Video: Ben Cathro Tries to Keep Up With Tracey Hannah - Crankworx Innsbruck 2019

Jun 15, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Ben Cathro follows Tracey Hannah down the brand new course in Innsbruck. Racing gets underway at 11 am CEST tomorrow.

Video: Ben Cathro

MENTIONS: @ben-cathro / @officialcrankworx

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 Tries to? With impeccable line choice like that it looks like he could actually just keep up with anyone.
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 My thoughts exactly...!
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 Looks like its Tracey who tries to keep up with ben's pace
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 Have we become so politically correct that now we need titles on videos like this one?
  • 22 7
 @endurocat: I think you know the answer to that.
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 @endurocat: 'have we become' - you obviously haven't. 'need titles' - there is no need, no rulebook, no international title writers code of conduct to obey or disobey. Whoever wrote the title typed words, no sign-off by Mr snowflake aka the imaginative political correcter required. You wanna write the opposite its only viewers you'll be up against. 'videos like this one' - a track preview headcam including two riders of very different standing. Possible reasons for title outlawed by no grey area anti pc thinking: flattery - i.e. she's fast as. Sense of hierarchy - i.e. vlogger (this year) vs. world cup winner (albeit different potential categories). Cathro's perception of how the ride went. Bits we can't see. Politeness. Self-deprecation on the basis of any of the above or none of the above. Literally anything else in the world. A smelly fart. A lonely turtle. But anyway you can't say title these days it has to be shelled creature. Mega waaa
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 Who knew, Cathro knows something about line choice... Pinner!
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 @TobyCitret: yeah. He only raced with the best in the world for a decade. Who knew?
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 @makripper: i'm so sorry that sarcasm hit a nerve for ya
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 @makripper: It makes you wonder how much better he could have been racing if they made bikes that fit him back in the day.
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 @TobyCitret: Yeah, he has some pretty Sick Skills...
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 Cathro went 20 seconds faster than Tracey in his race run. Love 'em both!
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 The number of dudes butt-hurt by a simple headline tells a different story than their usual "We DoN't cArE abOUt feElinGs" motto.
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 @dirtologist: DO NOT throw milkshake at them.
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 @bplatte: he would have been up theee
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 Tracey seems like one of the raddest most laid back people to ride with. Cathro is fun to watch as well, so loose and controlled all at once.
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 This Cathro chap has clearly had one of his people walk the track in advance and analyse all the best lines. That very idea may well catch on! #gradeApinner
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lines seemed to be pretty on point
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 Ben is great but as his title card states
Cut and Paste.
This is 2 runs stitched together.
Trace literally disappears at 1:38
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 Possibly Tracy stopped to study/practice a section? That corner right before she "dissapears" was an awkward one, i'd put money on her going back up to try it again...buuut you could be right Razz
**i watched it again and there's a couple other edits in the mix... so,yeah... burn the witch!
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 I'd be curious to see what Ben could put on a full gas race lap
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 He tended to crash from what he's said in the past.
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 @yzedf: Is he not racing? I assume not since he has the line choice videos, but damn, he's fast.
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 @brodoyouevenbike: no, he doesn't race world cup DH anymore. He runs a rider skills training company so you could learn from him directly if you really wanted to...
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 13th overall! hes got pace
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 Ben Cathro bike check! And I want Jordie to go through that suspension.
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 Pretty sure he's got videos of his current builds on his youtoob channel
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 I'd like to see a video of Ben and Tracey when they've both learnt the track and with Ben doing his side by side analysis of where each of them is quicker and discussing why that was with Tracey.

I think it would be really interesting to see where line-choice vs. strength vs. aerobic/anaerobic fitness makes the difference. I'm guessing Tracey is physically fitter as she's a full-time current world-cup racer. It would be interesting to see them both in the gym too to get an idea of how relatively physically strong they are too.

Men's times are faster at the top level, it would be fascinating to delve into exactly why.
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 Apart from the line choice he was quite a bit faster pretty much everywhere, I think in a racing environment he'd have no problem beating her time, which is quite expected, exmple: at Leogang elite women's winner: 25.096 equals men's #39 (coincidentally they are both Athertons).
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 Why isn't cathro on the fantasy list
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 he is on mine Wink
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 Which fantasy list though? *wink wink*
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 Cathro be fast!!
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 Sorry but he was way faster than Trace - whats with the title?

Seeing Ben ride makes his analysis even more amazing - plenty of people who talk the talk, but be he rides the ride moreso
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 Ben himself titled the video „Trying to keep up with Tracey Hannah // CRANKWORX DOWNHILL 2019”
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 christ it's just a polite title why are you all getting so upset by it it's two people cruising down a practice lap of a new course ffs quit getting so offended by it
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 You've never seen him race??! Living under a rock?
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 @Preachey: upset? Who’s upset? You sound more upset ;-)
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 Pay this man the big bucks! Produces high quality content and race coverage on what I imagine to be an extremely low budget and he's probably as fast (or faster) than many of the top WC racers. More follow cams, more race coverage, keep it up Cathro
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 Cathro for course previews!
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 First half of the track, but then it's like they take a green run back to the lodge..
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 Unfortunately the camera angle wasn’t the best so maybe the title has the true meaning trying to catch up (on camera),but nice trails
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 Is Cathro racing tomorrow?
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 He is on the start list
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 @filwhip: Braw sir!
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 She's there and then she isn't... what's up with that?
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 Two runs videoed and stitched together?
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 Tall boy is fast!
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 Cathro>>>> dang auto correct
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 Pretty darn good rider.
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 Rad looking track.
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 camera angle giving me a headache Frown
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 Cathoir is legit!
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 Just left Tracey for dust at the end there
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 awesome how good his suspension was set up.
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