Video: Behind the Scenes with the Rossignol Factory Team in the First Half of the EWS Season

Aug 31, 2021
by Rossignol Bikes  

We are super proud to present you with the first episode of our Rossignol web series “Inside the Rad Bandits”. Discover all the secrets from a new EWS structure and follow Estelle and Clément Charles during they adventures – and daily routines. The first episode is talking about the Rossignol bikes project, testing sessions with Fast Suspension, the first EWS round in Val Di Fassa, and the second race in La Thuile. After the first racing block, Estelle sits 10th on the global ranking and Clément is 23rd.




Loudenvielle is on its way, let's go team !

Partners : Rossignol, Duke Racing Wheels, Fast Suspension, ION, Magura, Zéfal, Michelin, KS, Bluegrass, Smith, HT, Tioga, DMR, and ESI.


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 Rossignol bought Felt, iirc, and will keep the name for the road bikes, but rebrand the felt MTB products. I think that is why Max McCulloch has been riding back and forth between a felt and a rossi in various videos that I have seen of him.

EDIT: Quick google search found this. I rode a 2015 Felt Compulsion 10 as my first "real" bike, and it pedaled super, super well. My sister has it now and it's still a fast bike.

"The implementation of the Rossignol Group’s cycling offer is driven by three axis: the enrichment of the Rossignol‘s biking range, the acquisition of Felt Bicycles in 2017. By investing in cycling, Rossignol Group optimizes its production processes, its distribution channels and its performance therefore offering a completed and successful offer. Today, the bike offer (especially the electrical bikes) represents 10% of the Group’s activity."
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 "successful" is a stretch
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 The weird thing to me is that they decided to use their Rossignol Ski reps to sell the mountain bikes. They do not seem interested in selling Rossignol to bike shops but to ski hills they already have a relationship with for winter sports. That prototype that Max was spotted on will likely never be sold to the public and its a shame as it looked like a really cool bike.
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 @westcoastbikeguy: that’s a reality … even the ski’s accessories (Goggles, helmets, protections, bags, etc.) follow the same pattern and therefore the sales reps don’t really care about them. They are focus on skis, with the contacts they have for years and it is where they do their business.

They should have different distribution channels and not the same “ski focus” one. What a shame ….
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 I see where you have connected these dots. However, the truth is that Rossignol bought Felt mainly for an introduction to the bicycle world and to learn what had worked for Felt mtb and what didn't work in the past. They tasked Felt engineers, in conjunction with Rossignol engineers, to create new and different bikes that were targeted at a completely different market than Felt mtb had been. Mountain resort rentals This was a control group to gain beta on how to move forward with the growth and evolution of Rossignol mtb prior to releasing their yet to be proven technologies to the masses. These newer bikes of theirs are getting pretty legit too. If you ask me, this is textbook on how to begin a bike presence. The proper way. Unlike some other brands who decide they want to be in the bike biz, send a check to Asia, slap a couple decals on it an bam we're a bike company.
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 I would love to see pinkbike test Rossi Enduro bikes.
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 I don't ride at lift-access parks often, so I was surprised to see a fleet of Rossi rental bikes on a recent trip to Beech Mountain, NC. Made perfect sense for them to leverage their relationships with ski resorts for bikes in the summer. The bikes were simple, burly, enduro bikes.
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 Rossignol Make bikes?!
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 Literally said this out loud.
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 @flattoflat: yes and they currently have a full recall for weld seperartion at the head tube of their downhill bikes lol
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 No, Astro made their bikes. Then Felt. Now Felt? THey bought Felt, so are Felt, so I guess they DO make their bikes now.

Its strange, no one is making any more in the Ski (skis themselves, not resorts) industry, but the resorts are crowded like they never have been. Double the visitors as 10 years ago.
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 I am surprised ppl know Rossignol outside France and Europe.
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 @Ba1rog: My first skis were Rossignol (were pieces of crap too)
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 Those are some funny looking skis
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 I rode a Felt Redemption, one of the coolest bikes I've owned...but I cracked the frame after many years though.
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 I had one too!! I found crack on the weld on seat tube :/ I enjoyed riding it jumpy and easy to pedal but didn’t last ...NS bikes is the rig now.2 years of british mud and rock and still not touched it(greased regularly). Solid,fun and capable machine. PEACE
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 @Ma6ic: yerp, same crack I'm sure. Mine was not the only one I saw crack there (pictures in the felt forum). I also very seriously considered NS and think they look great! Ended up getting a Devinci Troy and am more than pleased.
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 At least we know that there is a Rossignol Enduro team...
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 Rad... Bandits?
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 But where did the team get their bikes? I thought Rossignol recalled all of them.
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 The fact that they have an EWS team, almost makes them a legit bike company...almost lets actually see some tests.

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