Video: Ben Cathro Breaks Down the Biggest Stories from the Les Gets DH World Cup 2021

Jul 4, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

After buckets of rain, Reece Wilson put it all on the line with hopes to make up some time on the deteriorating course. Ultimately it was the right balance of speed and finesse that earned racers the top spots

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 It’s funny, I feel like Greg Minnaar was just so solid and amazing in the wet that people forget about it. Like he made it look so easy to get inside the top ten that no one remembered to be impressed. In reality it was one of the most impressive runs of the day next to Thibaut’s.
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 You're right, after the race the race I was amazed how chill and relaxed he was on the bike on those conditions, but so damn fast in the end ! Pure G.O.A.T skill i'd say
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 And the gap triple he did near a poll
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 Best run by far!
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 Ya and Ben didn't even mention it?!?!?
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 For sure, he is that good, people just take his performances as the norm now.
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 Spectator management needs to be paramount. Both crashes from Reece and Andreas had spectators positioned on either the outside of the corner or on the downside of a high-speed section of the tracks. Both of those areas should have been identified as higth risk areas for riders and bikes to crash/land, therefore double taped and marshaled to exclude spectators and media. It is only a matter of time before a spectator is seriously injured or killed and that graphic content could quite possibly be shown live via RedBulls live feed. This has already happened in the UK with the loss of a life, please, please do not let this happen again. @UCi and @RedBull
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 Absolutely. We should use the same rule as rallying does: no spectators on the outside of corner exits as that's where the cars go if they make a mistake.
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 Didn't a spectator get their nose broken by a bike in 2017?
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 I think you mean dihydrogen monoxide, unless you're really thirsty....
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 Beware! Mountain bike crashes are just one of hydronium hydroxide's many dangers...
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 @ben-cathro getting sent to science school for professional development this winter.
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flag aljoburr (Jul 5, 2021 at 0:33) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: Could also do some tyre developement to find some tyres that would work better/safer in these conditions
Also top 10 qualifying riders had no chance of winning, in these conditions even with Reece's skills in the wet?
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 It's also not an element.... I fear it's one of those things where a writer fakes idiocy just to get comments. It worked.
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 After watching the footage of Reece Wilsons crash, I am amazed none of the spectators got hurt by his bike. I wonder if someone needs to take a look at this and if there is anything to learn about where spectators can and can't watch from.
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 That should really be looked into more. It happened before, there even was a spectator killed by a flying bike at a German DH race, around 2000 I think it was.
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 @F22: it happened at a UK race- I can’t remember if the spectator was in a restricted area or not- I’m sure some Pinkbikers will keep me right.
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 I understand very well that it's dangerous, but at the same time It gives it that WRC Group B vibe
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 I felt more sad for the dog that panicked and possibly got hit Frown
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 @TrueScotsman: pretty sure you're thinking of Llangollen 2014. Apparently the area she was standing in had been taped off for a previous race because it was deemed dangerous
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 @SupraKZ: Which was fun but was stopped for good reason, to be fair.
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 @TrueScotsman: its happened several times. at the malvern hills classic in the early 90s, a rider hit the barriers, then sailed into the 10 deep crowd. from my vantage point higher up the hill it looked like moses parting the red sea
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 @Ryan2949: Agree - the dog didn't have a choice to be there.
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 Wow I didn't know they have such a big DH racing scene going on Titan!

(You know, as in one of Saturn's moons and one of the only places in the solar system where natural HO2 can be found in significant quantities.)
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 Thanos was mad into dh!
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 Glad Reece is safe and not harboring regrets, watching him surf the mud like that was a sight to behold. Incredible, incredible bike handling and commitment. Stoked he's getting to share some of the spotlight and we get to watch him at his best.
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 Love his attitude and sportsmanship too. He’s a lad.
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 “Couping it down” Gid use of Scots dialect Ben!
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 It's gey barrie, ken.
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 @EckNZ: f*cking barry
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 Eddy the eagle 2.0 Glad he didn't hurt himself there
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 I hope Gwin does better the rest of the year. Gotta earn that Intense paycheck!
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 Same. Still a gentleman after the race, sharing a fist bump and a photo with my kid at an Intense truck that seemed pretty despondent. He actually took it upon himself to get his bike for the pic. A real pro and forever a legend.
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 @BenPea: he’s a lad and he’ll always be really welcoming to the fans, which is why I’ll always be a fan!!!
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 I think he own his own team...

Was that a whhooosh???
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 @ColquhounerHooner: that makes it worse. You own your own team so you pay yourself the highest, yet don’t have the results to show for it. Accountability suddenly becomes paramount. He’s not a 23 year old wc winner anymore - he’s an adult with a very serious adult job. I can still be a fan while recognizing reality.
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 I wonder how much Ben Cathro is wishing his ‘Privateer: Walk the Talk’ return to DH racing had been on for this year Smile
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 My neighbors must be wondering wtf i’m watching over here. That race was off the hook. So exciting. Glad racing is back. Exactly what we’ve been missing gents
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 Ben Cathro - one of my most favourite people on the Planet! Hopefully we see you race at least one World Cup this year !!!!!
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 Great article Ben, spot on
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 Ben Cathro does a nice job with these. A real gem to the PinkBike crown.
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 best run of the day Benoit...... Insanity he kept it up on how pinned he was
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 Great stuff
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 great detail recap
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 Is the dog OK? Frown
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 Well Izabela took second in junior women and it's her second race to so you could of mentioned her as well...
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 If you ain't first, you're last!
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 @ctd07: without all the people who come last, there ain’t no race, ever!

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