Video: Behind the Sound of Speed with Brage Vestavik

Jan 23, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBrage Vestavik and Blur Media teamed up to make the Red Bull Sound of Speed last summer in Hafjell Bike Park!
Join the boys behind the scenes of a heavy week of stacking clips! GoodTimes!
Brage Vestavik

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 This video really has to be the best advertising for dt-swiss, GT and Marzocchi
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 ... and Michelin tyres.
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 I think it's about time the industry sends everything to Brage for real world strength testing.
Brage is the G.O.A.T. of r&d
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 @danstonQ: No point in advertising Michelin if you can't buy them anywhere for months, for such a big tyre company you would think they wouldn't have stock issues.
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 @tonit91: Late last year, Michelin shut down a bunch of plants temporarily due to something to do with fear of gas cutoff from Russia. I don't fully understand what went down, you can go Google around, but some trickle down effects of the current Russia/Ukraine war affected automotive and bike tire manufacturing entirely, not just limited to Michelin.
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 @krau: The main problem is globalization. As a tyre world leader, Michelin has factories everywhere, and in a recent interview Florent Menegaux, Michelin's boss, said that the situation had never been so critical: the logistic is chaotic due lacks of raw materials, lacks of transports, lacks of political and social stabilities in several countries (Sri Lanka for instance)... he said that Michelin never saw such a mess since WWII.
In other words: they do what they can :-)
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 "For sale: lightly used G.T ... "

Naah..... maybe not "lightly"....

Good damping though.
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 Never ridden in the park, local trails only
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 The sound engineer and Department done an incredible job,
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 Ooh just a little bit of Satyricon
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 and a darkthrone mention! proper norwegian lads, these.
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 The moment at 4:41 when no subtitles were needed.
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 the fact he can leave black rubber tyre marks in dirt is amazing. what a hero.
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 I think that may be corrugated plastic pipe in the berm starting to show.
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 @Toohardtodecide: No corrugated plastic pipes in the berms of Hafjell mate Wink
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 Those helmet cam POV shots are scary! He needs to do a full compilation of all the POV shots. His speed looks so insane on them; even more than the pan shots
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 Even this making of is a work of art. Fantastic stuff.
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 Viking on a Bike , Pillaging
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 Viking Biking
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 I'm calling sealant Milk from now on.
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 Completely normal here. But don't put it into your coffee, it might give you constipation Smile
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 Especially glad to see more than once the huge send attempts/successes during the last 2 minutes. That transfer really was the icing on the cake for this edit, and makes it's longevity go way past video of the year. Super impressive.
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 I'm just glad to see him riding at all after that humongous crash he had a while back. He's one tough viking. His old man looks pretty badass too.
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 Brage is the Aebleskiver of MTB. Traditionally made in dented armour after battle (Rampage?), they are both pretty fargin’ awesome.
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 I appreciate a good Aebleskiver comment - not enough of them around. Now I'm hungry and need to pick up some Gløgg.
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 "for Looolz"

I'm using Brage-speak like this for ever more.
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 Best of last year and best to start things offtup
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 Brage didn't get robbed.
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 How A Barbarian Viking goes mountain biking. Savage!
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 came expecting a link to a Slayer music video
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 user name checks out
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 wow.. he an unbelievably skilled rider... blimey... makes me feel like a roadie =)
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 Great rider and comes across as a really nice bloke too, polite and no diva.
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 “Noise like micki fleck” with all due respect to brage and micki, please don’t start a noisey bike trend in dh
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 The behind the scenes should be video of the year next year. Nuts!!
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 Is he riding a junior bike? Big Brage Big Grin
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 This puts things into perspective.
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 Dude goes so hard. What a badass
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