Video: Ben Cathro Previews the British National DH Course at Innerleithen

Aug 8, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesLast run from the first day of practice. Working hard to swerve my big bike and body through the tight plantation forest. Ben Cathro


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 Ben is hauling in this video. The speed the elites are going in the lower woods is insane.
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 The one who shape this race thinks there are too many british riders and found a "subtile" way to eliminate a few.
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 My wife was watching and said ‘is that a bicycle?’ I said yes , she said ‘is the video sped up? I said no ‘ it’s Ben’
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 Really tight lines between the trees !
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 26er country
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 lol why?
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 @Greghoin: because that country recently voted itself back to the 1980s
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 @BenPea: more like 1890's
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 @BenPea: you sound confused about your countries
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 @BenPea: Haha fair point. But I’m counting on Scotland to undo that fairly soon.
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 @browner: poetic licence. You and I know that Scotland isn't England, but enough are confused about how the eff the UK works for it to be irrelevant for my purposes here.
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 Good to see rare Dust, but most likely be gone tomorrow?
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 Still dust on track today. Mud and dust all in one track.
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 I'm just back from qualis and aye man, that dust was GONE! It looked proper slick today but everybody was still sending it
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 Conditions got WILD on race day.
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 I can't work out if it's happened yet or not.
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 Well done Ben, I walked the course 4 times over the weekend, and line choice looked mental in places
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 That'll be fun in awful conditions.
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