léon PERRIN
Sound Edit: Léo LUNEL

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 1. This is such a great and odd endorsement of whatever wheels he is running.
2. I like how after 30 or so attempts/crashes, he suddenly has the confidence of you know what, this full face is no longer necessary.
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 I was thinking the exact same thing! Gotta get those wheels!
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 35 failed attempts before stomping such a high consequence trick is crazy!! Props for persistence!!! Finally stomping it is such a rewarding feeling for everyone involved. Good job guys!!
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 This is the realest side of the sport.
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 I am old.
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 yeah me to. I get stoked when i see someone back pedal. Even if there isn't a flair
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 But are you happy?
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 Jesus. One of those and I think I’d be off the bike for a week.

What kind of protective gear do you wear for something like this? I’m guessing back protector and some kind of ankle braces? Surprised to see he didn’t wear gloves.
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 You could see he had a back protector on
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 Christ, I would be off for more than a week after just one of those falls. I wouldn't even try this with a sumo outfit on. Cudos to Paul and he's finally rewarded when he "nailed that trick". It's good to see for us mere mortals that it can take many bad falls and attempts to actually land some of these tricks and it's not all fun and glory..

I hope he also had a foot protector on after that 3 point helmet punt...
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 Eerily similar to Thrasher's "My War" series
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flag NYShred (Feb 24, 2020 at 10:55) (Below Threshold)
 Mountain bike culture jocks skate culture harder than any other. The irony is that mountain bikers shun BMX, meanwhile BMX has closer ties to skate culture than their own. Funny how that is.
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 @NYShred: I owe most of my bike skills to learning on a BMX. Such huge respect to pioneers pushing the envelope. Skateboarders and BMXrs who stay with it are hardcore!
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 @NYShred: I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that MTBrs shun BMXrs? BMXrs are highly regarded in the MTB community around here. The BMXrs and MTBrs seem to be cool with me being a skateboarder since 84. Maybe it varies in different areas.
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 @NYShred: I started on bmx for years, moved to hardtail, then squishy after over a decade... I shun any who start off on a squishy, especially if clipped in o_O
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 @NYShred: MTB is to BMX what Snow board is to skate.....
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 @nojzilla: Nailed it!
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 @nojzilla: honestly a pretty bang-on comparison. In both cases, there's a bit of a class divide. MTB and snowboarding both generally require a car, whereas BMX and skateboarding can be done just about anywhere (especially within a city). An entry-level BMX bike can be had for a few hundred bucks, but a decent used MTB will be at least a thousand. Snowboarding and MTB lean pretty heavily on sport-specific gear, but the only specialized gear you need for BMX or skate is shoes and maaaybe a helmet. Of course, there are exceptions, but it seems like that divide has a pretty strong influence on the cultures of all four of these sports.
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 Also, hell yeah, such a great series. I don't even skate, and I still find it absolutely enthralling, just for the sheer level of persistence and dedication.
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 Anyone else get the feeling he could have landed 5 of the first 35 with a full suspension dirt jumper? But maybe the initial backwards back flip would have been hard to initiate. Either way awesome effort. This video should convince everyone else not to try.

More thoughts, did he have this trick dialed on an airbag first and the challenge was putting it to dirt?
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 My first thought was he would have got it much sooner if the drop was bigger?
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flag betsie (Feb 24, 2020 at 11:12) (Below Threshold)
 My first thought was... this is a lesson to everyone about persistence and achieving something pretty special that nobody else has achieved.
No other rider had stomped this before him, yet there are keyboard warriors that know better than the rider!!!
Why did you boys just see something negative in the video?
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 @betsie: Neither my nor @kieran comment was negative. We are just sharing our thoughts.
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flag betsie (Feb 24, 2020 at 11:56) (Below Threshold)
 @vapidoscar: They just come across as a criticism to what the rider has been trying, this is known as a negative comment where I come from.
Your comment was directed towards the wrong choice of bike, now if you are a better rider than him and understand what is involved with this trick then fair play, if not, then I am sure that the rider, being the first to land this, may have a slight idea of what was needed to achieve this trick, or maybe he wanted to land it on a HT, who knows, not me either way as I pencil or dead sailor everything.
The 2nd comment was directed towards the drop was not high enough, again, I suspect the rider has significantly more experience in what is/was required to execute this trick.

I hope that clears it up a little Smile

Again... I could land the drop as a straight drop with no issue as a dead sailor, but I cant even manual lol.
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 @betsie: are you a snowflake?
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 @betsie: There was nothing to clear up. I was starting a conversation. You think that praise is the only appropriate comment.

A more knowledgeable person could have said, "no it wouldn't work because X, Y and Z." That person doesn't have to be on the FMB tour.

Perhaps pinkbike should administer a skills and knowledge test and give us licenses with limits of what we are qualified to comment on. Would that satisfy you?
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 @betsie: to be fair, bigger is often easier. The first time I tried to backflip a natural takeoff cliff on skis, it was maybe like a 10ft drop. The second time (years later), it was 40ft+ and that was a hell of a lot easier. That said, the feature is a part of the trick, and doing a certain trick on a certain feature that may be harder than another feature contributes to the overall impression. So IMO, because it might have been easier to do it off something bigger but he still managed to put it down how he did makes it all the more impressive.
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flag betsie (Feb 24, 2020 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 @kieran: you best watch fightclub and learn what a snowflake is.
You are a keyboard warrior is though.

I am a builder, rider and racer (mostly Dh as Enduro is too hard lol)

Disclaimer... the too hard was a joke, I won my last Enduro on a borrowed bike!
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 @betsie: you just broke the first rule so what did you expect for a response?
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 Just to fakie, literally at the edge every time, 36 times without the rear wheel falling off the drop is insane...
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 hard earned, well deserved success. chapeau
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 they should sign him as an NFL punter with that helmet drop kick at the end.
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 I always carry a bottle of champagne whenever I ride for that reason! Well done....
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 I don't get how his body can take the abuse?
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 It took me 36 goes to catch 5 MnMs in my mouth in a row
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 Back in the day they called that getting "shook", but props for sticking with it. really sick to see the stomp after all that.
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 stick-to-it·​ive·​ness | \ stik-ˈtü-ə-tiv-nəs \
Definition of stick-to-itiveness
: dogged perseverance : TENACITY
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 Best celebration I've seen in a while. He booted that helmet!
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 That’s full commitment right there. Reminds me of tony hawk and his 900 record
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 If at first you don't succeed, try try try......................................try try try again! Awesome!!!
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 I'm glad they put the date in each time. Thats a lot of time.
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 Damn. That was brutal. I am glad he landed it and wasn't hurt on the 1st 34 tries.
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 Love how they made this. Really well executed!!! Congrats on landing that insane trick
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 Definitely a real world first- no need for a Resi or an Airbag landing! Props.
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 Next episode. James' war on learning to whip. Hopefully out 2021 when I actually learn how to do it
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 I think I’d have quit at attempt 4-5....
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 I suppose that is why this isn't scotttheriders;
"my war" ...
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 @OliOliOli: I wouldn’t try that shit to begin with. I got backflips into an airbag down. Notice there’s none onto dirt in my
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 Fu.k this trick
Iron man)))
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 Reminded me of Fallen Art.
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 thats a flair down right. totaly nuts
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 That is incredible
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 that is commitment
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 Dat rear wheel. oof
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 36 Chambers of Shaolin.
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 He's nimble like a cat.
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