Video: Ben Cathro Previews the Wet & Rutted 2022 Leogang DH World Cup Track

Jun 9, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

Ben Cathro takes us down the hazardous Leogang downhill track in the wet.

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 "Good job Ben, professional athlete", haha what a lad
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 the longer transcript is :

"Nice case, good job, Ben, professional athlete.. (laughing) ah ha, can't even clear a jump... oh well, anyway..."

I'm such a fanboy of Ben's transparency. It is so welcome in this IG world of perfection. Don't change, Cathro!
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 @jcrr: ….and no “bro” / @bruh”-isms thank goodness!
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 He’s the only pro rider in the world that brings the real to a WC Downhill run! Fanboy doesn’t even express how this 58 ur old punter appreciates all of his content! Ur in fantasy team Ben, break a leg!!!
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 Wil he case it??
He Probably will...
And he does case it!!!

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 That's weird - I was going to comment how good the sound was and then he said he forgot to turn the mic on!
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 Calling that drop "chill" and meaning it makes me hate him a bit

(Nobody actually hates Cathro)
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 I do....

Damn, I can't either. But no way in Kansas would I call that gap "chill".
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 @jackalope: hi, Nobody!
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 That's almost as muddy as UK mud (which everyone knows is the muddiest mud).
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 Actually I heard Brits saying this is UK hard pack with dust on top
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 Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government
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 @browner: watery tart!
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 @cassonwd: farcical aquatic ceremonies
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 @Planetx888: moistened binks lobbing scimitars
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 @thustlewhumber: bints not binks -
/ (bɪnt) /
offensive, slang a derogatory term for girl, woman
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 @paulskibum: me sa jah jah bints
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 If you haven’t got a throb on at the prospect of diving into all that slop you’re not from the UK.
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 Through bint-slopped ruts he dragged his nuts
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 @browner: How right you are. As Churchill said "strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is is the worst form of government, except for all others"
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 @browner: I mean, if I went 'round, saying I was an emperor, just because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!
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 @paulskibum: always thought it was Bink. Ta for clearing that up
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 UCI, no elbow pads you can't ride. Also UCI, You just got a concussion? Send it!
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 Im not sure but it might not be a UCI rule. Sometimes rules requiring certain protective gear are set by the local authorities in certain countries.
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 @sino428: I know the safety gear required varies by the venue. Just seems kind of funny they won't let a rider on track that doesn't have elbow pads, but it's fine if they've been concussed on a previous run.
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 @als802: I get it, but you are talking about two very different things here. They can have any random marshal at the start gate policing elbow pads, while diagnosing concussions and a riders ability to continue riding requires doctors, physical examination, etc.

You are convoluting who you are referring to as "they" in your post, between some local government and the UCI. With regards to elbow pads we are likely talking about some local governing body. I'm not sure its safe to assume that the same governing body is also cool with concussed riders on track, its more likely that they just have no jurisdiction to adequately police that issue. They would have no authority to require riders to submit to some kind of medical exam.
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 Filthy McFilthface.
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 As someone who hates messy conditions, that looks absolutely miserable. Not so much the riding as the mud completely covering everything during and after the ride. I guess in places where this is a normal thing you just learn to live with it, but that's a big noooope for me.
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 I wish I could ride a WC track for the first time in the muck and wet and easily talk like I was having a cup of tea
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 This guy just likes riding bikes. You can tell.
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 Ben: Welcome to my course preview
Mud on the lens: *our* course preview
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 That looks pretty muddy. Gonna be interesting how the track developes because it should be dry on saturday
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 Class. Those woods look like so much fun. Go on Cathro!
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 Did they pull some stumps? Maybe it is the angle, but the stump section seems less "death oriented" this year.
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 The tunnels make this course very recognizable. For instance... Wasn't this the track someone got his family torn by a course marking pole?
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 I am sure Florent Payet has been asked at least once if he is going to go balls out on course this year.
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 Patiently waiting for Aaron Gwin's excuses...
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 actually funny...
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 @ NelsonRidela. Surely you should have an excuse for that comment though?
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 @NelsonRidela what excuses? He does not have to give you excuses, he has nothing to prove to anyone, he has already won the World Cup 5 times.
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 @Rosstech: not to anyone but himself.... he would retire if he didn't.
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 @kaydawg69 Above all, he is a great professional, and he is going to finish the job that he started with Jeff Steber. He is a man of his word. He also enjoys developing motorcycles and accessories. He doesn't have to make excuses to anyone...he's doing his job.
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 Race day conditions- Soupy French Poo sauce
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 when was the last time that Leogang was dry on a race day?
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 2019 i think
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 2019. It's been wet every year since they put the new line through the woods iirc.
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 Well, that's how the weather looks in Austrian part of Alps in the summer. Most probably it rains more than in the UK. There is no week without at least few heavy storms.
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 In the Redbull course preview with Greenland and Jackson he makes a comment that this is the third year in a row with a messy track.
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 @lkubica: what time of the year would be the best option then?
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 @KoenR: There is none Wink You simply need to embrace it. Few days of sun, few days of rain. It dries fast and most trails are machine build or rocky. Once I did a trip in the late August and it rained for two days and the third day it snowed Big Grin If you want to have a good weather go to Italy.
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 For the record, Glasgow:
So in Austria is rains like 2x more then in Scottland during summer. Brits just think that they are so cool because they ride in the mud and it rains there more often then not, but it's a very dry place compared to Austrian Alps Wink
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 great video. Liked seeing the behind the scenes stuff about needing elbow pads. Love the on board commentary too.
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 I love these...keep 'em coming!
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 One word to describe those conditions - ish.
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 Ángel Suárez!! Go!!
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 Looks quite moist
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 Love it good work ben!!!
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