Video: Ben Cathro Casts a Critical Eye on Mont Sainte Anne's World Champs Course

Aug 29, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesBit of a disaster at the start of the trip with my bag and bike getting lost by the airline. We did the best we could and fingers crossed my kit arrives soon. Still, pretty excited as it's just started raining outside, practice is going to be wild!Ben Cathro

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Mont-Sainte-Anne DH Park


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 Cathro could film this on an old Nokia and I'd still watch. Hope you get your gear back!
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 Old Nokia still has some charge left from 2003. Play moar Snake.
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 Mont Sainte-Anne....simply put.... a proper DH track!
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 Raced the masters there the previous week, was a little bummed they rerouted us into the trees....but very thankful now, it’s clear I would have died if we stayed on the World Cup course.
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 The bit in the woods is quite fun anyway!
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 Sooo, when is the shorts auction up?
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 or the $ hat auction.
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 1991, around the time they ceased to be an acceptable item of clothing.
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 Having watched it, the shorts don't harm the vid at all. Great work and great production team.
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 Shout out to your new sponsors NASA
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 Top notch as usual. Hope the camera appears for the ghosting though. Surely some nice freedom cameras can come your way?
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 No comments from the Cathro cap haters rejoicing from the fact it got lost by the airline?

Great work from Ben as always!
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 Is it okay to admit that after all this time, you've just figured out that the Cathrovision logo is actually a C with a camera incorporated in? Asking for a friend…
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 Damn I missed that too
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 Tell your friend the best logos have stuff to find, like the hidden arrow in the Fedex logo, or the hidden "Mom" in the Wendy's logo. Ben's is a great simple logo, very well done.
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 @Bomadics: The 'Cola' in Coca-Cola is a dude sniffing cocaine through a straw
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 @Tmackstab: the Christian logo has a hidden upside down crucifix logo in it.
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 Noticed it for the first time tonight too.
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 @Bomadics: My friend can't unsee these things now.
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 @Bomadics: cheers, had fun working with Ben designing it.
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 @35er: dude great job, I do the same type of work!
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 Very good opportunity here for some Canadian companies to get some publicity, anyone want to help Ben out? @endurofficials send the man some socks and underwear!
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 This walkthrough is so good it makes me feel like I'm there; and good enough to rock those sections.
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 Best thing on Pinkbike! Well done Ben
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 Cos you Can't, You won't and You don't Stop! MC A FOR EVER!
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 Ben! This was the best video from you so far! funny, little bit out of control zone bur so natural and just how it should be Cheers!
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 when you turn up at school without your gym kit and get fitted up from the lost property box...
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 Great to see the Future Mrs CV stepping up to help out
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 Well thank goodness for Ben and his channel. Looking forward to his synopsis after not watching the live stream.
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 Nice!...the unofficial 2019 Tour Divide t-shirt. I just picked one up at Walmart last weekend.
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 is the tour divide the race from banff to mexico?
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 @ajaypate1: That is correct. Frenchman Sofiane Sehili was leading and got stuck in a blizzard at night in the mountains...he decided to return to a lodge a few miles back. He and a few other strong riders were stranded at the lodge a few days. Sofiane decided to quite the race. He went to Walmart to get some street clothes and picked up the NASA shirt. A few other retired riders also purchased the shirt. I didn't ride the TD...I just followed it on Trackleaders. I liked the look of the shirt, so I bought one.
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 @retep1: my aunt did that race and I think she won or got like top 5 years ago. Do you know who Sara Dallman is?
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 Should they spray paint rocks orange?
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 In Enduro no, in DH also no.
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 @ben-cathro, will you be at Snowshoe for the finals?
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 That big green caterpillar was a Luna moth.
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 Brilliant, keep em coming Ben....
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 will someone by the man.. some new shorts!
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 Hey, his nearly missus just did.
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 the shorts are awesome!
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 I will hook you up with tee shirts when I get there ????
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 My favourite content on PB hands down.
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 great work with no gear!
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 double post
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