Video: Behind the Scenes of Andreu Lacondeguy's Wild Rampage Runs

Oct 30, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesAndreu Lacondeguy is a seasoned veteran of Red Bull Rampage. After taking the title in 2014, he's since been on the podium for styling out complex trickery with some mighty Spanish flare.

Charging the mountain yet again this year, Lacondeguy set himself up with an impressive line packed with high-scoring tricks as the Spaniard was determined to improve on last year's second-place finish. As riders have come to discover over the years, Red Bull Rampage is a wild beast that's difficult to tame. For Andreu Lacondeguy, the mountain fought back, bucking and thwarting the athlete's attempt for a podium finish causing setbacks in both final runs. Despite the odds, Lacondeguy held on and rode away each time, earning himself this year's Toughness Award.
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 I jumped out of my chair twice during this year's event. First for Brendogs backflip and second for basically the entire of Andreu's 2nd run! Absolute mad man.
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 He needs to be in Hardline!!!!
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 For me it was andreu, brendog and steebergen who reminded me I was watching rampage.
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 No crawling up to features from Andreu, he attacks the course with a natural style, unafraid to charge every feature. Plus riding offline into the Chunder should probs become part of the event. It’s freeride not trail riding right? Show em what’s up Andreu!
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 This is not a behind the scenes. It’s a recap.
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 Typical pinkbike clickbait
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 This just got me pretty curious about what happened in front of the scenes, the bit that no one ever sees. Just like no one ever reads the press releases because everything has already been published through spy shots.
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 This pinkbike shit.... Became awful... Dead Horse
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 Much as it must hurt not getting to the bottom, I reckon that second run will go down in Rampage history even more than if he'd nailed it and won the whole event
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 100% if he had landed the spin and made it to bottom that would have toppled semenuks score. Absolute carnage of a run
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 @sellcrackcocainetokids: Nah. As fun as it is to watch AL on the edge, it's Semenuk's precision that makes it look easy. Clean runs aren't necessarily the most entertaining. AL's 2nd run will the one I watch the most, though.
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 Andreu for me is the best freerider alive. Absolutely sending it. But I was really scared when he got offline after the flip! This save was a do or die...
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flag monkeybizz (Oct 30, 2019 at 8:53) (Below Threshold)
 Didn't learn from Jordie's crash, at least Jordie was smart about his riding and took calculated risks vs blind faith
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 @monkeybizz: looked like he handled it pretty damn well
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flag monkeybizz (Oct 30, 2019 at 9:56) (Below Threshold)
 @mkotowski1: hindsight is always 20/20 Wink
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 @monkeybizz: I know your trying to be clever but that doesn’t make any sense here
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flag monkeybizz (Oct 30, 2019 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 @mkotowski1: you just need to think about it a little harder that's all
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 My favorite Rampage rider and 2nd run was the best of the whole competition. Love his style!
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 I second that whole comment.
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 he takes after the bulls in bullfighting... doesn't actually think, just goes
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 Jordie Lunn RAF award (official thing next year .??. ) for sure goes to Andreu. That was raw, passion, inspiring, skill and commitment all in one insane, hold your breath run. Crazy. Rheeder, Semenuk, Fairclough, everyone was clean, flowy, insane this year, but which run gets me stoked, captures the essence of pushing yourself down a tech line and which run have I watched the most times since the live event. Ya it is this one for sure. Ridiculous.
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 he's less scared than others cause he's closer to the ground
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 I honestly thought they shouldn't have let him keep riding after that first crash. It looked like he was stumbling around and probably rang his bell pretty good. Seems like there should be a more standardized protocol for this sort of thing... but I guess Andreu is the kind of guy that would probably ignore the medics anyway until he got to finish his run.
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 I agree. It's taken so seriously in most other sports. Hope he was fully evaluated after the crash and if not there's a serious problem. Was great to watch his second run but should always be safety first.
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 Great save and great ride. By the way, despite the crash this is how a rampage run should like. Fast, wild and free riding lookalike. Too much digging trough the years has change the nature of the contest in some kind of a hybrid slopestyle.
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 Its more the riders & judges. Parts of the course has to be smooth for how big these guys are going. & the commentators loose their shit over some mediocre trick (for a slope rider) & forget about how massive the line or incredible the venue is.
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 It looked like he was trying to kickstart his bike after the first crash. I wonder if he even remembers the moments after it. The man is a legend and tough as hell to get it together for a second run.
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 They cut out the part where he shakes off the EMTs and appears to split a small boulder in two with a punch before getting back on the bike.
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 @endlessblockades: Haha. Yeah, that showed his obsession. I thought "man, take care of your hand!!".
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 Man, what an absolute heartbreak hearing him talk about his hopes in that final interview. We know you’ve got what it takes, Andreu. Next year can be yours
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 ferocious riding my favorite run to watch for sure even the big spin coming up short at the end just made it more real a man and a mountain a fuken rampage so rad !
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 is there a POV from the runs?
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 He had no camera mounted as far as I see.
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 for real though, can we talk about the dub'd in audio of bike and heli noises hahahahahahaha
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 Favorite moments of the contest.
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 That second run was insane.
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 this might be the best and most real video I've ever seen on pink bike
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 He almost went down where Paul Bas crashed pretty hard... was super lucky to get away with it.
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 this is the red bull spirit and style. 100% all in. Wicked to watch. this was the best run. Brendog for best trick.
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 #RIDELOCO legend
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